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21 Day Bonus 2

21 day clean, purge, balance
18 April 2020 Day 22 (Bonus 2) –Questionaire

Welcome to Day 22 (Bonus 2) – Are you owning and implementing the steps for longevity and well-being? Take the questionnaire.

Let us look at where we stand to the health and diet parameters we discussed last time with a short questionnaire I have developed.

To take this short questionaire and discover how you fare in the 13 areas of longevity, self-care, and resilience click on the link below. Enjoy and have a great day.

21 Day Bonus 1

21 day clean, purge, balance
17 April 2020 Day 22 (Bonus 1) – Wellness, longevity and remission.
Welcome to Day 22 (Bonus 1) – Are you owning and implementing the steps for longevity and well-being?
As a bonus we will look at longevity and healing. In researching the studies on centenarian cultures around the world and longevity research I have isolated several key factors that we have introduced you to over the last 21 days. The reason I have chosen the long term centenarian studies and longevity research is that they have studied groups that have demonstrated the results of diet on health, productivity, and wellness for over 100 years of application. Long term results are absent with the latest fad diets like paleo, keto, and others that are based on a theory that is unique and different but may or may not be valid for long term results. I have also included Kelly Turners results in studying individuals who have successfully turned around chronic diseases.
“Genetic or dietary interventions can not only delay diseases but actually eliminate a major portion of chronic diseases in mice, monkeys, and even humans to extend longevity.” Dr. Valter Longo, noted longevity researcher. Longo indicates that the mostly plant based diet he recommends does not only lead to optimal weight and health but also provides strong protection against the major ailments of old age, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.
The basics of longevity and healing from various researchers is:
The nine common steps that people who had radical remissions of chronic illness did are (note only two of them are physical changes, the rest are mental, emotional and spiritual):
1. Radically changing their diet. *
2. Taking control of (for) your health.
3. Following your intuition
4. Using Herbs and Supplements. *
5. Releasing suppressed emotions.
6. Increasing positive emotions.
7. Embracing social support.
8. Deepening your spiritual connection.
9. Having a strong reason for living.
Nine lessons on the lifestyle of people living in blue zones:
• Moderate, regular physical activity.
• Life purpose.
• Stress reduction.
• Moderate caloric intake.
• Plant-based diet.
• Moderate alcohol intake, especially wine (low alcohol content).
• Engagement in spirituality or religion.
• Engagement in family life.

The summary of the Longo “Longevity Diet” is as follows:
• Eat mostly plant-based foods, with occasional low-mercury fish or other seafood (2-3 times a week) and lots of nuts and olive oil
• Generally eat modest amounts of protein, whether it’s plant-based or animal-based
• Very limited or no dairy; goat’s milk and cheese are okay
• Minimize saturated fats and sugar
• Eat foods from your ancestral homelands as long as they are otherwise healthy
• Eat 2-3 meals a day, ideally two solid meals and one snack, in a 10-12 hour window, and don’t eat 3-4 hours before bedtime
• Take multivitamins every three days
• A few times a year, if you are under age 65-70 and otherwise healthy, do a five-day water fast or a “fasting-mimicking diet,” which includes food but mimics the benefits of actual fasting.
A few additions:
• Belief is important more than 1/3 of all medical cures are due to placebo effect.
• Perception is a key for epigenetic actions that re-write genes and give you healing ability.
• Self-care and stress reduction through meditation are very important and go beyond to spirituality.
• Supplements should be used to supplement imbalance, but not continued beyond their use, herbs and medicines were not meant for continuous usage.
Next time we will look at where we stand in relationship to this with a short questionnaire I have developed.
Take Away (Bonus 1): Consider the daily actions of centenarians who enjoy well-being, joy and happiness.
Enjoy your Cleaning, Purging, Balancing and Rest,
Dr. Zaida Rivene, D.C.
083 290 1283
and Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor
071 959 0786
P.S. Check out the website (www.drzaidarivene. co.za) for other articles and resources on practices, words, inspired living, health, chakra meditation, Ayurveda and other topics.
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Copyright April 2020

Balance, the Art of Living

21 Day Balance 7

21 day clean, purge, balance
16 April 2020 Day 21 (Balance 7) – A Balanced Day
Welcome to Day 21 (Balance 7) – Bringing balance forward in your life each day.
We have explored a number of topics and practices in the last 21 days. A virus asks us to do four things when it visits us, that we have been negligent of, they are: to clean, to purge, to balance, and to rest. It is a good thing that it reminds us. It reminds us, to mind our wellness on a daily basis – to take care of our foundation of well-being on a continuous basis. Today as you prepare to move forward with your journey of life, consider how and where you can consciously support these four pillars of wellness in your life.
We have offered a daily eating and care plan that we go over with all our patients; this is a good beginning. With a morning ritual of detoxification, alignment, meditation, breath work, light breakfast, big lunch, light dinner, exercise, and evening routine to slow down prepare for sleep, meditation, breathing, alignment. To this core we can add elements of our 21 day routine to expand and own what we have experienced and wish to continue. Review the list of our 21 day takeaways and consider adding them to your daily, weekly, annual routines.
Clean 1) – Start the day with lemon and warm water and eat light high water content foods until noon.
2) – Joy start your body and lymphatic’s with a self message each morning.
3): Luxuriously sleep (in bed by 10am and wake at sunrise) to maximize health and vigor.
4): Hypercharge health with tongue, nostril and ear cleaning – clear brain and senses.
5): Energize and inspire yourself for longevity with movement and breathe each day.
6): Begin with gratitude and ask for what you truly desire to benefit yourself and others.
7): Be more in your life (80%) & only from alignment add the action (20%) & see what you can create.

Purge 1): Clear the clutter for more effectiveness, let go of the resistance.
2): Fasting allow the body to naturally detoxify and then rebuild to increase longevity.
3): Release unwanted habits; embrace your real self in your heart center for contentment & fulfillment.
4): Impeccable words of truth set a force of love to please and increase the flow of what we focus on.
5): Become aware of your natural tendencies and start to replace them with love based responses, using tapping and NET to program the subconscious mind.
6): Go inside to find the real expert who resides within where the Supreme Self resides.
7): Reclaim your passion and energy by releasing incompletes and resistance.

Balance 1): In the stillness inside me is a calming peace that is always accessible.
2): Eat real living food (as nature gives) in all colors, and the six tastes for abundant balanced life force.
3): Adopting the characteristic of child-like play as an adult keeps your mind and body flexible, young and spontaneous. It renews mind/body and reverses the aging process.
4): Change your perceptions; change your life for renewal and regeneration.
5): Live life fully, unfolding your great purpose for being with confidence and happiness.
6): Take the journey of consciousness, dive deep into the stillness of not doing -relax in your true being.
7): Your daily actions become your habits which become your beliefs, choose what supports well-being.

Rest: What do you do to ensure your rest? Daily, weekly, yearly – time off, sleep, vacation, re-creation.
Stay in balance remembering: In positive emotion I allow my complete alignment and communication with Source Energy I reclaim the balance in my physical and mental body, living in the fullness of my well-being. I maintain my balance and well-being easily with consistent good feeling thoughts. I am aware of my emotional state and whenever I dip towards fear based emotions there is nothing more important than restoring my high flying positive emotional state as quickly as I can.
Take Away (Balance 7): Your daily actions become your habits which become your beliefs, choose what supports well-being.
Practice this for 21 days to see the effects first hand. Continue the practices from previous days for the entire program to fully experience the benefits.
Enjoy your Balance and rest,
Dr. Zaida Rivene, D.C.
083 290 1283
and Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor
071 959 0786
P.S. Check out the website (www.drzaidarivene. co.za) for other articles and resources on practices, words, inspired living, health, chakra meditation, Ayurveda and other topics.
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Dr. Rivene specializes in advanced chiropractic and natural healing techniques and focuses on restoring alignment between the patient and their true self. She loves to help people feel healthier and have more life force so they can be all that they are. Dr Rivene is a specialist in restoring structural and emotional integrity for more than thirty five years. She loves working with Family chiropractic (baby to grandparents and the dog too!),  couples on fertility, turning retirement years into re-createment for the best decades of your life, achieving the best health at any age and reversal of chronic illness.

“All dis-ease starts with a thought,”

Dr. Rivene.

The thought creates a misalignment between the true self and the egoic self. This is the original cause:  we find it, reverse the thought to create alignment and then empower you with diet, lifestyle and self-care tools so that true healing begins and remains. This is the engramic charge of your current condition that we collapse to release ourselves into the field of all potentiality and the creation of a new quantum wave of possibility that better suits the establishment of your wellness and goals. My unique approach requires that you want and are willing to make changes in your life and mental processes in order to create the greatest spirit-mind-body-emotional contribution to your lives and the world (this is participatory medicine you drive the change rather than the current orthodox role where the doctor does it to you).

What is Chiropractic?

ChiropracticChiropractic removes subluxations which are interferences to the nervous system, arising from structural mis-alignment of joints and systems of the body that occur through physical, environmental, biochemical and emotional traumas which are part of everyday life. Without correction through Chiropractic adjustment, these interferences reduce the life force that animates the body, reduces range of motion and leads to many labeled diseases. The Chiropractic adjustment allows for the restoration of the life force energy to flow freely throughout the body, restoring vitality and healing capacity. It works through the alignment of skeletal, nervous, endocrine and other body systems to provide mind, body and spiritual integrity of the individual.


  • Assists the patient to get out of pain
  • Addresses the cause of the pain
  • Restores natural body weight and energy
  • Re-establishes the bodies’ natural range of motion
  • Educate the patient to take charge of their self healing


Dr Zaida Rivene, graduate of Palmer West Chiropractic University (San Jose, CA) in 1981 is a registered chiropractor, a certified naturopathic medicine physician, Gerson practioner and an internationally certified veterinary chiro-practitioner specializing in:

Neuro Organization Technique Dr Carl A Fereri
Applied Kinesiology Dr George Goodheart
Neuroemotional Technique Dr Scott Walker
Bio Cranial Systems Dr Robert Boyd
Vector Point Technique Dr David Denton
Sacral Occipital Technique Dr De Jarnette
Sacral Cranial Technique Dr Upledger
Total Body Modification Dr Victor Frank
Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique Dr Ted Morter
Gerson Therapy Dr. Max Gerson
Charkas, Archetypes & Sacred contracts Caroline Myss
Reconnective Healing Dr. Pearl

Dr Rivene practiced in her international clinic in northern California for 24 years before her and her husband James Montrose moved to South Africa in 2004. The clinic is nestled at the foot of the Langenberg Mountain Range, 2 1/2 hours drive from Cape Town, in the Hermitage Valley of Swellendam.

Mission Statement

To provide the best Chiropractic care in South Africa, by offering the most advanced Chiropractic techniques and methods of facilitating health and wellness through realigning the structural body, re-instilling the biochemical food integrity, desensitizing environmental allergens, removing emotional components, and reconnecting with spirit, for as many intended patients as possible, who desire to grow and change their lives so they can contribute to the world with greater spirit-mind-body wholeness and have more meaning in their life.

Who will benefit?

Anyone who is on the vortex of healing and expansion willing to take responsibility and actively participate in creating a higher level of health and wellness will find our programs extremely helpful and beneficial in achieving your wellness goals. This includes people who have:

  • A Chronic illnesses
  • Desire for rejuvenation and life extension
  • Want the best health possible at every age

Quantum Healing for Cancer and Chronic Illnesses and Healthy People looking for wholeness and longevity

Dr Rivene has been treating Cancer patients and other labelled diseases for over thirty five years and has developed a unique system (the four part program) that re-establishes a solid foundation of health through basic structural chiropractic techniques to realign the structural body and then move on more to advanced concepts and techniques to re-instill biochemical food integrity, de-sensitize environmental allergens/poisons; and remove emotional components including old programming.  For cancer, many chronic illnesses, and rejuvenation we use the Gerson technique for detoxification and nutritional re-building that creates functional changes in the body that support re-growth of all cells of the body, re-establishment of proper sodium/potassium balance, acid/alkaline balance  and the shrinking of tumors and other growths in the body. Dr. Rivene is currently the only Gerson therapist in South Africa recognized by the Gerson Institute.  Weeklong or longer residential stays at the ranch are encouraged to adopt and learn the new lifestyle additions, new cooking techniques, diet, supplementation, de-toxification and self-care tools.

The Four Part Program “Your thought rules your biology,”  Dr. Rivene

The Four Part Program
“Your thought rules your biology,”
Dr. Rivene

The Red Roan Ranch Retreat is where cancer and chronic disease patients come to experience themselves (their true selves) by taking the inward journey to unravel old patterns, perceptions, beliefs and emotions that have manifested into a disease. Realigning your core beliefs with your true self. We do the Gerson therapy in foods, juices, coffee enemas and supplements as the nutritional pathway that accounts for 25% of the program. I work with Dr. Kayla Smith of the Gerson Institute in San Diego with specific cancer patients for continual research.

The core program continues to providethe next  50% of the program with Dr. Rivene providing: 1) Structural revamping of the central nervous system, the brain, spinal cord and a reorganization and re-connection of all bones, organs, muscles structures and reflexes with Chiropractic techniques that flood the Vital Life force to every cell of the body.  2) We then identify environmental allergies from drugs, vaccines, inhaled toxins and poisons, food intolerance and activate the body’s natural detoxifying processes to move it out of the cells and the body.

The final 25% of the program is the number one reason for creating any and all dis-ease, your emotional beliefs, perceptions and thoughts. Your thought rules your biology. We do emotional release work using the extremely effective Neuro-Emotional Techniques developed by Dr. Scott Walker. When the patient owns all four parts the structural revamping, environmental allergy work, emotional release and the gerson therapy miracles happen. Dr. Max Gerson called it Totality, all parts come together as one.

These intensive programs are usually done with the patient coming to stay 1-2-3-4 weeks depending on their condition. Read More

Healing the totality

True Healing requires alignment of body, mind, emotion and spirit. Coupled with structural, biochemical, environmental, emotional integrity and alignment of beliefs with the True Self.


As early as the 1920’s Dr. Max Gerson determined the proper approach for healing was to treat the totality of the patient.

The weeklong and longer stays

The intensive programs are intended for patients who want to insure long term wellness and health. It is ideal for those who are 1) basically healthy and want to achieve superior and long lasting wellness, or 2) diagnosed with a chronic illness and want to re-establish the body’s natural immune and regenerative capacity quickly to support the healing and removal of the root cause of their disease and create healthy lifestyle habits for the long term so that re-lapses are minimal.

The intensive program incorporates the four part program in an accelerated manner where we can often take the patient through the 19 step NOT  foundational program or continue your program in a week, teach the patient the basics of the Gerson food, detox and supplementation program for continued rebuilding of the body, the gerson cooking methods, self-care practices (such as yoga, pranayama, meditation, water therapy and more as need), educational programs to assist in creating a shift in beliefs and understanding the new biology, quantum energetic healing,  mental mastery of the creation (healing) process, new hope (goals) and more.

The program is all inclusive with two hours per full day intensive care with Dr. Rivene,  5 star accommodation, juicing, food, coffee enemas, beginning supplements, daily yoga, massage therapy, meditation, nightly educational programs, learning food preparation, appropriate lifestyle adjustments and other therapies as needed for your specific condition.

Read More

Schedule now:      

Call the office at +27 83 290 1283 (083 290 1283 in SA) to schedule now. Or contact Dr. Rivene by email for more information (call if this is urgent).

The Team

Jim Montrose

Jim Montrose

MSEE, MBA, Ayurvedic Counselor, Vegetarian Chef, Rebirther, Yoga Therapy and Black Belt Karate.

Director and manager of the Red Roan Ranch retreat programs. “I love to help our patients develop clarity on their healing/rejuvenating journey and help them create life skills that allow them to fully own their unique abilities to make a difference in their families and the world.”

Jim trained with the leading US Ayurvedic master, Dr. David Frawley in Ayurvedic self-care and rejuvenation. He has also had coursework and training from Dr. Chopra, Dr. Lad, Mukunda Stiles and other top teachers and Yoga masters. With a strong interest in nutrition and healthy cooking for over forty six years, Jim has written two cookbooks on Healthy Vegetarian cooking and Raw Food Preparation. He has a strong interest in Ethnic cooking from around the world and is a master at Gerson Cooking and Real Plant Based Foods and cooking. “ I love introducing people to tasty and filling vegetarian foods.” Trained by Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing, he can help you breathe new life into your body and release the nine traumas.

Lana Schreiber

Lana Schreiber

Massage, Reflexology and Personal Assistant to Dr. Rivene

Massage therapy uses the most familiar, accessible technology known to humanity and we call it HANDS. Touch is our very first language before speech. Our amazing body stores a memory of every single moment of physical contact received from another human being from the moment we are conceived.

Touch is innate, touch is ancient and occupies a very special place in our hearts and imagination. With touch a current of communication is created between the therapist and the recipient as they come together with the co-intention of healing. The intention of the therapists is to comfort the pains and aches absorbed by the body and the recipient to let aches go. Massage therapy applies our first language which it is why it is such a successful therapy to use for so many physical and mental conditions. Tiffany Field, Director of the Touch Research Institute at The University of Miami, concluded that “Massage has had a positive effect on every medical condition we’ve looked at”.

Benefits include. increasing the immunity, simulating detoxification, decreases pain, relaxes the body, lifts the spirit, helps stimulate circulation, increases joint flexibility and reduces spasms and cramps. My favourite benefit of massage therapy is to evoke more self awareness. Our bodies know how to heal itself we just have to remember. Massage is “To remind us that our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen”— Shakti Gawain.

I love massage therapy. I love my work and look forward to being of service to you. Take care of your spirit and body treating your-self to a massage. Blessings upon you, Lana Schreiber, Receptionist and Massage Therapist

Wonderful Caregivers and Support Staff

Wonderful Caregivers and Support Staff

Caregivers, House, Gardens and Guest Teachers

A lovely team of dedicated people making your stay a wonderful experience and providing for your needs while you stay at the Ranch for an extended weekend, week-long or more well-being tuneup.

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From the N2 (Cape Town towards George) Take the first Swellendam exit (left). This is the R60. Proceed (1km+) through the 4 way stop and continue approximately 2-3 km and look for a sign for the Hermitage. Make a hard right (270 degrees). After the turn continue about 200 meters and turn left at first road (dirt). Proceed 300 meters and turn left into Red Roan Ranch and go to bottom of hill (the main house).

(Coming from George to Cape Town) Take the third exit (R60) right. Proceed (1km+) through the 4 way stop and continue approximately 2-3 km and look for a sign for the Hermitage. Make a hard right (270 degrees). After the turn continue about 200 meters and turn left at first road (dirt).  Proceed 300 meters and turn left into Red Roan Ranch and go to bottom of hill (the main house).

GPS:  S34 degrees 01.367 minutes, E020 degrees 25.193 minutes. Note most GPS units (Garmin, etc.) have the wrong coordinates for Red Roan Ranch.

Call if you have trouble 071 959 0786 or 083 290 1283