Happy Foods 2021 – Bring satisfying pleasure and joy back to your food, while balancing your constitution, making it fun, and systematic for quicker results.

by Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Specialist, February 2021

Ayurvedic Cooking

Happy Foods  2021 –  Foods that reduce anxiety, increase happiness, and fulfillment. You’ve found what your body constitution is, now what. Choose foods and recipes that meet your body’s constitution for natural Balance and Vitality

I would like to thank you for Saturday, for the first time I feel like eating according to my Dosha is achievable and easy to understand. I loved the way you explained how we have to perceive a meal and then go about flavoring and preparing it – meal time is fun that way.”  – E. Apr, 2020

In a revamped version of last year’s successful Happy Foods we are introducing expanded practical steps to learn how to make and create dishes that meet your Eating Plan in a fun and quick way.  Open the way to easily and quickly make the foods that balance your dosha with fun and satisfy your taste for joy and pleasure. With expanded sections on the Chinese medicine approach that supports and augments the Ayurvedic taste and health practices including why the Chinese don’t count calories. The latest tips and discoveries from scientific research demystified and put into a holistic framework to reduce the confusion and produce the food to support the detoxification and re-generation of your body in support of your core treatments in the office.

The new Happy Foods 2021 gives the first timer a great overview of the basics as well as advanced topics not previously covered in last year’s Happy Foods, making recipes from scratch, improving taste and correcting,  and more assistance in learning to effectively implement these approaches quickly, easily, and with fun in your own kitchen. Come for a wonderful deepening of your Real Food – Happy Food skills and understanding.

For the experienced and new Happy Food participant it provides a great review and expansion with new concepts, increased attention to how to set up your kitchen and learn the skills to do it more automatically (making it a habit). The advanced balancing techniques will help everyone. In addition, both groups will benefit with a special session to specifically answer your most perplexing, puzzling, confusing question about preparing food to meet your specific food plan. Bring your pressing and urgent questions in any and all areas of concern about your eating plan and cooking.


Many common foods enhance our joy, our resiliency in times of challenge and our immunity. We  couple these foods with a system for proper cooking techniques, real foods, and matching the foods we eat with our body’s constitutional requirements we not only satisfy our hungers but truly provide the nutrients and life force that keeps us active, healthy and alive. And a big plus with the Happy food program of real foods is that the whole food offers the individual vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in a balanced whole food way. Remember that eating the actual fruit or veggie is better than popping single-vitamin and multi-vitamin extract supplements since all the components in the food interact in unique ways that insure uptake and digestibility in the body.

Choosing foods and recipes with a system to make it easier to  meet your body’s constitution for natural Balance and Vitality.

“Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food.”

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Systems that bring fun back and easily create healthy tasty meals.
  • Choosing and finding the most nutrient food available.
  • Cooking processes that preserve nutrients and even increase nutrient density. Ayurvedic and Chinese secrets (learn why Chinese don’t count calories and Ayurveda stresses comfort and satisfaction).
  • Setting up your kitchen and learning to cook easily in this new approach. Bring your questions and kitchen challenges.
  • Learn the foods that balance your constitution (dosha).
  • Discover how to use spices for flavor, variety and balance.
  • Proper food combinations and when to eat your biggest meals.
  • Cook with the seasons and the climate for balance.
  • Modify your favorite recipes for your individual constitution.
  • Digestive tips, and eating rules that assist your balance.
  • Make an elegant lunch with your newfound skills.
  • Food the first step to creating balance and harmony with your dosha.
  • Recipes and lectures materials provided for referral at home.

Join us at 9AM on Saturday morning to review your dosha, enjoy a happy snack, learn  what Happy cooking is all about, get recipes and lecture notes to nurture you own experiments and recipe development, help prepare a Happy lunch for your dosha. We will finish around 2PM. The cost for food, notes and 5 hours of instruction is R400, register and help us by registering early and pay only R325 before March 7th; couples attend for R550 before march 7th or R600 after (1 set of notes). Call Lana now to register 083 290 1283.

Ayurvedic Cooking

Stop the dissatisfaction and hunger that modern foods and cooking produce. Learn preparation, nutrient preservation and concentration techniques and cooking procedures that provide the basic nutrients we need, in balance with our constitutions, increase pleasure, elevate mood and immune response, and satisfy our taste buds longer term. Join us February 20 or March 13 9am-2pm. Sign-up with Lana today, 083 290 1283,  to insure your place.

Happy Foods 2021 – bringing true pleasure and balance back into our foods.

In Loving Service,

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Counselor


071 959 0786

P.S. Join us for Happy Foods 2021 March 13th, pay before March 7 and get R75 off and make food that is satisfying. Sign up for our newsletter and view our blogs at the website www.drzaidarivene.co.za.

P. P.S. Check out the website for other articles and resources on cooking, words, inspired living, health, chakra meditation, Ayurveda and other topics. Some of the programs we have planned include:

Balance your Body Type  offering in the Fall, email for information.

Awareness and Awakening Meditation, new online class offering in April/May, watch for the announcement and a free trial experience, email for information.

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