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Start your Day Right

Start your day right

Start your day right for your best life. In Ayurveda we recommend a Dinachurya or daily routine to start and create an energetic healthy day.

The ancient science of Ayurveda and modern medical advances are now confirming the importance of the ages old circadian rhythms practices and many of the Dinachurya, daily routines, we recommend. The 2017 Nobel prize in medicine confirmed what most cultures have known about the importance of following our circadian rhythm for over 5,000 years.

Read more at the website to find out what this means.

tapping summit

Tapping master your emotions 16th annual free summit

Tapping an important emotional management tool you want to develop now!

Dr. Rivene and Jim share the importance of Tapping, the emotional management tool when you can’t come to the office, and how to expand your use of it.

Hello Everyone,

We are recreating ourselves for a few weeks and have experienced the importance of the tapping, emotional management tool, and how we wish you could all become tapping experts yourself to handle emotional triggers and pain when you are not able to come to the office. Dr. Rivene is letting go of accumulated pain in her knees, knees are about not moving forward and the liver, which has not stopped her from trekking but reminds her of unresolved emotions asking to be looked at.

We found two wonderful videos from Nick and Jessica Ortner that review and broaden the uses of tapping, emotional management tool. Jessica’s extended tapping on releasing stress and overwhelm in particular is a great tapping session that Dr. Rivene found very useful in reducing the pain in her knees and we have used it several times this trip and are continuing to watch it.

Dr. Rivene encourages all her patients to tap in the reversal of their NET’s in the office and at home in morning and evening to reprogram the self-conscious with new beliefs and affirmation of a positive nature. Patients who attend the full retreat programs  are taught by Jim the basic pain and reversal of negative emotion protocols (even though I have [neg, emotion] I love and accept myself). Nick in his video shows this same protocol and another one based on releasing limiting beliefs and blocks that is quite good. Jessica’s is a great one for releasing stress that is another protocol to use.

Tapping Videos, learn this emotional management tool yourself.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling

What is involved –With a 7000 year history it is probably the oldest medical system in use. It has had an extensive history of interaction and influence with Chinese medicine and was a major influence on Greek, Arabic and Western systems of medicine.

Ayurveda is not just a system of medicine but a science of life quality enhancement that is designed to enhance well-being, longevity, happiness, energy, and freedom. It is a complete system of living physically, mentally and spiritually and truly nourishes the whole organism for optimal health and greatest use of our faculties.

Who can Benefit– It can benefit everyone and prescribes complete and comprehensive health regimens from birth to old age. It is tailored to meet your needs by determining your own unique body constitution. Knowing your constitution and becoming aware of your natural health urges you will learn to balance and live in harmony with your own nature.

Services – Constitution Analysis, Ayurvedic Exam (learn your constitution, current imbalances, nature and receive your treatment plan), Lifestyle recommendations, Herbal Recommendations, Ayurvedic Treatments, Training and Ayurvedic education, Diet Planning and cooking for your constitution.

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rebirthingWhat it is – A modern day innovation on centuries old Pranayama breathing techniques designed to purify and resolve emotional blocks and traumas that interfere with a persons natural ease and health.

How you will benefit – Leonard Orr the developer of modern rebirthing says that everyone has birth trauma and usually many other types of trauma. He goes on to say without the successful resolution of this trauma and removal from the physical body it inhibits one’s full execution of life. Rebirthing is a very effective way to cleanse the body and remove the traumas from the physical body and mental patterns. It is a simple breathing technique that everyone can learn, usually within ten sessions, and continue on their own.

Ridding yourself of the nine traumas – Leonard Orr, developer of Rebirthing, has identified nine traumas that people commonly have and are effectively resolved using the Rebirthing breath technique:

Birth trauma,  Personal Lie, Repression of Feminine, Past Lives (tribal trauma), Parental Disapproval,

Death (unconscious) Urge,  School trauma, Religious trauma

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Yoga Therapy and Life extension/ease

yogaAyurvedic  Yoga – Yoga and Ayurveda are twin sciences of the Vedas and work together to help the individual to obtain optimal health and longevity in order to fulfil their unique purpose in life. Ayurvedic yoga acknowledges the unique needs of the individual’s body constitution in designing the proper yoga routines for her/his nature and phase of life. It also offers unique cleansing, purification, breathing, meditation and associated processes to assist in maintaining wellness, ease and life extension.

How you can benefit—The proper ayurvedic yoga routine and/or therapies can help you live a more fulfilled, physically at ease and rewarding life.

Programs and appointments – Private consultations are offered for physical and health challenges leading  to a specific program designed for your need. I offer classes and seminars from time to time for learning about this in a group situation.

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untitled-jpg4Ayurveda and Rejuvenation – Ayurveda has had a long term focus on extending life so an individual can achieve their purpose in life. Through a number of herbal rasayanas (tonic formulas), meditation, detoxifying methods, fasting from sensory inputs and other techniques as well as life style selection coupled with modern techniques and procedures we can reverse the aging process and live healthy and vibrant lives for 120-140 years.

What it can do for you – Learn simple strategies and seasonal tune-ups that can keep you younger, energetic and alert.

Who should consider it – Anyone who wants to get the most out of life and feel alive, energized and young.

The Program –  The Art of Rejuvenation has been offered as an 8 week program consisting of 3 hours of lecture and daily homework and experiential learning  during the week. It is available from time to time and may be offered as a 3 day seminar or as a private consultation.

Register or private consultations – Call now 071-9595-0786 or email: jimmontrose@redroanranch.co.za


untitled-jpg5Meditation – Meditation is Yoga for the mind and has many forms that can be tailored to an individual’s needs and provide great health benefits. Meditation helps everyone gain more balance, perspective and calm from a psychological point of view. Physiologically medical doctors studying this eons old system have identified a relaxation response that  meditators produce that not only reduces the markers of modern day stress and mental agitation but improves the immune system, helps circulation, maintains brain functioning, helps irritable bowel syndrome, reduces high blood pressure and insomnia. In short this ancient science is a potent elixir to maintain health and enjoyment.

How you can benefit—Developing a meditation practice gives you the tools to maintain your perspective, reduce stress and create broader and deeper awareness and enjoyment in your own life and it particularly useful in dealing with dis-ease.

Programs and appointments – Private consultations and group classes are offered. Also check our blog for meditation hints and articles. Retreat patients are offered meditation and breathing instruction as part of their program. Check out our Classes and seminars for learning about this in a group situation.  Call 071-9595-0786 or email: jimmontrose@redroanranch.co.za for appointment, schedule and information.

Healthy Cooking and Nutrition

untitled-jpg8Private and Group Instruction – I offer private and group instruction on the following cooking systems and nutritional programs:

Ayurvedic cooking – learn some of the secrets of using food as your medicine in the ancient ayurvedic system of eating for your constitution.

Gerson Therapeutic diet and Cooking – Learn to cook with low temperature, no oil and no salt to create tasty and healthy rejuvenating meals for people on the Gerson program or people who want to create to maintain life at high levels.

Gourmet Vegetarian and Real Food Cooking – Give up the damaging processed foods and toxic food choices of modern eating with Real foods cooked to retain nutrients and reduce the toxic loads of our modern industrialized food network.  Learn the secrets of great tasting gourmet foods from around the world.

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Jim Montrose

Jim Montrose

MSEE, MBA, Ayurvedic Counselor, Vegetarian Chef, Rebirther, Yoga Therapy and Black Belt Karate.

Director and manager of the Red Roan Ranch retreat programs. “I love to help our patients develop clarity on their healing/rejuvenating journey and help them create life skills that allow them to fully own their unique abilities to make a difference in their families and the world.”

Jim trained with the leading US Ayurvedic master, Dr. David Frawley in Ayurvedic self-care and rejuvenation. He has also had coursework and training from Dr. Chopra, Dr. Lad, Mukunda Stiles and other top teachers and Yoga masters. With a strong interest in nutrition and healthy cooking for over forty six years, Jim has written two cookbooks on Healthy Vegetarian cooking and Raw Food Preparation. He has a strong interest in Ethnic cooking from around the world and is a master at Gerson Cooking and Real Plant Based Foods and cooking. “ I love introducing people to tasty and filling vegetarian foods.” Trained by Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing, he can help you breathe new life into your body and release the nine traumas.

In an earlier incarnation, Jim cofounded Chipcom Corporation and introduced broadband Ethernet and Fibre Optic Ethernet to the vibrant 1990’s computer networking environment. When Chipcom went public, Jim explored his artistic and health side developing courses in vegetarian cooking and learned Jazz Piano.

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