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tapping summit

Tapping master your emotions 16th annual free summit

Tapping an important emotional management tool you want to develop now! Dr. Rivene and Jim share the importance of Tapping, the emotional management tool when you can't come to the office, and how to expand your use of it. Hello Everyone, We are recreating ourselves for a few weeks and have experienced the importance of the tapping, emotional management tool, and how we wish you could all become tapping experts yourself to handle emotional triggers and pain when you are not able to come to the office. Dr. Rivene is letting go of accumulated pain in her knees, knees are about not moving forward and the liver, which has not stopped her from trekking but reminds her of unresolved emotions asking to be looked at. We found two wonderful videos from Nick and Jessica Ortner that review and broaden the uses of tapping, emotional management tool. Jessica’s extended tapping on releasing stress and overwhelm in particular is a great tapping session that Dr. Rivene found very useful in reducing the pain in her knees and we have used it several times this trip and are continuing to watch it. Dr. Rivene encourages all her patients to tap in the reversal of their NET’s in the office and at home in morning and evening to reprogram the self-conscious with new beliefs and affirmation of a positive nature. Patients who attend the full retreat programs  are taught by Jim the basic pain and reversal of negative emotion protocols (even though I have [neg, emotion] I love and accept myself). Nick in his video shows this same protocol and another one based on releasing limiting beliefs and blocks that is quite good. Jessica’s is a great one for releasing stress that is another protocol to use. Tapping Videos, learn this emotional management tool yourself.
Thriving 2024Jim Montrose 2024

Thriving 2024 Time Running Out to get Early Registration

Thriving 2024, Saturday, January 20th at Red Roan Ranch – 8:30 am to around 3 pm Includes workbook, vision board materials, weekly and monthly habits/systems to make it happen. Enjoy a healthy lunch and snacks and review your creations in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Cost R450 per person, R750 for couples By Thursday. Note if your reserved you must pay by 18th to get workbook by email so you can prepare. Late registration, or day of event R500 per person, R850 per couple you must send an email stating your intention for late payment/registration at the seminar directly to Jim so he can print you a workbook for Saturday (received before Friday).
Power AffirmationsJim Montrose 2024

Power Affirmations and Dr. Rivene is back January 15th

Power Affirmations and Dr. Rivene is back January 15th. Happy New Year, we hope that your Holiday was Great. Schedule an adjustment now to start the new year in peak alignment. Lana is available for you to treat yourself to a great massage, call to schedule. Jim is offering lifestyle balancing and Ayurvedic emotional/mental procedures to match your body type, call to schedule a one hour consultation. Reminder: Our annual intention creation and celebration seminar is January 20th, Join Us! Jim's Power Affirmations for health, wellness and fitness in 2024: Read these statements out loud first thing in the morning for the next 66 days to revolutionize your health. Read more below.

Dr Zaida Rivene’s Chiropractic Center Wellness Center

A place for the most up to date and advanced chiropractic care covering the body (structure), mind (emotions), environment, allergies and spirit. Specializing in restoring the bodies flexibility and lifeforce, structural and emotional alignment, Gerson therapy, Fertility, Family chiropractic (baby to grandparents and the dog too!) and turning retirement into recreatement.

Red Roan Ranch Accommodations

A place to come, unwind and stay for a day or more.  Make your own retreat on our beautiful ranch. Choose from:  chiropractic sessions, swimming, massage, hiking, vegetarian meals and just being in nature.

Jim Montrose Ayurvedic Consultations Self-Care Yoga Real Cooking Re-birthing

Best practices of 5000 year old plus Ayurveda, Yoga, Re-birthing, Meditation, Real Cooking and Rejuvenation for the Art of Enhanced Living.

Zaid-Mon Studs Egyptian Arabian Horse Farm

An extraordinary straight Egyptian Arabian horse stud, based on bloodlines from the EAO and the Bedouin tribes coupled with natural horsemanship, natural healing, animal chiropractic and tranquil pastures. Horses for Sale!

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Useful articles, guides and products to support your journey to greater wellness and ease.

Meet Jim & Zaida

alt-jzDr Rivene practiced in her international clinic in northern California for 24 years before her and her husband James Montrose moved to South Africa in 2004. They started a wellness clinic on a 23 hectare Arabian horse stud  nestled at the foot of the Langenberg Mountain Range, 2 1/2 hours drive from Cape Town, in the Hermitage Valley of Swellendam.

Dr. Rivene and Jim Montrose decided to provide the top natural healing practices and care available in South Africa. Dr. Rivene offers an eclectic and effective range of advanced chiropractic, homeopathic and natureapathic techniques to help you regain and remember your true healing nature and wellness. Along with her husband, Jim Montrose who is a gourmet vegetarian chef, ayurvedic counselor and rebirthing specialist they offer weeklong programs to help you regain your natural balance and overcome chronic illnesses and disease.  In addition to obtaining the best health at any age, Dr.. Rivene is currently the only Gerson practioner in SA and offers special programs for patients with chronic diseases and cancer.

Schedule now:      

Call the office at +27 83 290 1283 (083 290 1283 in SA) to schedule now. Or contact Dr. Rivene by email for more information (call if this is urgent).

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From the N2 (Cape Town towards George) Take the first Swellendam exit (left). This is the R60. Proceed (1km+) through the 4 way stop and continue approximately 2-3 km and look for a sign for the Hermitage. Make a hard right (270 degrees). After the turn continue about 200 meters and turn left at first road (dirt). Proceed 300 meters and turn left into Red Roan Ranch and go to bottom of hill (the main house).

(Coming from George to Cape Town) Take the third exit (R60) right. Proceed (1km+) through the 4 way stop and continue approximately 2-3 km and look for a sign for the Hermitage. Make a hard right (270 degrees). After the turn continue about 200 meters and turn left at first road (dirt).  Proceed 300 meters and turn left into Red Roan Ranch and go to bottom of hill (the main house).

GPS:  S34 degrees 01.367 minutes, E020 degrees 25.193 minutes. Note most GPS units (Garmin, etc.) have the wrong coordinates for Red Roan Ranch.

Call if you have trouble 071 959 0786 or 083 290 1283