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7 April 2020 Day 12 (Purge 5) – Letting Go: Freeing yourself of your automatic emotional response.

Welcome to Day 12 (Purge 5), – Letting Go – Transform your constitutions emotional tendencies to love based emotions.

We all have natural inclinations related to our natural body constitutions (doshas) for the emotional challenges we most often display and the transformation they ask us to make for our evolution to a freer state of mental/emotion being. Ayurveda tells us that the emotional issues we exhibit when we are off balance are based on our nature (dosha). Go to the article on the website to determine your own dosha through a self-administered quiz (link) or make an appointment with Jim (link) for a pulse diagnosis. The table, below, summarizes the psychology of the doshas and the normal response and the emotion of transformation we want to counter it with.

Vata Pitta Kapha
Prime Psychological Responses (to reduce)
Stress, worry, agitation, fear, and anxiety Anger and resentment Greed, attachment, and unwillingness to let go of past
Psychological factors that increase it
Mental and emotional stress, anything that distracts from peace & security Conflict, argument, and anything that overheats anger, irritability, short temper. Dullness, emotional heaviness,  depression, and reduced sensory acuity
Lack of energy, loss of sleep, fatigue, impaired sensory functioning Burning sensations, rashes, fever, anger, hatred, rage, jealousy Heaviness in body, loss of appetite, excessive sleep, lethargy, lack of concentration, reduced sensory functioning, heavy and depressed
Evolved Response
Calm, trust, patience, security, unconcern, all is OK, ease, peace, contentment, Patience, good natured, acceptance, gentility, surrender, forgiveness, conciliation, pleasant, reconciliation, agreeable Flowing, flexible, giving, indifferent, generous, charitable, detached

Healing the Mental Patterns for Purge 5

The healing of these mental patterns according to Ayurveda requires us to think thoughts of an opposite nature. It isn’t just a mental process though and requires us to seek impressions and associations of an opposite nature that are vitalizing, peaceful and joyful. There are three stages depending on our nature and development: 1) moving from mental inertia to self motivated action (through outer physical as well as mental activity to break the inertia), 2) taking self motivated action to selfless service (requiring a reduction of activity and interiorization of consciousness), 3) and moving from selfless service to meditation (developing love and awareness as a universal force). All three steps require Self-knowledge which is the only way to ultimately go beyond all suffering. At each step some steps are practical and others require milder forms of change before they become available (i.e. meditation may not be practical for someone who is mostly at step 1).

To move through stage 1, we must wake-up and begin to change (applying fire in terms of perception and action). Deep seated patterns of attachment, stagnation, and depression must be released. Taking stock of what we have learned, confronting our pain, and taking action (mentally and in our outer life breaking from the past perhaps in our jobs, relationships, or locale). Stage 2, requires us to provide space. To surrender to the pain and give up personal seeking, letting go of hurts and sorrows, replacing egoistic urges for the greater urge of expansion. Begin to understand the pain of others, and open to the compassion of humanity, where we encompass service and charity to all. Stage 3, involves transcending our limited human condition to our higher spiritual nature. We go beyond limiting our own pain to develop joy, inner peace and move to the universal aspects of a life open to thrive and healing our relationship with God and the inner Self.

Tapping to Re-Program

We can start to re-program our responses to these patterns by tapping on the karate chop point (side of hand) saying, three times, the tapping opening statement: “Even though I feel (fear, anger, attachment) I love and forgive myself.” Continue tapping on the points of the body with “I let go of (fear, anger, or attachment).” Then tap the body points with the evolved responses in the chart above “I choose to feel (contentment, safety, and security; reconciliation, forgiveness, patience; charitable, detached, flowing).” Tap each evolved response through the points and continue with the next until you are done.

Practice this for 21 days to see the effects first hand. Continue the practices from previous days for the entire program to fully experience the benefits.

Take Away (Purge 5): Become aware of your natural tendencies and start to replace them with love based responses, using tapping and NET to program the subconscious mind.

Enjoy your Cleanse,

Dr. Zaida Rivene, D.C.


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and Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor


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