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Making a Better Story

Making a better story

January 2019!

Greetings Dear Friends,

On January 5, 2019, Zaida and I held our annual intention setting seminar for the year, where we are making a better story. This is our annual process of preparing the story we want to live and create for ourselves in the coming year. We ask a group of our patients and friends to join us and have a wonderful celebration of developing the intentions to make a delicious, fulfilled, unbounded year for ourselves.

We start with a balancing meditation to let go of the old and focus on the future with the highest vibrational energy to create a life of love, joy and Bliss. This is what life should be about. We recognize to begin experiencing improvement in any area of our life we must recognize the relationship between our desire and belief – only when we balance them so desire and belief match do we create the life we desire. Einstein said: “we can never reach the solution from the same thinking [frequency or vibration] as the problem.” We must sidestep our current tendency in society to get distracted in “what is”, what we think is truth, right or wrong and get down to putting our attention on what we desire only. If something is the way we want in our life — we can talk about what is and it will stay the way we want it to be. When we want to change something to an improved condition, talking about how it currently is only continues to manifest it as it is in our life. We must look to the tiniest signs of a change to what we want and continue to expect it. You first bring alignment between your desire and your belief and in that grounded state of beingness you can create worlds. Making a better story for yourself.

The gift of “Contrast” is what starts our process and is eternal; we never get it done and life continues to expand as we achieve new desires and new contrasts then launch yet more desires.  As we launch new desires we must then change our focus to stay on what we want to create. This is where we change our frequency to match our beliefs to the desire. When we have that balance, we allow our new desire to come into our orbit. The desired thing is hovering just outside our existence (awareness) until we match the belief with the desire. This matched state is called expectation, and when it is strong it comes true, making a better story of our life.

We often are challenged when we see a condition that we don’t like and think we must fight it, create a group to denounce it and work for its removal from our environment. Yet this attention to what we don’t want, the contrast, only increases it. Fighting the conditions actually increases the unwanted. It feels good to take some action and lead the fight. Yet intuitively we know that force doesn’t make right or that two wrongs will not make it come straight. Relax, breathe and focus on solutions you want for yourself (let others take care of themselves). Stay focused on what you want and deliberately increase your feelings of love and joy around these wants until you fully believe and joyfully expect your new desire.

A movie a few years back called “Thrive” looked at current problems and has a nice message that we can thrive in life no matter what (including a bad ruling elite).  The presentation showed the problem in the first 20 minutes with a nice interview with Nassim Haramein and then dragged out the details of the problem until the last twenty minutes of the two hour program and then turned to some good ideas for a solution and the possibilities for hope we have. I got tired of the negative and didn’t get to the solutions in my first viewing.

Don’t get bogged down in the problems like I did in watching thrive, instead turn your attention to the solution and begin making a better story. Creating the world as you want it to be depends on the future you envision and not the past or the problem (except to help you focus on what you want). When we use contrast to launch desires, avoid getting bogged down in the problem and focus on the solution we begin making a better story and create a life we want.

Take the time to create a vision of the future you want now and have a great 2019. Consider joining us next year, schedule a private intention setting program with us (minimum 6 people) or make your own session now. For an outline of our meditation session contact Jim.

In Loving Service — Blessings be upon you,

Dr. Zaida, Jim, and the Team.


083 290 1283

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PS: We have an exciting year planned, keep your eyes open for Zaida’s upcoming blog on Words. We also are exploring options for Empowerment Weekends that allow a small group to create a Harmonious Earth for themselves (diet, health, passion, solutions, community, rejuvenation and re-create-ment, etc.) and cover some of the processes that the youth explored in 2018. A weekend devoted to exploring your balance in the context of your Ayurvedic constitution is also planned and will show you the lifestyle choices, support habits, herbal support supplements, and food that balance your unique constitution. Weekend Real Food and Ayurvedic Cooking Classes are also scheduled. Contact Jim now for more information on these new programs.

Stay tuned for exciting events at the ranch this year including:

Youth and Young at Heart Empowerment  June or July

Balance your Body Type May or September

Ayurvedic Cooking September/October

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