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Reading the body’s healing wisdom, muscle testing and true early detection by Dr. Rivene, D.C.  with Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor.

muscle testing reveals body's healing wisdom

muscle testing reveals body’s healing wisdom

The patient’s body holds the secrets to their ease and dis-ease; pulse diagnosis and  muscle testing reveals body’s healing wisdom. Ancient techniques of pulse diagnosis and modern muscle testing allow the doctor to determine the beginnings of a disease in some cases two to three years before it shows up in the  medical test. Patients no longer have to go from one doctor to the next looking for the cause of their general dis-ease only to be told we can’t find anything maybe its psychosomatic.

1.  Reading the body’s healing wisdom: Diagnosis with innate body wisdom.

I first learned about the body’s innate intelligence when I studied with Dr. Goodheart, D.C.  who developed applied kinesiology and used many of the methods of Chinese traditional medicine to expand our chiropractic work and systems. He used muscle testing to access the innate intelligence and could through carefully crafting of a series of yes/no questions and testing the muscle, he obtained the patient’s true innate answer to the question. This enabled him to read the patients entire story of their disease and life. This helps us learn the true cause of a patient’s dis-ease and even find the best course of treatment using the patient’s own innate wisdom to direct a treatment.


This is not a new development but a system of natural diagnosis that has been known in the earliest recorded (7000 year old) medical systems of the Indian Ayurveda medical system and Chinese traditional medicine. In both systems a physician determined the body type, the imbalances, weak organs and system and the life course of the disease through measuring the pulse.


Dr. Deepak Chopra relates the story of Dr. Trigunaji, one of Indian’s masters of reading the life story. Deepak says that Trigunaji will observe a patient for about three minutes as he holds the patients wrist and reads the pulses. When he is done he not only recounts the patient’s body type according to Ayurveda and its imbalances. But he weaves the individual’s story of experiences and choices that has created the dis-eases he has observed, the responses of the body and the possibilities for recovery. From this information he carefully develops a thorough treatment plan that helps restore the patient’s well-being. Dr. Trigunaji has astonished allopathic doctors monitoring his diagnosis and treatments with his accurate readings and knowledge of critical patient events without the patient saying a thing. In certain cases Trigunaji has indicated for instance a cardiac issue that the allopathic doctors were not aware of and when they checked where he told them to look they found it or saw evidence of the beginning stages of its development that were still mostly undetectable with modern tests.


In our own experience of Chinese traditional medicine doctors in Beijing’s oldest pharmacy and CTM school the doctors told us, through an interpreter after briefly holding our wrists, detailed information about our own medical conditions and histories noting weak organs tendencies to lifestyle issues like over-heating, overworking and insomnia making treatment procedures that cleared up issues in 2-3 months using Chinese herbs. The diagnosis was right on and very poignant with no exchange of information from us. This is the power of innate diagnosis. A simple pulse reading or muscle testing reveals body’s healing wisdom. Deepak Chopra calls it the “messages from the Quantum Realm”, which is really the intrinsic energy and informational field that permeates every atom and connects everything in the Universe.


2.     Reading the body’s healing wisdom: allopathic medical testing

Allopathic medicine has pretty much discarded these methods in favor of scientific tests that do not require the development (art) of reading the body that takes many years to develop. The results is a battery of testing protocols and machines that measure and extract gross (outer/external) aspects of a person’s health and chemistry so that anyone can get repeatable results using the tests and machinery rather than developing the intuitive insights and powers of observation that take lifetimes to master.

As such, these gross tests are great at detecting major changes in the body, like those that occur in later stages of disease development. They are much less useful and helpful at early stages where the signs are so subtle and the chemistry, tissue damage and other aspects has barely budged, yet the patient knows something is just not right and urgently goes from one physician to another looking for an answer to her/his complaint. Often frustrated when the doctor cannot find a reason or is told it is just in their mind, we can’t find anything.

In Ayurveda, six stages of disease development are known: accumulation, aggravation, spread, infiltration, manifestation, and cellular destruction. Allopathic test only starts to detect the disease process in late stages (infiltration and later) which are much harder to cure.  Pulse diagnosis and muscle testing reveal body’s healing wisdom at the early stages of accumulation and aggravation making it much easier to treat and heal.

3.     Muscle testing reveals body’s healing wisdom: Some case examples (early detection, months even years before it shows on medical tests).


In forty years of treating patients at my clinics I have had many experiences using muscle testing reveals body’s healing wisdom and finding the beginnings of chronic illness and degenerative diseases that have not shown on medical tests with patients that couldn’t find the answers to their dis-comforts.  I have had patients come and I find the beginnings of heart disease, liver congestion and others that indicate it needs help before it creates a bigger problem (usually a labeled disease). Some leave because it seems too far-fetched to them only to come back a few years later with the diagnosis of a serious condition in that area. These people come back remembering I offer a natural remedy instead of a more drastic drug based treatment.  The patients that stay and handle it before it gets chronic avoid the disease, pain and create abundant health.


Some patients working with me will feel bad and go to a doctor and have a test done that indicates something wrong. In most cases this has been a natural detoxification from the work we have been doing to rid themselves of old emotional patterns and disease situations or even time-bombs that their body needed to clean out. When a toxin, disease, condition of pathogens that is stored in the body (often in the fat) is neutralized and removed from the body with this work we dump it out of the body. These detoxification elements flood the bloodstream with the indicators of the disease conditions and the tests pick them up, giving a false reading. When I see the patient next my muscle testing verifies this and we make any adjustments needed and they complete the detoxification, rather than taking the doctor’s treatment of the disease, and when they retest after completion of the detoxification there is no disease in the body.


4.     Muscle testing reveals body’s healing wisdom: Impact on maintaining your health and healing.

The advantage of innate testing is early indications of imbalances and the ability to pin point events and times that triggered the disease process. By knowing these aspects (especially at an early stage where the disease can be reversed easily) the patient can handle it before it becomes a crisis and live in much great wellness, happiness and health. It so often answers the questions that patients have about their complaints that allopathic procedures do not detect until much later.

Relying on the body’s healing wisdom to alert you and drive the treatment that is actually needed instead of a set of generalized procedures that has worked for some patients in the past just makes so much more sense. This truly meets the goal of early detection (I would say true early detection since in our experience the allopathic medical tests are always confirming a disease at fairly late stages) and even better directs the physician and patient at each and every step to what is best for the body in that moment.

Until next time thrive and flourish,

Lovingly – Dr. Zaida and Jim


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