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Bringing Home a Harmonious Earth,

Dr. Rivene shares insights from recent travels to Australia.

Bringing Home a Harmonious Earth

Dr. Rivene May 2018

Jim: You recently visited Australia and can you share some of your experiences?

Zaida: Australia is the most wonderful continent, the most wonderful country. It has a pulse and a center which is what I love the most: We went from Perth, to Adderley, to Melbourne, to Tasmania Island where we saw the little Tasmanian devils and we flew to Uluru which is the Ayers Rock. It is a red monolith and what is amazing about this incredible rock is that it has a pulse when you come close to it and when you are able to touch the rock I felt a heart pulse and I felt as if that was the heart of Australia and for me it is very touching. Very heartfelt for me because the aborigines, this ancient people, this dreamtime people, this is their land; this is their rock. It is their most sacred place. We were able to take an 8.9 km walk around the rock. It was just a very special experience for myself and I think also for Jim [it was extraordinary]. I would suggest everybody go see this rock and touch the rock and just feel this dreamtime rock.

What I want to share about Australia is that there is this wonderful current. It is this energy current of safety, of awareness, environmental awareness, a health and welfare of people awareness. The country just vibrates with such wonderful interconnection. From Perth all the way to Sidney and Brisbane and it was just a wonderful country of good feelings.

Jim: Were the people young and vital and did you find new restaurants and organic focus?

Zaida: Yeah, there was a lot of organic focus. People were young and vital even when they were in their sixties, seventies and eighties. They were young and vital. I felt a wonderful pulse of wellness that permeated this country and we know quite a few people that are migrating there from South Africa and it would be a country that we could absolutely love living in. That is what came up! You know what? What Jim and I decided to do is – “Let us bring that energy back to South Africa and visualize [and manifest] it here”. That is what I want to share with all of you mostly that there is this feeling, there is high vibration, there is frequencies of wellness out in the world as well in South Africa and that this is a pulsating country [world]. Bringing Home a Harmonious Earth in whatever you see and do is one way we can transform the world around us.

Jim: In fact we took a few days in Cape Town before we went to Australia and how did you experience Cape Town this time?

Zaida: Oh we were buzzing with newness and excitement and potentiality and great expectations and rain was coming. That was how I felt. We stayed at Once in Cape Town on my favourite street (Kloof street) and it was just wonderful.

Jim: There were a number of new restaurants there that featured organic and vegan plant based food?

Yeah there are places that had been dull before where we have gone before that are now buzzing.

Jim: Brie street use to be offices and industrial buildings and now it is full of restaurants and night life with vibrant activity.

Zaida: It is wonderful.  Yes, there is lots of excitement going on in this country and the main excitement, is the excitement that is in your heart and let that be the pulse that goes from the center of your being outward to everything and everyone that comes into your orbit of living [what we call bringing home a harmonious earth]. That is the pulse. Be in touch with that inner pulse of wellness within yourself, because you are the centre and you are the inspiration

Jim: That is wonderful. Any last words?

Zaida: Yes! Concentrate on Alignment! Alignment equals happiness. The first alignment is your alignment with the divine source. Make it however it is for you… Prayer, meditation, inspirational reading. Stay in alignment with that source that creates worlds. Second alignment is within you as a being of great love and appreciation of who you really are and look for everything that is so good about you and concentrate and give your attention to that, to your appreciation of yourself and to all the good that you are in this wonderful world of being. The third alignment is your desires. Ask and it is given and ask for a lot. It is continual. It is for ever. It is expansive and it never ends. So concentrate on aligning with your desires, what you desire to have in your life and know that happiness, true happiness, is an inside job. It is never outside of you, so stop looking for it in other people. Your happiness is how you align with source and how you align with yourself in loving honouring and respecting yourself and aligning with your desires.

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Enjoy health, adventure, desires and concentrate on Bringing Home a Harmonious Earth of your liking,

Bringing Home a Harmonious Earth

Connecting with the rock!

Lovingly – Dr. Zaida and Jim


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From the N2 (Cape Town towards George) Take the first Swellendam exit (left). This is the R60. Proceed (1km+) through the 4 way stop and continue approximately 2-3 km and look for a sign for the Hermitage. Make a hard right (270 degrees). After the turn continue about 200 meters and turn left at first road (dirt). Proceed 300 meters and turn left into Red Roan Ranch and go to bottom of hill (the main house).

(Coming from George to Cape Town) Take the third exit (R60) right. Proceed (1km+) through the 4 way stop and continue approximately 2-3 km and look for a sign for the Hermitage. Make a hard right (270 degrees). After the turn continue about 200 meters and turn left at first road (dirt).  Proceed 300 meters and turn left into Red Roan Ranch and go to bottom of hill (the main house).

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