Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation to Balance the Seven Chakras.

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Health Consultant, January 2019.

The chakras are the subtle anatomy of our human bodies that play an important part in the interface between our physical body, our mind, our emotions and our higher spiritual faculties. When these energy centers or vortex’s of the body are open and balanced through chakra meditation and other practices we function effectively and in loving alignment with our needs on the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. Carve out a space for this chakra meditation now.

Let’s get started (have someone read this chakra meditation for you or read it yourself alternating between the inward focus requested and coming back to read the next instruction):

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for the next 15 to 20 minutes.

Sit comfortably in a chair or cross legged on the floor with a straight spine and start to turn your attention inward. Watch your breath as you breathe in and breathe out. Feel the sensations of the air as it enters and exits your nostrils. Become aware of any sensations in your body. Breathe healing energy to any areas of tension, pain or tightness and let go as you drop deeper into your meditation. Feel relaxation, peace and calm as you go deeper into your meditation and focus on that space below the heart in the navel region.

Turn your attention to the first or root chakra at the base of your spine and is closely connected to Earth and the Kapha dosha representative of your survival instincts and foundation for your physical journey in this life. Visualize this chakra as a spinning vortex of red, and utilize the bija mantra LAM to activate it. Breathe in deeply visualizing the spinning vortex and trust you are given the proper rotation and speed to create alignment. As you breathe out softly vocalize LAM and direct the vibrations produced to the base of the spine. Extend the “m” and feel it vibrate. Take a few deep breaths and rest in your foundation.

Next focus on the water or sexual chakra just about the root chakra near the sexual organs, this chakra represents your creative and reproductive powers in a physical and mental sense. Visualize this chakra as a spinning orange vortex pulsing with the creative and reproductive powers of your body that recreates every cell in the body every seven years. Breathe in deeply and vocalize the bija mantra VAM for this chakra on exhalation and direct the vibration to the region of your sexual organs and feel the energy feel your body.  Allow yourself to rest for a few breaths feeling your unbounded creativity.

Turning to the third chakra, the power or fire chakra, which is located roughly at the navel just below your diaphragm. It is associated with the Pitta dosha. This chakra represents your personal power in the physical plane in which you can stand on your own. Visualize this chakra on your inhalation as a spinning vortex of power that is a brilliant yellow color and activate it by vocalizing the bija mantra RAM on your exhalation. Feel your power as you stay in this chakra for a few breaths.

Moving out of the lower three chakras which have a strong physical connection to the material plane as earth, water and fire; we move to the interface between the physical energies of the body (chakras 1-3) and the higher center of spiritual or cosmic energies of the body the prana in its physical, subtle and causal bodies (chakras 5-7). This connection is managed by the fourth chakra, the heart or air chakra which is our connection to abundance, love and emotion. It is associated with the Vata dosha. Visualize this chakra as a spinning vortex of calming green on your inhalation and activate the bija mantra YAM by vocalizing as you exhale. Feel the loving and balancing power of this point of stillness in the body. Take several breaths and enjoy it.

Moving into the higher centers, we move to the throat chakra, the ether, will and telling the truth chakra, where we feel the interaction of the more physical influences of the mind. Visualize this chakra on the inhalation as a spinning vortex of beautiful blue exuding confidence and certainty and activate it on exhalation with the bija mantra HAM. Stay on this chakra for a few breaths and feel the power of your will, choice and begin to speak your truth in all situations.

Focus on the third eye right between the eyebrows where the pineal gland resides and is the seat of intuition, wisdom and insight. This chakra is associated with the higher (non-ego) mind space, the emergence of consciousness, and is our higher reasoning that is more selfless and inclusive of all. This is our connection to the subtle pranic body that extends beyond our physical body giving access to our environment. Visualize this chakra as the spinning violet or indigo vortex on your inhalation and activate the bija mantra by vocalizing OM on your exhalation. Feel the expansive, boundless possibility of this wisdom and power that helps you ascend to the higher path of greater consciousness.

Finally turn your attention to the seventh chakra at the crown or top of your head where conscious space resides, connected with the blueprint of our body (the causal body), and our connection to the cosmic intelligence and all that is. On a deep inhalation visualize this as a spinning white vortex originating at the top of the head and extending upward into the universe above. Vocalize the bija mantra KSHAM on your exhalation and feel the universe and life around you, that all is interconnected. Take time to rest in this place of connection and unbounded abundance. Feel the perfect balance of all that is.

Starting at the top of the head, vocalize on your next exhalation a strong sigh starting from a high pitch and ending at a low pitch as you visualize visiting each chakra on the way down brushing off any dust and leaving them sparkling. Exhale and sigh. Repeat two to three times and return your focus to the navel area and observe your feelings and emotions without judgment from a place of equanimity (neither craving nor avoidance).

Take a few deep breaths and slowly bring your attention back to the body. Wiggle toes and fingers and when ready open your eyes. Journal any strong emotions you wish to explore or insights.

I hope you have enjoyed this chakra meditation and encourage you to explore meditation with us more at one of our classes or weekends.


Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor

071 959 0786

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