Consciousness, Kora, part 2

by Jim Montrose, November 2019

Potola Palace

Consciousness and Heaven on Earth

As I explore consciousness and creating “Heaven on Earth” for myself I am surprised and amazed at how easily, yet hard, as it goes against upbringing and societal training, it can be to view what we call reality “what is” from either the contrast or the joy and bliss. My friend viewed the trip around the Kora through the filters of the people in Tibet don’t have much in some cases, it’s a struggle to live in this pristine environment; whereas I saw the Tibetan people as extremely resilient even in the face of aggression, maintaining a joyful, thriving, strong community and keeping their religious practices no matter what, living in partnership in the pristine environment enjoying their work and existence. How we choose to experience the situation (the filters we view the world with) create our experience.

Little BirdMy Little Friend, Abiding in Love

This is why I believe I saw the bird as a marvelous miraculous luminous event that reminded me to enlarge my view of reality with perceptions that increase love, compassion, clarity, vitality, wellness, and abundance.  I like to say this affirmation every morning and it was manifested to me in my walk of the Kora: I have made a decision to enjoy my life, as I am learning to let go and trust God’s plan, I am rewarded with Joy and Love.

Monks DebatingMonks Expanding Consciousness by Debate

Does this last forever? Perhaps it’s some yes and no. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks of life and forget we have access to the truly luminous that we are worthy and valued to receive and years of the ordinary view come rushing back to my experience and I feel the struggle. Yet when I turn inward and remember ‘little bird” I literally am back on the Kora living and experiencing the miraculous universe we live in and it encourages me to shift my focus and find the luminous right now. This is what we meant when we came back from Uluru, Ayers Rock, in Australia and talked about bringing the good, joyful experience back and making it our reality here in South Africa. We are powerful beyond our comprehension and can create the world (life) we envision wherever we are.

Lovely Tibetan MealLovely Tibetan Meal

The Inner Experience is Important

Start taking pleasure from your inner reality. Most people are approaching this backwards. We travel to exotic places and take action doing a Kora, but the real experience and the real joy is all an inside job. Even on the Kora it was my inner focus and meditational stance to stay and focus on joy, love, and bliss that gave me that experience. It is in your imagination; it is the feeling of Energy flowing through you that is life.

Beautiful Tibetan WomenBeautiful Tibetan Women

Wayne Dyer, a great pioneering spiritual teacher, wrote a great book that he called “You’ll see it when you believe it.” His title tells it all, you can stay in the common beliefs and continue to believe the commonly agreed upon experience of life or you can change your beliefs (the inner reality) and look for the good, the luminous, the miracles in all situations and it starts to change the (external) world you see (the inner action). This is called the Law of Attraction which brings things to you that match the vibrational reality you put out. I find if I can change my beliefs and vibration, the luminous, the miraculous will come (meaning I focus my awareness, an internal reality, on it) to my door more and more often. The first step I use is meditation and a willingness to change until I become my new belief and what I see then is different and luminous that matches my new belief (Ghandi said it as “Become the change you want to see in the world”). Then if I can maintain my focus on what I want that action deliberately aligns the energies of my physical self and my inner self and then I create great alignment or if I don’t I experience great discord (it is my action of focus whether conscious or unconscious that decides which I experience).

Dr. Z at Mt. KailashDr. Z at Mt. Kailash

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny. [Your Vibration changes and brings a new World to your experience.]”

Ghandi with an assist from Jim Montrose

Change yourself rather than the external world

When we came back from China and Tibet several people asked us “wasn’t China dirty and crowded”.  I found this surprising, as I had never experienced that during our two trips to China. You begin to realize that how you see the world and what you experience are projections from your own consciousness. We often gather impressions and expectations of countries, places, peoples, companies, and services that are faulty or incomplete from articles we read, other peoples experiences and television or even from our discomfort of the unknown.

Michael Beckwith, a great spiritual educator, says knowing we often make projections from our own consciousness onto the world around us, you must quit demanding that circumstances and people change, and instead you take self-responsibility and work within yourself for a transformation in consciousness to see more clearly and transform the world in ways you want.

The Dali Lama demonstrated this concept so well when he was forcibly expelled from Tibet in 1959 and the Chinese fought with the Tibetans and killed many of his people. Rather than staying stuck in the tragedy and injustice he realized the Tibetans had been stuck, inward looking and did need to look outward and join the world (that didn’t mean he excused the Chinese for the bloodshed, but he moved forward). He prays for the enlightenment of the Chinese government, their well-being, their success, and that they allow his people to pray and honor their religion in Tibet. And the Chinese are becoming gentler, allowing Tibetans to more freely practice their faith. Interestingly the Chinese are now dealing with terrorist possibilities on their borders with Afghanistan, not with force, but through economic investment, infrastructure projects, and job creation so that the poor of Afghanistan prosper and thrive; becoming less tempted to join terrorist groups to right the economic disparity between their two countries. This follows current research thinking on the best ways to curb terrorism.

Until next time, stay a beneficial presence to yourself and the world staying connected, aligned, and expanding your consciousness in your authentic self delivering your unique talents and gifts in Love, Joy, and Bliss,

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor

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