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Create your Harmonious Earth,

Dr. Rivene shares her routine to increase harmony.Create your harmonious earth

Dr. Rivene June 2018

Jim: Dr Rivene, in light of your desire to bring back the harmonious earth that you talk about in your trip around Australia last month. How would you empower the youth of any age to create their personal harmonious earth?

Zaida: The first and most important thing is to align to source. Whatever you want to call this power infusing all life and matter; a divine source, the source, the power that creates worlds, the power that keeps molecules together and atoms vibrating align with it. So whatever you want to call it; source, power universal infinite eternity, or God. Align with that power. Visualize yourself receiving that power from above, down, and inside of you. Swirling clock wise and then outward creating an orbit around you that is infinite and eternal. And it keeps expanding greater as you grow, evolve and transcend into the higher levels of frequency. That power just increases. So that I think, is the first thing to create your harmonious earth. Create that first. Get aligned to source. Second, align yourself with the appreciation of who you really are.  Look for what you like about yourself and love about yourself. That is how you use your opinion to create what you want to have in your life. Your opinion truly is the most important opinion that there is. The third alignment is aligning with your desires and all you want. Desires that extend your talents and creativities and ideas and concepts. You are full of gems of creativity. Inestimable gems. So explore this. It is as if you are opening a box, a Pandora’s Box filled with joyful helpful things. Pulling out information about yourself of what it is you like and what you love and what attracts you. That is the third alignment. Aligning with your desires and then staying in that frequency of appreciation of yourself, in contentment, in enthusiasm and in joy. It will create greater and greater empowerment for yourself and then you take all of that power of alignment: alignment with source, alignment with yourself and alignment with your desires and talents and then you give birth to that harmonious earth that we are talking about. [Create your Harmonious Earth — Alignment Process]

Jim: How does this relate to your healing work?

Zaida: When you say my healing work… what I have, what I do is that I am a facilitator. Healing is what you do with bringing yourself together [in mind, body and spirit]. I do not see it as I have some healing work. What I have is an organizational interconnection of structural, biochemical, environmental and emotional releasing. And then together it helps you, the patient, create a dance, encompassing the uniqueness of yourself in those four aspects of totality. You are the one who brings it all together and then you increase that power. And that is the power that heals. You increase your own power to heal yourself. Internally first and then you become that radiant luminous energy field that you are entitled to be.

Jim: Victor Frankl once said that when we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves. How does that change effected by reaching a reflection point where external cannot be controlled, requiring a new desire relinquishing the old beliefs?

Zaida: When we are no longer able to change a situation and we are challenged to change ourselves, I think changing ourselves comes first and then situations can change. In fact, change your thinking by placing someone in the love and light and that being has an opportunity to shift within them self’s. All the shifting, all the change is really an inside job.

Jim: Once you  create your harmonious earth and shifted, does it evolve and what do you do to allow it to evolve?

Zaida:  Be in a state of allowance. You stay in a state of allowing and utilize whatever comes up because of that.

Jim: What if someone has a different vision than you? How do you embrace that with them or allow them to do their thing and have your vision?

Zaida: It is Ok. It is Ok for others around you to have their own vision their own way of thinking. It is a wonderful opportunity for diversity. So it is Ok. Just stay in your happy place and share and communicate.

Jim What about if the visions overlap or perhaps conflict for example between a husband and a wife or perhaps a business partner?

Zaida: When there is a conflict with another be it a business partner, or wife and husband, or child, I need to go inside of me to see what is my resistance. Let me identify my own resistance. Let me work through that and then get to my frequency of feeling contentment through the asking of whether this is a quality that I desire? What is best for me and then always remember that we all have a guidance system.  Whether it be anyone that you work with or anyone that you are with, they have their own guidance system which means they must listen to their own selves, what is it that they desire, what is it that is best for them; and then trust in the current between two beings and to allow each other to trust, to express and place each other in your imagination of love and light.

Jim: Great would you be willing to share some of the elements you are presently using to create your harmonious earth?

Zaida: What harmonious earth elements I would like to bring back from Australia the rock of pulsation from that country is that I say a prayer for the government I have good thoughts of expansiveness for this country South Africa for its people and I feel that only good is happening here and that is what I am going to concentrate on, that is what I am going to give.  That is what I see and feel. We can have that current of wellbeing that we experienced in Australia here as well. I want to tune into that. That is how I feel and I think Jim is doing the same thing. We bring back that same feeling of harmony of elements coming together from Australia. It is in my heart it is in my vibration and it will come to pass (just be patient and stay in harmony and joy with that vision).

Jim:  Thank you that is wonderful, any parting thoughts you want to share here

Zaida:  Yes be Happy create, create, and create – like a little spider. You know spiders create webs which are meant to catch elephants they just continuously think big so do the same. In fact Esther Hicks says “we don’t ask enough” so ask for more. Imagine greater the best that you can be and create your harmonious earth.

Lovingly – Dr. Zaida and Jim


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