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How is emotional alignment related to Healing?

Creating Emotional Alignment For HealingEmotional alignment is the first and utmost key to all healing. The opposite of health and healing is an imbalance, a disorder or a misalignment between the true (inner) selves’ desires and how you live life. The longer this imbalance or mis-alignment lasts the more charge develops and eventually it manifests as a lesion, a tumor, or whatever the physical issue is. So emotional alignment to what you desire is the number one goal in healing yourself of anything Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Environmentally or Biologically. That’s how important all this is.

Can you explain what the difference between Emotional Release and Emotional Alignment is?

Emotional release is when you find a charge that you have been carrying on a particular situation, event or aspect and the body releases it.  This can happen spontaneously in the muscles and nerves or by activating it through the reflexes of the body. In many cases, we must search for these stuck emotional patterns and consciously activate the reflexes to clear them.  The NET work I do with the patients is one extremely effective way to find these patterns and release them.

Emotional Alignment is the development of congruency between your life style and your inner (true selves) desires and aspiration as a spiritual, divine being. Proper emotional alignment can often lead to a patient automatically releasing anger and resentment, irrational frustration, poor diet, abuse, etc. and instilling a life of  Peace, Flexibility, Agility, Understanding, Proper Diet, Exercise and Thought patterns that support  alignment and that’s what you hold.

Most of my patients find it helps to take a facilitated two step approach where we first release the old patterns using NET and then once you release it, to secondly,  align yourself with what you desire by putting a new belief into the subconscious using an extension to NET. In essence the conscious mind is like a small drop of water from the ocean (our subconscious mind) and through it we can work on understanding and making new habits and beliefs in the vast ocean (subconscious).  The ocean is millions and millions of times bigger than drops of water, so what you’re doing is pulling from this ocean of sub consciousness, which is like a tape recorder that holds all the experiences and charges from conception to your womb time to your birthing and to every year after that. In normal operation it reacts to situations (with previous experience) by repeating itself all over and over again. This can be good as in knowing we get burned if we put our hand on a hot stove so take your hand away. But when it is an outdated or faulty response we need to pull that tape and change that tape with emotional release and then plant back into the ocean (subconscious) the new response, what it is that you desire, and that comes with feelings and affirmations that coincide with your release.

Can you explain a little more about NET?

The NET work, the neuro-emotional technique by Dr Scott Walker, uses applied Kinesiology to find the organ and emotions to the event holding a specific charge and then the patient holds specific reflexes and pulses and visualizes the image of the experience, the trauma, the emotion that feels bad. As you hold these reflexes and see the image the bodies’ innate ability to collapse the charge occurs. This is the first part to emotional alignment, the emotional release and then alignment happens after that using intention and affirmations to insert a new belief and habit into the subconscious.

So you find it and release it with NET reflexes and then the alignment you mentioned occurs with intention and affirmation; is that the primary work for the patient that she/he puts it into the subconscious using affirmations?

Yes, you go to the very same reflex that you collapse the negative feeling, the feeling that feels bad, you then hold this very same reflex and plug in how it is that you want it to be. It’s like revision, revision is where you go back in a scene somewhere in the past and you revise the scene, make it how you want it to be, and give it power, give yourself power in the scene, change the scene how you want it to be. How powerful is that, when you do that every cell in your body rearranges itself with the powers of the subconscious to align yourself with that new good feeling.

You mentioned the conscious and the subconscious mind a little earlier, can you explain a little bit more how those are involved and are your beliefs and intentions in both your conscious and subconscious mind?

Okay, well you have the conscious mind which is the mind that is present, there you are, you are present, this is day and you are wearing colour, and you’re going to do this and do that, it’s a consciousness. The subconscious acts exactly as a tape recorder it’s where we store automatic behaviour. Everything that happened in the past is stored their along with a response to it. A lot of times what’s running our day is our subconscious. And consciously you don’t have to sit in a car and know how to drive every day, or know how to dress yourself, it happens very unconsciously. You can say you need to change your thinking (this is our conscious mind speaking), but you can do that from now to ever after and nothing will change.  This is where we need to change the recording through techniques like neuro emotional technique, Dr Scott Walker’s work, and then I show you how to go out and do it through the tapping solutions, so, you can do it yourself. The subconscious is a trillion times greater than the conscious. Imagine the subconscious as an ocean and the conscious as a drop of water. We work consciously from this drop of water, yet it’s the subconscious that rules. So all the pain, all the memories, all the past is within that subconscious and those tape recordings are constantly triggering every single day until you change it, by releasing it and revising it.

How does this relate to positive thinking?

Well positive thinking is really nice by itself; it is nice to think positive loving thoughts.  When my patients use the word positive, “Oh I’m positively thinking” we have to remember positive thinking is not a feeling, and it is not an emotion. We have thought the positive thought first, that is the imagination and if it is held long enough and instilled into the subconscious it can change our outlook on life and then our feelings that we experience. The last three chakras of our chakra system, chakra 5, 6 and 7 are where we hold the power of imagination. That’s reasoning, intellect, choice, will, and God head. So we hold the power of the imagination within these three chakras. Chakra 5, choice and will, Chakra 6, reasoning and intellect, Chakra 7, which is our mysticism and grace. So within that imagination is thought and you’re choosing either coming from love (wrapping it in love), or from fear (you wrap it in fear) and that’s where the emotions are developed in the first three chakras.

Chakra 1, Tribal power and familiar, Chakra 2, sex, money and power, Chakra 3, your personal integrity centre. So then, there you are, you’re choosing  imagination, a thought, you are wrapping it either  in love or fear and then those six Chakras come together from above and below and meet at the heart centre, your fourth Chakra, that’s the chakra of  feelings.  So there are three different things, your thought, and imagination, wrapped in either love or fear. There are only two emotions and then you see them altogether and go to the heart chakra, where the feelings are and that is when you are feeling good or feeling bad. And you got all the bad feelings of anger resentment, irrational frustration, fear, dread; you’ve got all the good feelings of love and light and generosity and spirit and everything else.

So this process is really re-imagining the thinking what you want, wrapping it in fear or love and then merging it in your heart and emanating  love in order to change the thinking rather than just walking around with a positive thought or idea that has no power.

Yeah you can say positive affirmations, it takes lots of time and you are really working hard on wanting to make a change there. But it doesn’t go into the subconscious, where the power is, until it becomes established as a new habit (which takes 100 days or more). Use your positive affirmations in conjunction with the tapping solution reflex to get it into the subconscious quickly and easily.

How do you discover what you actually have in your subconscious?

You can see it in your present time experience.  In the present time there are things that are showing up for you daily: how you treat someone, then you have contrast, then you know if that feels good or bad. How you allow someone to treat you or talk to you, does that feel good or bad?  So you are constantly getting daily information about what is going on in your life. You can start from that place. Use your tapping reflexes and revise it. Ask yourself how I really want to feel here. What am I gaining from this experience, what is good about making an error or mistake, what is good about it? What is it that I have to surrender in this moment? How can I make this experience, feel good? This creates the opportunity to constantly change in present time. You’re ability to make a change to something greater and better and to a higher frequency of feeling good is what we want.

Any last closing words of inspiration you’d like to give?

Just love yourself, I mean everything starts from self.  That heart of yours is a vortex; it’s a portal system to the Divine, to Spirit. Love yourself – you are already so loved, guided, protected, sustained and provided for. This is really what emotional alignment is really about love yourself and follow your inner guidance. You are so cherished. So I would say to do that, go there, love yourself.


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