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Breakthrough or Breakdown?

I often get patients calling me late at night in a real panic telling me they are breaking down. They may have serious physical symptoms, all the signs of the latest flu or headaches, feel exhausted or any other symptoms that friends and family see as illness. As I discuss the patients issue we remember that we ran a vial or a program that is going to release these type of symptoms from the body, actually a healing, a detoxification, or more rightly called a “Breakthrough”.

A Breakthrough is a Physical, Chemical, Environmental and emotional release of old patterns in the body. The Emotion actually rules and starts the process and then affects the other three components of your health.  When the emotional pattern is reset in alignment with your true self the most phenomenal results, a” breakthrough”, occur that results in the more you see of yourself and world from the inside to the outside. The Breakthrough may occur as physically breaking a bone or something external like a cup or dish and is symbolic of breaking through a challenge and old patterning. At these times it helps to ask a quality question: What am I breaking through? Then it can become a valuable transformational experience. Healing, sickness and symptoms are all signals that we need to rearrange, stop and look closer to dissolve the old with change and improvement. The allopathic medical community has made all these symbols (fever, digestion issues, gas, bad breath, etc. which are indicators often of healing activity) bad. Yet this is the body’s immune system doing everything possible to handle micro-organisms, biological transformation, toxins and repair.

A Breakdown also starts with an emotional misalignment occurring when we do not pay attention to what we want, our desires and our purpose. We often instead put our attention on pleasing others outside ourselves rather than following our true purpose and desires. The breakdown proceeds from emotion to physical symptoms, stress, sickness, loss of balance and results in drawing bad things to the self (accidents, violence, overwhelm, addictions such as food, alcohol, sex, and drugs, financial problems, relationship problems and issues in all the areas of life.  Yet the patient always has choice and is in cause. If you lack the deep inner trust and sense of self you cannot counter the outer (external) authority like parents and doctors.

Each patient will experience what they need to expose the most to create their own transformation. It could be the detoxification symptoms of sickness, emotional feelings, dreams, crying (which represents release and a change of heart) or others. For others, it may be bio-chemical cravings for salt, meat, alcohol, coffee, addictive behaviours, etc. These are the patient’s spiritual aspects from an intention to heal prodding us to transform. The body then starts to release these symptoms, cravings and the bio-chemical acid residues that come out of the body as detoxification.

Is it different for someone who has gone through your 19 step N.O.T. (Neuro-Organization Technique) program?

The 19 step program I do on patients aligns the brain with the rest of the body, tissues, organ, reflex systems and the cellular structure of the body. This is the piece that is missed by 99% of doctors and therapists. This internal alignment of the brain and body allows the Life-Force to align to the optimum 100% value where true healing, grace and ease exist. Without N.O.T. you will exist in low life-force and the therapists adjustments and procedures do not maintain and must be constantly re-done, resulting in more struggle and less transformation. With these steps in place, the body is wide open to Life-Force creating such harmony that greater healing occurs.

What is the difference between Detoxification, sickness and breakthroughs?

We have on one hand sickness, decay and degeneration and on the other hand what feels the same, which is actually detoxifications or eruptions coming out of the body as you rearrange the body and cell systems. The symptomology ofsickness and decay appears when the body is rearranging and breaking through to a higher organization and healing in the four areas (emotional, physical, environmental and bio-chemically). This is what creates lasting health and wellness for the individual as you go internal into the place of knowingness and emotionally aligns selfwith healing Life-Force, utilization of food and nutrients to create a change of internal environment and increase detoxification. Yet it appears to the casual observer and doctor from an allopathic training to be the same as a breakdown.  When you go to that place in all of us — a place of knowingness that exists inside you – you can access that internal self-knowledge [the same as we access in meditation] that does know when you are healing (breaking through).

What action should the neuro-organized patient take when confronted with severe symptoms?

Go to your internal knowingness and align yourself with that Power on an emotional level and the rest (physical, environmental and bio-chemical) will take care of themselves. Trust and believe. The only true authority on your body is that internal knowingness (guidance system) that is between yourself and Source, the Field, Universal Intelligence, God-force. [editors note: You may have to practice and develop confidence  to successfully access this place as modern society has not encouraged this self-reliance,  it is your true authority and expert.]

Is the state of Detoxification good or bad?

Good, it is always good. Why? Because it brings awareness, focus, intention to what you need, what you desire.  It does take space and time to runs its course and do the work.  So have compassion for yourself as you go through this. Celebrate your detoxification.

What can you do for relief?

Its very important that your family understands your program and is aware that you will go through detoxification (breakthroughs) and support your efforts. Follow your food program eating high alkaline foods, fruit, vegetables, grains, fresh juices and water. Have fresh squeezed juice, many symptoms go away with adequate hydration. Get plenty of sleep and rest. Practice prayer and meditation: asking for what you want, believe its on the way and keep your heart open to receive it. If the pain is severe a coffee enema can often reduce the pain. Use water to wash off the old energy and stay cool. Be in the sun, sit in front of a fire or a candle, exercise daily and breath deeply (learn re-birthing or pranayama). Get Chiropractic adjustments regularly.

Parting thoughts, what should you keep in mind?

  • Emotional alignment to your desires and wants..
  • Please no-one!  Be clear what it is you desire.
  • Trust yourself, your opinion is the only one that matters. No one is an authority on you, except yourself!

Till next time, skatties –  Zaida

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