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Dr. Rivene’s Favorite Quotes for 2021

Favorite Quotes 2021

February, 2021

Below are a set of my favorite quotes I have collected over the previous years that occupy a prominent place in my daily alignment practice. You can simply read through them in the morning as inspiration or you can take one at a time and deeply reflect on what it means to you in the moment. Perhaps it indicates changes you want to make and you make a plan to accomplish this. Or maybe it causes you to become something different, perhaps adopting new goals and level of joy, compassion, love, and freedom in your life. Take them, make them your own, use them however Source directs you, or get inspired to find exactly what you need that really takes you to the next level. Be happy and have fun playing with these ideas. The world is a moving feast that provides us contrast and beauty that provokes our ultimate desire to create the life we are meant to weave. Enjoy these quotes and may some of them become your favorite quotes!

–Passion is focused on one thing, therefore, it burns out at some point.  Compassion is all-inclusive, it has so much fuel to burn that it never dies out……Sadhguru

–Looking at the World thru the Eyes of God-Source….Abraham

–A decision is the focusing of the Energy of desire, and the decision point happens when the desire is powerful enough….Abraham

–I am determined to travel thru Life, First Class…..Noel Coward

–Joy gives me wings

–In an infinite fractal of rotation, how do I define the centre?  Every point is the centre, I am the centre of the Universe from my very own centre.  Wherever I pick a point of observation in the fractal, that point becomes the centre from which I am observing the Universe.  That point becomes stillness.  Why Stillness?  Because in that point now, all the spins of the Universe cancel out….I need stillness to have a frame of reference for rotation….And that’s how singularity occurs.  Singularity is the point at the centre of my experience of the Universe, that is the point of stillness from which I am observing the Universe…………….Nassim Haramein

–…Marriage is union and cordial affection between the two parties.  They must, however, exercise the utmost care and become acquainted with each other’s character.  This eternal bond should be made secure by a firm covenant, and the intention should be to foster harmony, fellowship and unity and to attain everlasting life….Abdul’Baha’

— As to spiritual happiness, this is the true basis of the life of man, for life is created for happiness not for sorrow; for pleasure, not for grief.  Happiness is life; sorrow is death.  Spiritual happiness is life eternal.  This is a light which is not followed by darkness.  This is an honour which is not followed y shame.  This is a life that is not followed by death.  This is an existence that is not followed by annihilation.  This great blessing and precious gift is obtained by man only through the guidance of God…….    ‘Abdu’l-Baha’

–Seize the chance which This Day offereth me, and deprive not myself of the liberal effusions of God’s grace.  I beseech God that He may graciously enable me to adorn myself in This blessed Day, with the ornament of pure and holy deeds…………..Baha’u’llah’

–All atoms on the Earth declare God’s love for me……

–God Force expresses thru me……….

–I want to be the best that I can be.  I want to do and have and live in a way that is in harmony with my ideas of the greatest goodness.  I want to harmonize physically here in this body with that which I believe to be the best, or the good way of life thru the Inspiration of God……Abraham

–When I discover that my happiness is not depending upon outcomes of others, and that it is simply the result of my deliberate focus, I will finally end all misery and find the freedom that is my most intense desire.  And with that understanding will also come everything else I have ever wanted or will ever want.  Control over the way I feel –over my response to things, over my response to others, and my response to situations—is only the key to my consistent happiness, and to everything I desire as well.  It really is worth practicing…I be happy with myself, with my life, with the attraction I give to my significant other, with my work and with others; will enhance the harmony and alignment with Divine Source.

–I have dominion over my thoughts and actions, experiencing freedom from bondage of mechanical living….M Beckwith

–I, like the lilies of the fields, experience ALL my desires being met.

With Great Love enjoy and find your favorite quotes,

Dr. Rivene


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