Fertile Soil for Goals

Fertile Soil for Goals

Positivity a must have tool for your journey to a harmonious life and success.

By Jim Montrose, Living Wholeness, January 2022

At this year’s Intention Setting seminar I introduced the idea of preparing fertile soil to develop, and then plant goals for the year. Our preparation and intention development process and meditation yielded great results for the participants. We are now almost a month into the New Year. How do we keep the soil fertile and on track while delivering the goals we set?

If you took our intention setting course or did your own process this year you should have a set of goals in the major areas of your life: spiritual, health, career, home, family, education, finances, re-creation, and ethics. Maybe even a vision board to keep it in mind before you each day. We added a 10th area this year to remove the clutter: purging things, goals, activities, and spending time with people that are not in alignment with your values and intentions for the coming year. So how are you doing proceeding with your vision for a fabulous 2022? Have you 1) created a plan (with monthly actions – mini goals) to achieve your goals for the year, 2) executing the month’s actions (breaking the month’s actions into weekly actions, measurable results and daily plans), 3) reviewing/revising/mid-course corrections and additions, 4) set measurable results for your quarterly review and 5) scheduled these items in your dairy? A key success factor is “what’s scheduled gets done”.

Positivity key to Fertile Soil for Goals

Start by repeating this affirmation and use it regularly: Paying attention to positive aspect around me is a choice I practice daily to grow and develop this wonderful tool that becomes my attribute of resiliency and the agent for Magic in my life. Yes I can increase the magic and my ability to manifest wonder, harmonious living and joy.

Move into the inner space where peace, calm and joyous living resides. Close your outer eyes and open your inner eyes to the brilliant inner empire where all living occurs. Gently and deeply breathe in a full breath into the belly and the chest slower and more fully than normally. Pause a moment at the end of your in breath, feel the inspiration, and tense the body very tightly and let go deeply – breath out from your chest and then belly breathing out slowly, deeper and completely emptying the lungs. Pause for a moment to feel as you let go of old breath and old ideas, thoughts and feelings. Go to the next breath and continue breathing two more times in this manner.

Breathe slowly and deeper…

The third breath slower still and deepest yet …

Continue to gently breathe without the tension release. Breathe in and out at your rhythm aware of the in breath, the pause, the out breath, and its pause as you breathe on your own sinking deeper into your inner empire. Make friends with your inner higher self and rest in the quiet, safe, and nurturing space within. Letting thoughts come and go without engaging. Be in a state of noticing without reaction and feeling whatever comes up without reacting or engaging letting it flow through you and release. Continue observing and releasing.

If you are currently aware of negativity in your situation note it or if you don’t have any right now think back to a time you did and take note of it. Affirm I choose right now in this moment to move my focus from any negativity of current or past events, conditions, or thoughts to the positive aspects of my life I am observing in the moment. Know that no matter how negative it appears there has to be an equal and opposite positive aspect in my life right now to balance it. This is a quantum world and negative and positive balances to zero. That is the law.

I take these moments to find and note the positive aspects of my life in this moment. Do not allow yourself to get dragged back into any negative situations. Change your focus repeatedly as you train this new skill and muscle to focus on the positive right here and now.  If you have a positive aspects notebook, gently open your outer eyes while maintaining your open inner eye focus (the two pointed inner and outer looking meditative pose) and write down the positive aspects you note in your life right now. Note at least three positive aspects that really feel good and positive in this moment … capture a positive aspect … and another … and another and make note of them in your notebook for times you feel down. Simply open your notebook when needed and read of your positive aspects.

Starting general I am alive, breathing, living … pulling back from anything that reminds me of the negative. I find more to appreciate in the moment. I Record these observations and insights in my notebook. Noting all the positivity, appreciation, love and joy in my notebook this moment. Or take note of them in your mind for later capture.

Countering my ego’s negative bias, its natural state of determining possible threats, with appreciation is the skill I am working with right now. I open and expand beyond my views from this limited viewpoint beyond to an alternate expanded Universe (what I appreciate) right in front of me. I direct my thoughts and focus to what is working moving my focus away from the tiny percent that is negative. Remember “to worry” is to practice creating only more of the negative and keeps me stuck in it. Worry is to make something come true in our life that we don’t want.

So I choose right now to increase my awareness of what is working, what feels good, and to expand my experience of the magical alternative Universe right in front of me.

As I hold the alternative magical exhilarating vision of the positive aspects of my life – my life  grows more magical and my feelings of joy, bliss and harmonious life increase.

It enables me to pick myself up and try again …

Creates the conditions (fertile soil) for healing success and everything else I want to manifest …

I rise above mediocre thinking of the negativity of current events.

I find the positive, inspiring, and hope filled fuel to Thrive.

To live in the ever present alternate Universe where my Magic and Wonder exists!

Continue to experience and rest in this space of magic, wonder, positivity and creativity for as long as you wish. You will start to experience more joy, wonder in your life as you practice this shift to a positive Universe and spend less time in the negative bias most of us inhabit. Make this practice a habit so you can make this shift a common occurrence, a habit.

When you are ready gently come back to the present moment, stretch, breathe deeply and continue your day.

Do you want an audio file of me leading this meditation Positivity Fertile Soil for Goals? Email me here with note “send audio”.

Live in Wellness and Wholeness this year,

Jim Montrose, Living Wholeness, 071 959 0786


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