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Dr. Rivene explains Healing versus Curing

healing versus curing

healing is transformational

Albert Villoldo’s (see sidebar below) quote on healing versus curing got us thinking. In obtaining a cure we are concerned with the outer problem and attempt to remove it or control it at a remedial level (healing may occur but is not guaranteed).  Healing is a deeper transforming process that changes you on a broader more complete level that often creates a physical cure as well. If we think about a headache taking an aspirin is a remedial cure that reduces the pain (a short term cure) but does not address the source or cause that may continue to repeat. Finding that the headache is caused by a subluxation in the cervical spine and adjusting it removes the physical cause and finding the emotional basis of the subluxation which caused it in the first place can put you on the path of expansion into healing and lifestyle changes that are lasting and more complete; so illness does not reoccur or move to another part of the body. Dr. Rivene answers some questions on this important choice that each patient makes to pursue transformational healing or short term cures. (read the article here).

From Alberto Villoldo, “Shaman, Healer, Sage” page 20

“During my studies with the shamans I found that there is a difference between curing and healing.  Curing is remedial and involves fixing whatever outer problem arises, such as patching a tire if you have a flat, or treating snakebite, or using chemotherapy to control a tumor.  It does not help you avoid the nails on the road, the snakes in the woods, or the disease that caused the tumor.  Healing is broader, more global, and complete.  Healing transforms one’s life, and often, though not always, produces a physical cure.  I have seen many medical cures in which healing did not occur.  I have also seen instances in which there was great healing but the patient passed away.  Healing results from an experience of infinity (connecting with Divine Source, God, All That Is).  While healing, we measure success by increased well-being, by a sense of newfound peace, empowerment, and a feeling of communion with all life.”

Jim: The first question is what is important about this quote or this concept of healing versus curing?

Dr Zaida: The most important, the purposefulness of this, is that healing is the expansion that we are moving into,  moving to greater aspects all the time as human beings. I mean we are here to heal; we are here to expand, to grow to find the mysteries, to solve the issues, to solve whatever contrast comes into our way. And when the contrast is a physical pain, a dis-ease, a lesion, then covering it up with inorganic chemicals, with drugs, or covering it up, even, with a short term secondary therapy like a massage or so many other therapies that are just short term. It is not, an absolute, going into the aspect of physically, structurally, biochemically, nutritionally integrity and then looking for the environmental allergens and then really looking deep for the emotional cause; because that is the seed to all physical illness in the body. So we have this wonderful body that is the temple to the inner being of who we truly are. Whatever you call that. Whether it is your soul, or our spiritual wellbeing. We have this temple that protects this divine inner being that we are. It’s when we are misaligned, when we are off the track, disconnected from our source, we are coming from the place of discomfort and fear that we gets off the energy flow of our inner being and our bodies being, the reflection into our inner being.

So the importance of healing rather than curing is that healing is ultimately where we always want to go to. Curing is just temporary and I get a lot of patients that do a lot of curing by doing a lots of external stimulation to the body with substances, activities, water therapies, and all kind of therapeutic natural things that they do; but it does not get to that inner core understanding that leads to the healing that leads to an individual expanding into a greater understanding of who they are, of the choices that they made and then the choices that you have to increase your happiness, your power, your joy, your enthusiasm, and continue this expansive path that you are on.

Jim: It sounds like healing is more desirable from your perspective. Is there any place for cure?

Dr Zaida: I think so. Yeah. I think that there are times that a patient is in so much pain that you have to administer something to help. For some patients, surgery may get rid of a big toxic waste dump, like a tumor, that makes the healing and re-building of the body easier and quicker. So many times I will recommend non-toxic cures like surgery that benefit the healing ultimately.

Jim: And to do real healing, does it take longer?

Dr Zaida: I could say yes it takes longer but healing versus curing can take as long as the movement of you eyelashes fluttering,  because you understand something so clearing you get a defining split second of a moment when you get it. You get this understanding that brings in this greater light and information for you. So it just depends. I think that healing when you start healing the body usually takes about two and a half years to three years to turn every cell in the body to a hundred percent high functioning cell and clear a lot of the debris, and clear up accumulated toxicity, and poisons, and inorganic chemicals that have accumulated in the body. So the reconstruction of a physical being is going to take two and a half years to three years. That is what I find in every case. If the patient comes in with in such a terminal situation, when they are terminally ill then they may take four years. They will take a little longer but the path is open. The avenue is clear.  You still can heal. I believe you can heal and you can heal even though the patient may pass. I have had patients come in at the very last stage and spend the time with me when we still did structure, biochemistry, environmental, emotion and a lot of digging on the emotional level so they found the reasons and answered their questions and then they let go. They did not need to be here anymore. They found their completion they can move into the world of spirit which is also right here. It is not that far away. It is closer than your life vein.

Jim: So it may take several years in order to create the healing. Does this make it more expensive than other approaches?

Dr Zaida: No because I think that the most expensive approach is the medical profession’s approach of chemotherapies and radiations that are very very expensive and so when you look at this Chiropractic care it is very inexpensive in comparison.

Jim: Why doesn’t my Doctor look for true healing versus curing?

Dr Zaida: I do not necessarily think it is the doctor finding true healing. I think you find true healing. I think that is up to you to find true healing. That it is the individual’s job and then they can choose a skilled physician to help facilitate to help guide them but you can’t put this on somebody else outside there and ask why they didn’t know that I could do this. That would be taking the position of a victim. It is you that are totally one hundred percent in charge and responsible for everything that happens in your life. You are a hundred percent responsible for this temple and how it is and how it manoeuvres through life.

Jim: Thank you Dr Rivene. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Dr Zaida: Just that is a joy to be here in this life regardless of the little hiccups. It is ok and I am just having fun.

Jim: And it that what we are supposed to be experiencing in life?

Dr Zaida: Yeah! Having fun, having joy, experiencing life, laughing even when I burn the cooking or something. It is ok. Cooking for me is a real button. It is alright when the pancakes did not come out right. All is well.

Enjoy health and look for healing versus curing,

Lovingly – Dr. Zaida and Jim


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