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January 2020


Are goals hard to set for you?

Do you set goals and let them go unfulfilled after a short period of time?

Does it feel forced or uncomfortable for you?

Then Dynamic Life Unfoldment, an intuitive intention setting process, may be a friendlier more natural way for you. Standard Goal Setting processes tend to emphasis the more logical and analytical right brain approaches to problem solving and organizing you life. These work for many, but leave others cold and uninspired. They also ignore a valuable contribution of a more whole brain integrated logical and intuitive intention setting approach.

Preparation – “Everything in life is vibration.”  – “We can never reach the solution from the same thinking [frequency] as the problem.”
– Albert Einstein (genius)

First step: Close out last year, start by a gratitude inventory of wins last year (don’t get hung up on incompletes which we handle below – focus on what worked and got accomplished – pat yourself on the back).

Consider our effectiveness checklist to clear the left over’s (in Fengshui clear the clutter so it doesn’t slow you down).


So let’s get unstuck and turn the creative juices back on right now. Schedule yourself several hours of uninterrupted time and follow this checklist. Take the time (try to limit it to 1 hour of sorting and thinking and avoid getting mired down in the details and what you don’t want to do – let go of it or delegate it) to perform the suggested actions and then look deeply at items one through seven in all seven areas of your life: Spiritual, Mental, Vocational, Financial, Familial, Social and Physical.

Fengshui looks to stuck energies, improper circulation of currents and incompletes to remove the hidden sappers of energy and effectiveness. Look at the following items of your life and try to remove as many incompletes as possible:

Clean home from top to bottom and keep it that way

Get car cleaned and keep it clean

Throw out or give away what you don’t use or wear

Get up to date on all communications and correspondence

Get rid of or fix anything that doesn’t work

Return what has been borrowed or resolve it

Get back what has been borrowed or resolve it

Get Office clean

Get up to date on all creditors

Keep tax information up to date

Balance checkbook and keep it balanced

Get health in shape and keep it that way

Organize all personal records and files

Get wardrobe in shape and keep it that way

Look at the following areas and handle. Place any items you want to complete that cannot be completed in a short period of time on your “To do List” and anything that is no longer desired or appealing remove from your lists and activities to free space for your new actions (activate your intuition and be guided in your feelings on this one and clear away what is stuck).

  1. Communications Undelivered
  2. Things started and being worked on
  3. Things being worked and not completed
  4. Things I want to have and presently do not have
  5. Things I want to do and am not doing
  6. Things I want to be that I am not being
  7. Things I want to complete and have not completed


Make intentions and goals from love – if you are in negative emotions, change them first (ALIGN) direct to blog? During this creative process suspend judgment and access your creativity the cornerstone for an intuitive intention setting process.

All your answers are inside; it is a process of remembering. Trust yourself not an external factor or expert.

As I make goals from Joy and Bliss, I am open to all possibilities. I continue to focus only on what feels good. Anything else is resistance and a block.

If a block occurs, turn focus back on what you want (stay more general).  Use your tools, reach for better feeling emotions, tap to clear and install new emotions.

OPEN to Inspired Intention – embrace goals with intuitive intentions

  • Start with heartfelt visions of the future you want
  • Use inner inspiration (eternal part of you)
  • When inspired gently set the goals and actions
  • Let your feelings, values, and beliefs lead you
  • Find your way to blissful and inspired action
  • Review often and clear away what isn’t working and hone what is working (dynamic goal evolution).
  • Instead of driving your goals with action, try surrendering become receptive, allowing and attract with aligned intention and then a little aligned action.
  • Do 20 minutes more being, imagining, and 20 minutes less doing every day.
  • Consider a theme for your year’s creation.

Some questions to deepen your introspection and use the power of your emotions to guide and direct you in this process. Integrate the intuitive intention setting process with more traditional goal setting techniques to find a holistic process.

Check in to make fun, intuitive (left brain) intentions

  • How do I want this to make me feel?
  • What kind of life do I want to live day by day?
  • How does it fit in with my whole life?
  • If it’s not a high emotional tone, what would make it fit and feel aligned (high emotion)?
  • What feels easy, blissful and exciting?
  • What has least resistance and leads toward my desire?
  • Is the next logical step?
  • Focus on intention (your emotional want) more than goal.
  • Solution and Goal is easier to reach by remembering it vs. finding it.


Surround yourself with what you want (making “what isn’t here yet” more real)   Reminders: Vision Boarding, Goals, People with interests, stop listening to news, listen to your own inner radio station (inner wisdom), lifestyle reminders and aids, etc.

To avoid resistance stay more general but specific enough to view and flesh out your desire without moving you out of love emotions.


Habits instead of Goals- 100 day Gong

  • Setting a goal for a particular thing (write a book) may produce a result in the short term, but often washes out without enough intention.
  • Instead think of the process to own the skill that produces the thing (skill –writing- is the constant – writing each day of x words a day).
  • Develop for your top goals a habit instead!
  • Have the end in mind, and enjoy the journey!

Get your own copy of the 100 day Gong Sheet at our class on the 18th or contact us.

Like these ideas join us Jan 18 for Intuitive Intention Setting with Dynamic Life Unfoldment, register now with Lana 083 290 1283. Class is filling up fast.

Live life Big, embracing your expanding consciousness owning your intuitive intention setting, find the joy and bliss in imaging your life from a place of inspired intuitive intention setting and blessings be upon you,

Dr. Zaida Rivene, D.C.


083 290 1283

and Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor


071 959 0786

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