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July Ongoing Events Happenings at the Ranch

You’re invited to free July Ongoing Events – Intention Review and Crystal Healing Sweat Lodge in July and August this year.

The Sacred Labyrinth, Have you seen it yet?

Mundane to Sacred Threshold

Shinto Torii Gate into the Labyrinth

July Ongoing Events – Live Seminar on Zoom, signup/confirm now!

Half year Intention Review (Saturday 7/23, 10am) “Dreams to Reality”

Send me an email now (subject “review”)- to sign up/confirm for the quarterly review and I will send you login email tomorrow. If you have any questions for the meeting send them to me.

Seven months have passed since we set intentions at the Ranch Intention setting seminar or since you did it on your own. Join us this Saturday for a free 30 minute quarterly review of your progress and Q/A to make further progress. You have a little over five months left to meet your Goals this year and make the second half of the year more productive. This Saturday July 23rd from 10:00 am am to about 10:40 am. Limited space in this live seminar, join now. Registration required.

How are you doing with this year’s Intention and goals? Are you on your way to manifesting your dreams and having the best year yet? Send me your question and we will address them this Saturday.

Remember put your intention to action and execute your ideas. Make sure you have broken your goals into monthly and weekly goals and take action each week/month and day. Chip away at it steadily bit by bit gets it done. An intention by itself will not take you to the result without aligned action.

Please share your struggles and questions and we will address them on Saturday. with five more months before the end of the year your actions now and each month, each week and each day count especially in making this a truly fantastic year of accomplishing your goals.

Take action now and accomplish your goals.  Send me an email (subject: “review”) to confirm.

July Ongoing Events – Crystal Healing Sweat Lodge (Aug 6)

Join us on August 6 from 13:00 to 16:00 for a purification and cleansing sweat lodge at the ranch with the crystal healing sweat lodge led by Martin Beukes of Cape Town. Cost is R400 and includes soup afterwards.

Martin says of this unique experience:

Brief background on the Sweatlodge


The Inipi Sweatlodge(North-), and the Temazcal(Mesio- and South-), originated in the America’s, however the medicine of sweat, is practiced all over the lands, by many a cultures! This is a ceremony of purification, through the combination of the elements in a certain way. Through the alchemy of earth and fire, and water and air, in a merging of all 4. This has an effect on the body to sweat out toxins, while hydrating through the skin.

Through this ceremony of purification, intention or prayer can be expressed, and as toxins leave the body it allows space for more en-light-enment to enter the being, and facilitate resolution in integrating experiences of life! Traditionally, this is expressed in respect to the ancestral lines, and Great Spirit as an omnipresence Energy in all things.

This ceremony is held inside a dome shaped structure, while stones are heated in a fire a few feet away from the lodge. The fire symbolic of the Father aspects of transmutation. These hot stones, representing the grandmothers and grandfathers of our ancestral lineages are then brought into the lodge, after which the “door” is closed, and water poured over the stones, to create steam. This space being in total darkness, is a representation of the womb of Mother Earth.

This sacred ceremony was created to connect with our inner being, and re-member-ing our connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Great Spirit. Hence, this process have a healing effect on the mental and spiritual aspects of the being as well. The Crystal Healing Sweat Lodge follows the same design, and sacred intention, with the addition of an activated crystal grid, surrounding the fire and the Lodge. The crystals, represents a council of crystal beings, which aid in connecting us to the unified crystal grid of the planet. This is to aid in crystal clear connection, and forms a co-creation with the Crystal Kingdom.


Physical benefits


The healthy body in living takes food, water, air and other components to live and releases toxins from the system. By producing sweat, this process of detoxification, is accelerated, especially toxins in the skin layers. This process also supports water weight loss, and clearer and smoother skin. Increased temperature causes the heart rate increases, and the functioning of the organs is stimulated. Detoxifying the organs as well and increasing oxygenation with increased blood flow resulting in healthier body functions. The environment inside the lodge, is enhanced and sanitized with healing herbs and tree resins.

Mental benefits

Some studies have suggested that regular sweat lodge participation decreases the risk of dementia, and Alzheimer’s. The sweat lodge, involve deep introspection, similar to practices of meditation, to still the mind! And many similar benefits can be observed. The sweat lodge ceremony helps restore the bridge between the conscious and sub-conscious mind provide unique insights and knowing.

Spiritual Benefits

On a spiritual level, re-establishes your connection to the Mother-, and the Father- aspects of our existence, and placing the heart in the center. It often provides

an experience of integration and guidance for spiritual growth. This re-connection, ultimately restore our connection to all things.

Use the new Access to the walk on the Dam

dam entranceway

The new access is in dedication to our friend Ben Vietz who past in 2020. We celebrate him in joy as we walk the dam and enjoy nature.

Walk the Labyrinth

Move from the Mundane to the Sacred or Divine as you cross the threshold of the Shinto Torii and explore our labyrinth on your next visit to the clinic. The labyrinth is dedicated to Zaida’s long time friend, colleague and revered Bay area teacher, Christiane Beals, who passed last year.

Sacred Threshold

As you move through the gate leave the everyday world with a small bow to honor the movement into the Sacred. A simple act you can perform throughout our day to remind you to bring the sacred to your everyday moments.

Walk the path with mindfulness to increase your conscious awareness of life in the moment and pick a stone with a topic of interest to obtain insight in the moment.

Check out our July On-going Events and have a great month,

The Team at Dr. Zaida Rivene and the Red Roan Ranch

Copyright July 2022

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From the N2 (Cape Town towards George) Take the first Swellendam exit (left). This is the R60. Proceed (1km+) through the 4 way stop and continue approximately 2-3 km and look for a sign for the Hermitage. Make a hard right (270 degrees). After the turn continue about 200 meters and turn left at first road (dirt). Proceed 300 meters and turn left into Red Roan Ranch and go to bottom of hill (the main house).

(Coming from George to Cape Town) Take the third exit (R60) right. Proceed (1km+) through the 4 way stop and continue approximately 2-3 km and look for a sign for the Hermitage. Make a hard right (270 degrees). After the turn continue about 200 meters and turn left at first road (dirt).  Proceed 300 meters and turn left into Red Roan Ranch and go to bottom of hill (the main house).

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