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Convergence of Science and Spirituality offers new Hope for Healing

According to Ayurveda, the cause of all disease is a loss of the intelligence in the affected body, organ, or cell. When the mind and body or cell function independently, without a connection to the whole whether from a physical, mental, or emotional imbalance, it is like a loss of memory, the part forgets the role it plays in the whole (the complete body). Ayurveda treats this by restoring the memory of the whole to the parts so that the body, mind, and spirit function as one again. This is accomplished by bringing body awareness back to the point where they first separated and bringing the parts back to function together.

Modern physics and some medical doctors theorize that many known electromagnetic fields are unified and express consciousness. If the cause of disease is the disconnection of the cells to this broader field of consciousness then the treatment is to put one’s attention back to re-connect the consciousness and matter. Awareness on the field of consciousness and the physical body simultaneously connects the body and the field of consciousness. This is meditation where the memory of pure consciousness is restored to the body.

Physicists have observed a phenomenon that seems to explain this healing effect. John Doulliard, an Ayurvedic Physican who studies the connection between Ayurveda techniques and modern medical/physical techniques in the new healing science, and many physicists recognize that the place where the body and consciousness meet is the bio-photon and studies indicate bio-photon emission is active during healing.  John asks could bio-photons be the information-carrying particles that restore parts of the physical body that have lost their memory of their pure consciousness to the source?

Ayurveda has used the following techniques for 5000 years to achieve these results and maybe a modern New Healing Science is about to discover how they worked. The following are just some of the techniques aimed at accomplishing this:

  1. Pulse-taking as a diagnostic and healing technique.
  2. Marma therapy: marma points are said to be junction points between consciousness and matter (this is echoed in the acupuncture system of Chineese Traditional Medicine and are almost identical points).
  1. Meditation.
  2. Ayurvedic massage.
  3. Senses therapies (sound, touch, sight, taste, smell).
  4. Yoga and pranayama.

In another convergence of age old practices and modern science, Dr. Alberto Villoloda, offers the age old wisdom from the South American Shamans that the most cooperative is what creates successful communities. It is not survival of the fittest and many scientist are now observing and confirming in opposition to Darwin’s theory of evolution. The most successful communities are based on cooperation and nurturing which is the natural order of successful human, animal and plant communities.

Greg Bredan in his book Self Empowerment says that evolution got it wrong, humans are a result of intellegient creation embuing us with extraordinary abilities of intuition, compassion, empathy, love, and self-healing. The evidence from mitochondrial DNA shows we are a descendent of the Neanderthal and that human chromosome 2 (2nd largest chromosome in human body) is a result of ancient DNA fusion that cannot be explained by evolution. The evidence indicates humans first appeared on the earth 200,000 years ago with no evolutionary path leading to our appearance. We are a result of something more than random mutations and are beings of light, energy, and information the same as the Universe around us. Dr. Villoloda affirms a similar knowledge with the shamans whose healing and transformational work centers on the luminous body of mankind (light, energy and information).

“Techniqueless” Approaches to Healing

One of the fascinating developments in energy medicine over the last 30 years are the “techniqueless” approaches to a new healing science. The first we became aware of was Dr. Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics which he developed as a techniqueless approach and is playful, innovative, working sometimes when other approaches don’t, and creates nice results for many people. Dr. Eric Pearl was led to “Reconnective Healing,” which seems to be a non-specific general approach that uses the intelligence of the Cosmos to do whatever is needed (is it connecting the forgetful body cells back to the field of consciousness?). It produces some wonderful results, is gentle, unfolds as the patient needs in the moment, and we are actively employing it with great results. Check them out on the web and see Dr. Pearl in The Living Matrix, a film on new insights into our bodies, minds, and health.

A model for Intentions Effect on Matter

Dr. William A. Tiller , Professor Emeritus Stanford University,  has written a new book and has a filmed lecture detailing his experiments in consciousness and a new mathematical model for adding the affects of consciousness into Quantum Mechanics. “Conscious Acts of Creation, the emergence of a New Physics, by  William Tiller et al, provides a way to account for the vast amount of scientific data that documents consciousnesses affect under certain conditions. What these results have shown but science didn’t have a framework to analyze was that intention provides robust affects to physical matter under three conditions of focused effort that are easily replicated. He notes that when the three conditions are not met it still has an affect on matter but not as robustly. He found a surprise results that when intention is repeated regularly it conditions the field so the result stay and become more solid. If you have ever felt the energy of a sacred space where ritual is regularly perform you know what he found.  This can lead to vastly improved technologies that are enhanced by intentional imprinting of consciousness to produce higher yields in chemical reaction, greater power and results from technologies and other exciting possibilities. It also explains why consciousness affects our everyday reality in terms of healing and what is probably missing when it doesn’t (the three conditions have not been met). Very technical – an exciting expansion of science and a foundation for understanding the new Healing Science.

Meditation and Yoga studies

Eric Leskowitz, psychiatrist, of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, theorizes in the journal “medical Hypotheses,” that the pineal gland might be the scientific explanation for the ancient Yogi use of the third eye, with Yoga poses, breathing, meditation, and chanting to mend minds and get circadian rhythms back in sync. Practicing meditation just 15 minutes a day in addition to hypertension medication resulted in a 50% reduction of the chance of dying versus the medication alone group in a Wisconsin Medical College of Medicine study. The study showed significant reduction in stress levels and blood pressure compared to the medication only group.

Yogic science recognizes that every action we take brings us closer or farther from our sacred purpose and happiness – therefore a therapy that connects mind, body, and spirit with our source and purpose would make sense to activate self-healing, happiness and well-being as a new healing science. The loss of connection of the body to our non-physical (spiritual) essence leads to discontent and contrast that grows to disease. We are meant to live joyfully, happily and blissfully.

Yoga’s well documented tools helps us cope with stress from changes in our physical bodies and our environment as modern chronic illness care has incorporated in there treatment protocols. Modern life’s focus on material acquisitions, the negative, and ego-dominated power struggles separates us from our higher self, from nature, and from each other. It creates discord in our lives and has created a lifestyle of problems. You only need to look at the widespread fear, violence, war, materialism, ill-health, and pollution to see this in our world. Yoga offers self-transformation through awareness and conscious expansion for love, gratitude, and compassion. We can become the change that heals us first and changes our world from a fear based one to a friendlier more wholesome love based world.

DVD’s –

Dr. William A. Tiller, “Conscious Acts of Creation, the emergence of a New Physics”, lecture on video probably available on You Tube. His Book is available from Amazon and other sources.

Heal, the most powerful healer is within. Change your mind. Change your body. Change your life. Kelly Noonan Gores documentary exposes how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions impact our health and ability to heal. Latest science shows we are not victims but have more control over our life and healing than we have been taught to believe. With a VIP list of alternative healing including: Dr. Deepak Chopra, Anita Moorjani, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Anthony William, Greg Braden, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Dr. David Hamilton, Dr. Kelly Brogan, Rob Wergin, Dr. Kelly Turner, Peter Crone, Dr. Darren Weissman and Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

The Living Matrix, by Harry Massey, offers new insights into our bodies, minds and health interviews that shift the future of healthcare with Rolin McCarty of Heart Math Institute, Bruce Lipton, Peter Fraser, Lynne McTaggert, James Oschman, Dr. Eric Pearl, “Reconnective Healing,” and others.

The Healing Field from the PBS broadcast, Beyond Words copyright 2016 with Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggert, Beverly Rubik, Candace Pert, Hyla Cass, Ron Lavin, Ken Cohen, Gerald Epstein, Gary Renza and Melodee Gabler includes self-healing practices “running energy” with Lavin, imagery with Epstein, soundwork with Gabler, and Qigong with Renza.

Greg Bredan,  Divine Matrix and Beyond Zero Point updates ancient practices with modern science affirming many of these techniques and the astounding results available. The power of heart based feeling intentions and the work of the Heart Math Institute in decoding the importance of coherent heart rate variability is particularly noteworthy. Greg asserts that we lost a mode of prayer with the 2nd-4th century rewrites of the Bible. The missing mode of prayer indicates that an effective prayer is activated only when thought or intention is merged with the power of the heart (electrical and magnetically) with feelings of love, compassion, joy, and bliss.

Beyond Zero Point, the journey to Compassion by Gregg Braden develops the connection between science as more than a feeling and way of being with people to one that encompasses the glue to hold the Universe together. The Essene’s believed we reflect the beliefs we hold inside to the outer world and if we hold ones that create tension then extremes of weather, social unrest and other tensions occur. Beginning with compassion in the body and extending outward we as individuals and communities can shift the outer conditions to reflect absence of tension peace, cooperation and gentle weather.

The Language of the Divine Matrix, bridging time, space, miracles, and belief by Gregg Braden provides more tools and new healing science discoveries that illustrate how our world can mirror our beliefs. Filled with wonderful potentialty and spiritual technologies to create the life we want and a world of peace.

Books –

The Tapping Solution, a revolutionary system for stress-free living by Nick Ortner. Is an easy way to learn tapping to reduce stress and manage your emotions. Nick cites the numerous scientific studies that have now been completed that show what the many adherents to tapping have know since the 1970’s that it is effective and easy. He shows you how to use tapping for relieving anxiety, stress, resistance to change, past hurts and traumas, healing the body, handling pain, losing weight, letting go of fear, money and dreams and much more.

The Science of Self-empowerment, Awakening the new Human story by Gregg Braden. Reviewing new scientific advances and questions of who we really are, Greg affirms what many spiritual traditions have known for millennial that we are a unique species that appeared over 200,000 years ago fully formed rather than slow gradual development over time, genome analysis shows we are not part of the primate genome and something beyond evolution made humans possible, and  very exciting for healing is recent scientific discoveries that affirm we have a unique and very powerful ability to self-heal, to self regulate longevity, to enhanced immunity and live with deep intuition, sympathy, empathy and compassion which are not only great feelings but the force that holds the Universe together. This new story emphasizes the possibilities of the new healing science.

The Healing Self, supercharge your immune system and stay well for life by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi. In This new book on self-care Chopra and Tanzi show how the latest discoveries show how we can invigorate our immune systems for a new healing science. Using new facts gleaned from research on gut biomes, lifestyle changes, diet and stress reduction you can stay well for life and avoid Dementia and other infirmity’s of age. Their seven day action plan introduces you to anti-inflammation diet techniques; stress reduction; anti-aging approaches; balance of standing, walking, resting, and sleep; creating better core beliefs; embracing non-struggle; and evolution (of self).

Grow a New Body, how spirit and power plant nutrients can transform your health by Dr. Albert Villoldo. Trained in South American Shamanism and medical anthropology. Villoldo shows us how we can you can learn to re-grow our body again (you have already grown your body once) and switch your DNA codes to meet current needs. Learn to detoxify the brain, use super-foods, access the luminous energy field (the blueprint of your body) to heal yourself and re-write stories from the past with shamanic practices, such as the medicine wheel, to pave the way for re-birth as a new healing science.

The Fifth Agreement, a practical guide to self mastery by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz. Don Miguel is another wonderful shamanic teacher whose four agreements shows us how to break out of self-limiting agreements to bring us to personal freedom, happiness, and love. Now he and his son, Don Jose, show us the next step to return us to the authenticity we were born with. Through what the shaman call the dream of the second attention you begin to behave authentically in all situations and create your personal heaven on earth and move past symbols to re-cover awareness in the third attention to resurrection where you just enjoy life. The new healing science can benefit through the remembrance of these ancient practices that these shaman have preserved.

The Path, what Chinese philosophers can teach us about the good life by Michael Puett and Christine Gross-Loh. Dr. Puett’s philosophy course at Harvard is one of the most popular course at Harvard and not just for Chinese History students. Go on a delightful read that shows how these ancients ideas that all cultures around the world tried to answer during the axial ages in China resulted in philosophies that can guide us even today on the path to a good life in today’s world. Part practical guide and philosophical exploration a great way to challenge your own core beliefs and develop something that will take you beyond life as you have seen it before.

The Astonishing Power of Emotions – Let your feelings be your guide, Esther and Jerry Hicks/Abraham. – not new but I just read it and found it a valuable resource as Abraham takes us through 33 examples of life experiences we may all be exposed to at some point in time and gives practical steps for reaching for relief and changing our perceptions to thrive no matter what happens externally. To be truly happy and at peace in life does not depend on external circumstance or conditions – it is only dependent on learning to manage our perceptions and vibrational frequency at Love based emotions and this shows you how to do it. Reading each example and taking note of the simple and life changing approach to find relief is a great way to develop your emotional resilience in the new healing science.

Have a great Holiday, stay powerful in the new healing science and live in Love, Joy, and Bliss,

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor

071 959 0786

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