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Restful Sleep, an evening process  by Dr. Rivene

Divine Sleep Time

Relax and let go into re-alignment with Divine Source Time

July 2019

Restful sleep is a very important part of taking care of ourselves and guaranteeing we are rested, relaxed and rejuvenated for a vibrant, full and joyful life. Here are Dr. Rivene’s personal tips on winding down for sleep and her own affirmations/meditation for night-time alignment.

Restful sleep benefits from a prepared environment

Prepare your bedroom for quiet, rest and harmony. It is best if you use it for sleeping, quiet and meditation. Remove TV’s, electronic devices and LED lights, clocks and monitors. The spectrum of light from these devices is quite detrimental to the sleep and can affect serotonin production and your ability to sleep. A cool room and head is helpful in sleeping and fresh air is helpful open a window.

Turn-off and disconnect for a restful sleep

Several hours before sleep time wean yourself off answering email, returning calls, and watching TV which are all stimulating and make it harder to sleep. Find enjoyable relaxing and quieting activities that prepare you for sleep. Meditation for 15 minutes before bedtime is a great practice to gently calm you down and prepare for sleep.

Wind down to enjoy a restful sleep

Taking a shower or bath to wash the fumes of the day off is a great way to signal the end of the day and start to wind down. Enjoy a lighter dinner so it doesn’t keep you up digesting it all night (eat before 6-7pm if possible giving 3 hours to digest). Consider some light breath work to calm and relax you.

Restore your balance emotionally for a true restful sleep

Let go of the day and check in with your emotional alignment and reach for the nearest better feeling thoughts to move gently over time to love, joy and bliss. Consider tapping any conflicts or upsetting contrasts experienced over the day. Now go into the arms of celestial Love.


When you get in bed or maybe in front of the mirror after brushing your teeth take a few moments to read and contemplate the following statements until you feel in alignment with them (or tap them in). Repeat them until you feel the emotion of release, replenishment, empowerment, etc. that the statement evokes for you.

–Sleep is the time for my Inner Being to realign with Divine Source Energies, for refreshment and replenishment of my physical body.

–Tonight I rest so well—I know that all attraction to this body will stop and when I awaken in the morning, I will literally re-emerge back into my physical body, refreshed, empowered, ready to serve all that come into my orbit.

–Nothing is more important than that I feel good.   Nothing is more important than choosing thoughts that attract other thoughts that raise my vibrational frequency to love, joy, calmness, serenity, quiet peaceful feelings, security in Sources arms, where I resonate with the positive aspects of this Universe.

–I love to sleep quietly, I know I am so loved by God, Source, Divine Force, and watched over, and protected by the Concourse of Angels watching over me, rocking me, humming sweet melodies, gently guiding me into the dream time.

–I had such wonderful aspects in my life today, wonderful healing, I am healing myself with the power of God Source, and creating great independence and freedom, receiving good news, having a great loving team of supporters and a wonderful husband/wife to love.

–I release all thoughts of contrast to the Holy Spirit; I am free to soar to the celestial realms of God Source.

–My personal integrity and my Woman’s Worth is expanding daily, I am gentle with myself.

–How wonderful my bed feels, my sheets, the air in the room, I love how good my body feels and how strong it supports my spirit to serve all day long, and now it is time to rest every bone, organ, muscles, fibre, cell in my body, rest, rest, rest.

–I am soooo happy to be alive…I am going to sleep now, and while I sleep my thoughts will be quiet, attraction will stop and my physical body will be completely refreshed and gladden at every level.  Thank you God

Have a wonderful sleep and live vibrantly and fully – loving you,

Dr. Rivene


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