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Why Travel can Help you by Dr. Rivene and Jim Montrose.

travel can help

Finding importance and meaning in a fast world

August 2019

Travel and pilgrimage are closely related practices that can greatly increase your understanding of your place in the world and your path. Technically a pilgrimage is a journey or search for significance of the nature of your spirituality, morality, or of your own beliefs. It can be a search for connection with God, Source, the Divine, or our true self. It gives us an important time of reflection and a chance to slow down and get another viewpoint. It can also be a great adventure of life as the epic hero journeys that are so common in mythology that take you through conflict, doubt and longing to an epiphany and the long sought after release and triumphant conclusion of the life quest. It can change your life and most travel taken with an open heart and willingness to experience the new and unknown does exactly that to lesser or greater extents.

Life today is complicated and fast paced. Making time for a journey or travel can help by allowing you to broaden your experiences and contemplate your purpose and place in the world is a chance to free your mind and focus on the purpose of your life’s journey. You are guaranteed to make discoveries along the way, about yourself, about the human spirit, and the culture of the land you explore. A “pilgrimage” itself does not have to be for a religious context. Many people make pilgrimages, often to a shrine or place of significance, to experience spiritual enlightenment and deeper understanding of their beliefs. But it also can introduce you to more fun, joy, people, cultures and activities that you have never been exposed to before. It can be lofty or just joyous fun you are the creator of your adventure. You can create expansion, self-discovery, and broadening of your experiences of people, life, cultures and this human experience.

While most people start with some sort of goal or purpose in their travels or especially in a pilgrimage we don’t always get or understand our purpose. At other times we may just start out with wanting to have fun and relax and be surprised by the insights that develop. Sometimes, the purpose isn’t clear until reflection upon completion of the journey! Travel can help us see the magical around us and become more than we are, find out for yourself as you consciously travel.

Travel with a purpose

Travel can help in many ways but usually starts with a purpose, what’s yours? See new lands sights, visit famous landmarks, haunts of famous people, take a course, learn to dance the tango, hear great music, realize the purpose of life, take a meditation retreat, find yourself, lose yourself, party, touch your spirituality, see foreign lands, obtain spiritual merit, spiritual advancement, take a yoga retreat, experience.

The objective of pilgrimage or travel takes on more meaning when we realize the purpose of our life. When we seek spiritual enlightenment and advancement we may have lofty goals to reach enlightenment, get spiritual merit, obtain a miracle, or heal. Some are realized immediately (occasionally by deciding to journey forth) and others may slowly reveal themselves over time (maybe over an entire lifetime) but the first step is what starts the process and adventure.

Why go

Travel can help by introducing us to experiences that will purify and enliven us and give us a deeper understanding of how to live an expansive life that embraces our multi-faceted trans-dimensional self. We may receive immediate gifts of joy and bliss. At other times we may experience some difficulties to surmount and find a new deep strength that brings us through it. Sometimes a helping person we meet gifts us with inspiration, joy, a bed for the night, a warm thought, or what we need in the moment affirming the good of humanity. These experiences can inspire us for years to come, maybe even for the rest of our lives.

Beyond the experience, fond memories, insights, and fun times; travel can help  change us into something new; an often more wise and fulfilled version of our selves. It is like a rite of passage to our humanness and place as a world citizen seeing how we all fit into life. The European tradition of a world tour of the last century created just this sort of discovery and ownership of an evolved and more enlightened perspective on life and many writers captured this sense of wonder in our world. As a result of these trips, the accounts brought back gave readers an arm chair tour of exotic locations, new ideas, cultures and lifestyles that often inspired those who couldn’t journey themselves.

What’s the Meaning

Travel can help by exposing us to new meaning in our life. It means something unique and new for each of us and even when we revisit past haunts we may find new and evolving meaning each time. The experience may not only cause us to learn something new, it often asks us “to become something new.” The change it elicits can be subtle or quite startling.

Travel for personal exploration, fun and exploring new countries, cultures offers the opportunity to develop a worldly wisdom and see how other cultures, countries and places have adapted to the challenges of life. You may be filled with ideas that you want to bring back and duplicate at home. You may be inspired to take on a new challenge, make a career change or just honor the diversity of the human experience and create more peace and harmony around you.

A pilgrimage taken in the spirit of embarking on a scared journey transcends getting away to allowing you to encounter, see, and experience the Divine. It often involves stripping the trappings of our life that comfort and insulate us from the Divine that surrounds us. These voluntary austerities help us purify, simplify and perceive the world around us more clearly. In the best scenarios it produces a change in consciousness that reveals our true spiritual identity, our purpose in the world and maybe gives us a glimpse of enlightenment. Almost always it is memorable and rewarding.

Travel and the Purpose of Life

Travel can help us understand our purpose in a few different ways. Some feel their passions fulfilled in travel, some get the perspective to follow their purposes, and others find their purpose while travelling. When you are travelling in harmony with your inner spirit, the Divine, it is not unlikely that you will experience spontaneous help from others when you may need it. Perceiving this assistance is another form of experiencing the Divine and the spiritual progress that we are making. If we are open to our higher inner guidance we may be guided to the place, people, or experiences that provide the next step in following our purpose.

Stepping out of the busyness of life we can find a time for quiet and reflection more suited to turning inside for guidance. Giving us the chance to contemplate what really matter to us. A time we can just “be” rather than our relentless doing of modern life. Examine the crossroads of life (change in life direction, relationships, desire for healing, spirituality, forgiveness, gratitude, reinvigorate, find the juice to keep going, or just see new places).

Travel can be a metaphor of letting go of the old and preparing for the new. It is a great time to reduce the complexity and simplify, reduce the obligations and free time to make yourself the center for re-creating yourself and your life. We can find new sources of wonder and awareness. Many a traveler and pilgrim become exposed to the miraculous (as simple as a beautiful sunrise, a beautiful building to a spontaneous healing of body, mind or spirit). The Catholic Church recognizes sixty eight accredited miracles happening to visitors at Lourdes. Or maybe it illuminates for you what is really important in life for you and allows you to discover what you are grateful for and increase your joy and bliss enabling you to give joy to others.

Some travellers visit a famous place, residence, or figure of history in hope that some of the luck, courage, healing, desirability, or nobility may rub off on them. Joy and Bliss can fill a vacation when we pay attention to the little things we usually take for granted (all the wonders around — trees, flowers, sky, mountains, the unique aromas, the sounds, the sensation of the soft breeze on your skin – taking the time to just “be”). Feel the pleasure as you observe yourself, the environment, and people around you; as you sense how everything is connected in togetherness and belonging.

Before going; think through the reasons why you are going to travel or pilgrimage. What is your purpose? What do you want to get out of it? Can you be a benefit to others as well? Can you offer something to those you meet (teaching, pray, smile, etc.)? If you are going on pilgrimage can you do something for your faith or others? Be open to those you meet and be prepared to help one another. And mark your journey in some way—perhaps by keeping a journal, taking photos, sketching or writing poetry. Travel can help and especially when we set a reason ask a “why” first.

Let your travel change you for the better (harmonious earth)

Travel can help in the way it requires us to change, to do something different even if it is just the act of going somewhere we normally don’t go. It asks us to be adaptable and flexible, a wonderful attribute to develop that makes life easier and allows for more synchronicity of events to happen that often surprise us most. The journey is often the most important aspect of anything we do, so take the time, smell the roses along the way, be happy with the goal in the distance and enjoy the journey to the goal as much (maybe more) than reaching the goal. It seems to me that the journey is the more enduring part and the real point of life, not the trophies, destinations, or toys we have acquired.

In our blog Create your Harmonious Earth we chronicled the amazing and fulfilling trip we had to Australia a few years ago. Our prime desire for this trip was to experience firsthand the navel of Australia (Ayers Rock known by the aboriginal indigenous people as Uluru) and circumnavigate the rock massive that is sacred for these people and the geographic center of the country. Our trip was so magical, miraculous and heart warming that we wanted to continue it. We realized we could capture the essence of what we saw and experience and augment the wonder of home by expanding our home with the new found harmonious earth we experienced on our travels. This introduced our harmonious youth tour where six youth from the US made their own harmonious earth.

Is it always good?  No, sometimes the difficulties seem insurmountable and it disappoints. My nephew didn’t seem to find the quickening in faith he expected on the Camino and wasn’t sure how it really helped or met his purpose on first returning. Yet it seemed to me to give him more fortitude and the certainty to press forward with marriage and starting a family (4 children now) that I hadn’t seen in him before. It often changes us even when we are not aware of the change. Zaida says it always produces an effect, always a healing. It allows you to test yourself, to see what comes up and to bring up deeper reserves to solve life’s challenges.

Bring it back, put it in your own life, and share it

Zaida and I are getting ready to return from a visit to the rooftop of the world (Tibet) and Everest. We are doing the Kora, a three day trek at 12-17,000 feet [3700 – 5200 meters++] above sea level to circumnavigate Mt. Kailash, a perfect pyramidal mountain, sacred to four religions in the region. I have always felt a connection to Tibet and desire to travel there. We will share our experience on our return.

Take your own desire to explore out and make a journey to affirm and expand your own life to find. Share your stories and travels with those you love and select what you love to incorporate and remember as you come home.

Zaida reminds me that we benefit from travel as our DNA pops with the remembrance of the knowledge that is activated by visiting various areas of the world. It activates codes of remembrance of spirit that have flown through this site, country or place you visit.  A flow of information from the five senses (sights, smells, tastes, feels, sounds) becomes available that informs you of your role in the world. Spirit world travels with you and welcomes you as a world citizen. Finally each area of the world has unique energy signatures and energy completions occur.

What draws us to journey forth, for Zaida and me, it is a passion to explore and experience new cultures, places, energies and people. It satisfies our deep seated wanderlust, for me the curiosity to see what’s over the next hill and the next. It brings great satisfaction that flows through our beings and manifests bliss in our hearts. From the moment we start planning it inspires and launches us on great expectation and miraculous synergy.

Travel is at its root for us is a spiritual exploration, a declaration of continued journey, and expansion in this plane. It is an awakening, touches us with youthful feelings, and a continuous glimpse of the reanimation possible in life and the help that is always available as disguised angels guide us and help us in our journeys. In this dimension alone we are shown how travel can help us and life in general is always ready to help us.

A big part of conscious travel is so life affirming and affects our health, healing and purpose. When we travel our DNA helix expands and the pieces of DNA in the cells (junk DNA) connects as new strings resulting in more power and more reconnection to our true self. When one of us feels this expansion we all start to feel it and expand. Humanity expands, heals and raises consciousness. In these ways travel can help and does fulfill a deeper part to make us more than we were as we start our journey.

Live life fully, embracing your expanding consciousness, finding how travel can help you (share with us how it helped you) and blessings be upon you,

Dr. Zaida Rivene, D.C.


083 290 1283

and Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor


071 959 0786

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