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How Wellness Based Beliefs and Purpose Affect Health and Evolution by Dr. Zaida Rivene.

Wellness Based Beliefs and Purpose

Learn to activate the force of change to rejuvenate your health in this months interview.  April-May 2019

Interview: Wellness Based Beliefs and Purpose

Jim: Many patients show great resilience (in coping) by adapting to their disease condition. As you work with them they often find the root cause down deep and are able to overcome the limits and restore and rejuvenate their bodies. What is the key for a patient to find their resilience in wellness and regain a vital joyful and fully functioning body?

Dr Zaida: It is a combination of things. One is the intent of the individual to make changes. There’s got to be a desire and willingness to make a change and then I can facilitate. We can help them facilitate avenues of changing such as changing structural misalignment. Changing biochemistry from acid into a more alkaline body and changing the resistance of holding toxicity and allowing it to go out and detoxify. Changing your thinking and allowing yourself to release thoughts that are lingering in there, those that are keeping you from expanding to the life you want, and begin to change them into possibilities. Basically  wellness based beliefs and purpose.

Jim: Thank you. I often think of this for some of your patients as reaching a choice point where they have to look at their wellness based beliefs and purpose. They may have a bad health diagnosis, divorce, or loss of job, the death of someone close or other experiences of life that left them questioning and often searching for a new way. How do you assist them to work with this?

Change Form

Dr Zaida: That is the story that they come in with. In the beginning I listen to the story and then I ask how we can make this different. What is it that you want to have that is different? Where is it that we can look ahead and step forward into a change of form. Whatever they come in with is the story that they have (what is). It is ok to see that for a moment, record it, and then immediately start going into the potentiality of change. The potentiality they have is to have something different in their life, to feel different in their life, to feel better in their life and to look clearer into their life. So I spend a little time on “what is” and then the rest is: I believe that you can change your thinking. I believe that your life force increases. I believe that you can change acid into alkaline and I believe that you have cells that knows exactly what to do. Even with a little life force. Once you start increasing your life force these cells are in ecstasy. Supplying nutrients and rearranging them-selves. Cleaning up the environment, producing more of the cellular product (hormones, proteins, etc.), accepting more molecules of emotions from a love base and rejecting the fear based emotions. Your cells know how to heal you. So to me that question is: I am not dealing with what the story that they come in with, I listen to it for a moment and then we are going to look at all the potentiality that is there and available to initiate a change for expansion and love (wellness based beliefs and purpose).

Jim: So as you say every cell is moving towards wellness and knows how to heal the individual. Abraham Hicks says that sickness is more a result of lack of attention to the many things that you desire rather than the lack of attention on wellness. So how do you see this phenomenon? Sickness is a result to the lack of attention to the desires you have rather than you not keeping your wellness in mind on a continual basis. Every cell already knows how to heal and what moves you towards healing. How do you deal with that?

Dr Zaida: I facilitate the patient to look for and to give attention to only their wellness. In baby steps, in gradients, in small segments you start giving attention, and from a little bit of attention you can add more and more as you go along until finally you can get your attention totally on healing and the potentiality of change. What you give attention to is what the law of attraction is going to rearrange itself to present to you. You are an electromagnetic of possibility; by giving attention to what you don’t want you are more likely to attract and magnify what you don’t want in your life. So gently take a breath, release, and allow yourself to go down stream in a wellness current of love. You have a current that will take you down stream, gently without you needing to do very much. Just give attention to moving forward and looking ahead and see what you do want. [This is our wellness based beliefs and purpose in life.]

Work on Creating Ease

Jim: We hear a lot about the body, mind and spiritual aspects of life and healing. How does each realm affect disease and how does it embody a solution? You mentioned that you actually work with readjusting body aspects, alignment and mental aspects.

Dr Zaida: Disease can be spelled two ways. One is dis-ease and I spell it this way for two specific reasons. First it helps to highlight what the word actually means. That your body is out of balance and not at ease and second medical doctors and pharmaceutical establishments have created a monopoly on the treatment and cure and management of disease. So I give attention to the dis-ease and look for the treatment and healing of that.

Evolution as a divine human being

Jim: A lot of times your patients come up to something that is no longer working for them, a limiting belief. I was wondering what would be a healthier belief or viewpoint that you may help them substitute for some of the more common limiting beliefs. One is that we just evolved from the apes.

Dr Zaida: For me the word evolution means evolving. It means growing and expanding. It means rearrangement of molecules. This past belief that we come from apes, if you can only look from where ever that is. Did the ape community ever build buildings? It’s never happened. So a human being as a little tiny embryo of a few weeks looks identical to a pig embryo but one grows into a divine human being while that other grows into a pig of the animal kingdom. So my belief is that humanity and humans in the human kingdom are not deriving from the animal kingdom. We are evolving as growing human beings in the human kingdom. There are four kingdoms. The mineral kingdom which is cohesive and it comes together. The plant kingdom which grows it has the attributes of growth. The animal kingdom which is the senses and then there is the human kingdom which contain all the attributes of God. So we are of this kingdom of expansion, infinity and of great possibilities. We are constantly breaking nature’s laws because we do not come from nature. Nature contains mineral, animal, and plant kingdom. We break all those laws. We can fly, we can go under water, we can be in outer space and we can do incredible things because our kingdom is about all possibilities. We are the highest creation so evolution to me means you are evolving and changing and you are willing to grow, expand, and learn. [When we activate our wellness based beliefs and purpose we can rejuvenate our bodies quicker.]

Your genes are controlled by you

Jim: Another limiting belief that some of our patients hold is that genes control us. Where we know that epigenetics says that is not true and that is it actually our perception of how the environment is that turns genes on and off.

Dr Zaida: Patients comes in believing that genes are controlling their health and wellness because the parents had a condition or family members had the same condition. I refer them to Dr Bruce Lipton, the author of The Biology of Belief. He is a cell biologist and explains it so well. He did a lot of stem cell experiments and research. He will tell how he took the nucleus out of cell and waited to see what would happen to a cell. The belief has always been through science that the nucleus is the brain of the cell so that if you take the brain out of the cell, the cell dies. But the cell did not die. The cell just kept thriving and lived the amount of days that is designed to live about 120 to a 150 days of ideal function. So the nucleus containing DNA genes and information, the genetic coding of an individual, is the blueprint of the body and the blueprint of the cell. It has no control over the genes, the contractor does that. The contractor reads the blueprint and the contractor is you and your thinking. So when your thoughts are about hope and faith and I can do it and using your imagination to create something fabulous. That’s what stimulates a gene to turn on and stimulates genes to turn off. You are absolutely 100% in charge of everything that happens in your life. Genes are blueprints. A blueprint does not go off and create anything. The contractor reads the blueprint and that is you and your thinking. [Bruce believes and cites studies that show we can train and reprogram our beliefs to modify the gene response and create what our body needs. A form of wellness based beliefs and purpose.]

Jim: Great.  Another thought or limiting belief many have is that the human body is like a machine.  Our parts wear out and then need replacing.

Dr Zaida: That is Newtonian physics. That is the physics that developed even before Darwin that the human being comes in parts. So if you can take it apart and kind of fix the part and then put that part back in the whole then the person is OK. Newtonian physics is where the pharmaceutical and the medical professions are based on. In quantum physics we are composed of light, of energy which gives off light, which turns in different directions and gives off incredible information. We are composed of light, energy, and information. So nothing is really solid. Change the energy and rearrange it and you have got a change in matter [energy healing]. So quantum physics is the answer to this aspect that genes control absolutely nothing. You are the one that controls everything [our wellness based beliefs and purpose] and the human body is ever evolving. An energy field that is in the matrix field, it is the field and it is part of the matrix field.

Increase life force to your cells for a younger body

Jim: Is it not true that the human body replaces every component on regular bases and can heal?

Dr Zaida:  Cells last 120 days. You are constantly recycling yourself so the real age of an individual is how much life force is delivered to the cell and how that cell utilizes the energy to produce a new healthy cell that produces needed products and gives off toxic waste, pulls in love emotions and molecules, and brings in nutrients efficiently and effectively rejuvenates the body with cells that fulfils the four aspects of the cell function.  So you are constantly recycling the cells in your body and re-creating yourself. A liver can recycle itself in three months and re-grow.

Create purpose for 120-140 years of ideal functioning

Jim: Another belief that some of our patients come in with is that they will live to seventy and eighty and then they lose productivity even if they eat right or eliminate bad things. This attention to life style may only give them a few years, maybe five to eight year increased lifespan so why bother?

Dr Zaida: The body has longevity codes for optimum length of time to be on this planet. To give you time to enhance yourself, to pull up your talents, to gather your ideas, concepts and your creativity. So we are designed in this time to be here 120 to 140 years in an ideal functioning body. We are created to last 120 to 140 years of ideal function. Moving our bodies, healing, mobile, sharp witted, seeing clearly and happy in this world, contributing and benefiting. We are here to be full of love and light and wonderfulness. So the reason that people age is because of your thinking and your beliefs that aging is expected. That is when you start losing all that productivity and eating poorly. [This is where developing a new set of wellness based beliefs and purpose is so important.]

Jim: So if we understand that many of the beliefs were downloaded into our subconscious from birth to age seven based on our family, our parents, our society and generational beliefs then we have old software or beliefs by the time we are 50-60 or even in our twenties. Doesn’t it make sense that we may need new software especially if we what to recreate ourselves the next sixty to 80 years like we do in our harmonious earth program for the young and young at heart. [We learn tomake our wellness based beliefs and purpose.] Does it not make sense to change these limiting beliefs? The major problem that many of our patients have with the thought of living to 120 and 140, that science believes is possible now, is what would they do?

Dr Zaida: If you go from here to 500km away from here in the night time you can only see so far with your headlights. So what I say is, go and just intentionally take seconds of your life and move forward. You are full of talents creativity, ideas and concepts. You have codes of information that are there ready to pop like popcorn. You are an ever-evolving human being and you are here to not get it done because it just continues on and on. So just keep moving forward and expect the unexpected. Look for the possibilities. Allow yourself to trust and be inspired by a divine Source that knows exactly how to guide, protect and sustain you. How to provide for you, so keep your sight moving forward and allow your wellness based beliefs and purpose to evolve and develop.

Wellness based Beliefs and Purpose give Alignment

Jim: How important is the patients purpose and what do you suggest and encourage for them?

Dr Zaida: There is a theme for your purpose and life. The theme for this journey starts from the moment of conception and evolves as far as you can go in these worlds. The theme is to be outrageously happy and to do that is the primary purpose when you truly align yourself with divine Source. When you love the alignment to Source, a connection opens that comes from above and down inside you and then out. However you find that connection (through meditation, contemplation, looking for joy, and or turning inward) then you know that you are in a field of all possibilities. The first connection is Source connection and the second purpose is to love, honour and respect your-self. Find all that you appreciate about yourself. Honour yourself. Third purpose is to delve into your talents and creativity and give it action. Give it purpose and listen. Fourth purpose is with all that power of connection with Source, connection with yourself and connection with your talents and your desires and your goals that you then give birth to service. That is how others will benefit from how you are in a harmonious way within yourself so purpose is essential – it directs you. The inspiration always comes from Source. Inspiration is from the divine. So get inspired and then start moving your little feet forward and look at the path, the path will find you. You know exactly what it is what you need to be, do, and have, Just trust and start following it small step by step and it becomes clearer and bigger.

In loving service, Dr. Zaida Rivene


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