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5 April 2020 Day 10 (Purge 3) ) – Letting Go: Release Addictions

Welcome to Day 10 (Purge 3), – Letting Go – Shine awareness on addictions, using this time to identify and release.

We all have developed habits that no longer (or never) suited us and our true nature. We may have tried to change them in the past and failed to let go and release them. This is a wonderful time to look at these areas again and consider letting go again or for the first time. If you want to release smoking purchase chewable vitamin C to suck every time an urge comes up, 20-30 per day for 3 days, to help remove the nicotine from your body more easily. With the reduced sale of alcohol this is also a good time to consider letting go of alcohol or any other addiction like food, sex, gambling, violence (watching or doing yourself), drugs, overwork, constantly providing services to others and forgetting self. You may see them as big or small, it doesn’t matter, the first step is to identify what you want to change, what you want the new behavior (belief) to be, and then develop a plan to execute and create a new habit that is more in alignment with your true desires and continuously perform it for enough days that it becomes your predominate pattern of thought (the new habit). A further step is working to re-program the subconscious at the same time assists and helps in making the transition (NET at the office with Dr. Rivene and/or tapping on your own).

The Buddha describes desire based on a fear which leads to attachment which then leads to addictive energy. Desire which leads to addiction equals misery. When you put addiction at the center of your being, addiction leads to misery. You put it above everything else even those things that would help you.

Alcohol is a good example; many use it to dull themselves from feeling what is at the root center of their discontent. It temporarily fulfills the desire to feel better and avoid the distress. The desire can become so intense that the desire to avoid these feelings at all costs spurs them to constant drinking or to excess where one passes out.

The Buddha says –

Sit still,


Quietly concentrating your thoughts on the breath,

On the triangle from the point between eyes to the                                                                         corners of the lips,

Just listen to the breath,

Feel the breath (on nostrils, lips),

Feel the concerns/thoughts slow and release with breath,

[Practice vagus breathing to increase the release (in count of 4, hold 2, out 4).]

A practice of self inquiry and release for purge 3:  go to the desire that drives you and release it by reversing it. Explore what is below the surface of the desire so you release the driver instead of the symptom or coping mechanism (what it is that you don’t want to feel, what you want to avoid at all costs). Surrender it to God (Infinite Spirit) solely for the sake of God. Forgive yourself and others. Love yourself. Surrender. Place yourself in the center of your heart, inward, where the Supreme Self resides. Reacquaint yourself with your true self – Reclaim your home (the inner seat). Through a continual practice of self-love, self-care, honoring and placing yourself in the center of your heart, then your desire for love expands, your capacity to love expands, your growth expands, your contentment, joy, and happiness all expand. You feel fulfilled.

Meditation for purge 3 concentrates on the breath, simply closing eyes and turning attention to the breath you will sense and feel stillness even if for a moment. Let the quiet and calm of nature fill you with stillness. This stillness is the aim. Persevere and drink of the calmness, let go of reactive, anxious thoughts. Look for desires born of love, discard the others. Find inspiration from God rather than attachment and addiction. Let yourself be in an embrace of yourself and spirit in the center of your heart and that will cause contentment and fulfillment rather than misery.

The formula:

Fear Desire = attachment = addiction = misery.

Love Desire = inspiration from God = embrace of yourself in your center = contentment and alignment with “all one” in your spiritual home (heart) which radiates to your relationships, money, career, home, etc.

Try this for 21 days to see the effects first hand. Continue the practices from previous days for the entire program to fully experience the benefits.

Take Away (Purge 3): Release unwanted habits to embrace your real self in your heart center for contentment and fulfillment.

Enjoy your Cleanse,

Dr. Zaida Rivene, D.C.


083 290 1283

and Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor


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