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healing story“Creating a New Healing Story for New Habits and Better Wellness”

Illness to Wellness by Dr. Zaida Rivene

All dis-ease is a manifestation of your emotional misalignment to what you don’t want and focusing your attention on what you do not desire which causes resistance to your natural stream of well-being.  You have a mighty fast moving stream of ideal wellness; see it as a river, the River of Life, and the current of Love.  It is your natural state of Well-Being to go downstream, fluid, flexible, and joyful in the current of love.  Everything that you experience is about the balance of thought between your desires and your expectations.  When you focus your attention on what you do not desire, it becomes a resistant thought which, if not corrected becomes stronger, until eventually you will experience pain and illness.  Create your New Healing Story now to develop New Habits for Better Wellness Now!

“Your natural state is one of wellness, one of absolute health, one of perfect bodily conditions–and if you are experiencing anything other than that, it is only because the balance of thought within you is toward the lack of what you want instead of what you do want.”  Abraham-Hicks

Wherever You Are, You Can Have Better Wellness

Your present state is a result of the beliefs and recurrent thoughts you think. By changing the stories to a new healing story that we tell ourselves continually in the approximately 50,000 thoughts we have each day we can change our lives and our health.  What is truly miraculous, and modern sciences like Epigenics verifies, is that we are not victims of genetics or disease but have the ability to change them.  We can change them by creating this new healing story coming from a new “love based” belief , thus, increasing your vibrational energy to a higher emotional/mental state. We also choose a supportive life style by managing environmental, emotional/mental inputs, food inputs, water, chemistry and fitness.

Creating New Healing Story of Wellness

Giving thought to what you want will give you the invigoration that you seek in healing.  We offer an example of a ‘new’ healing story’ about your physical well-being below.  Change it as you wish and say it out loud in the morning and evening to create a new habit of emotional alignment to what you do desire.  This is from Esther Hicks-Abraham teachings.

“My body responds to my thoughts about it and to my thoughts about everything I think about.  The better my thoughts feel when I think them, the more I allow my own personal well-being.

I like knowing that there is an absolute correlation between how I feel and what my chronic thoughts have been and how those thoughts felt as I thought them.  I like knowing that those feelings are meant to help me choose better-feeling thoughts, which produce better-feeling vibrations, which will produce a better-feeling body.  My body is so responsive to my thoughts, and that is such a good thing to know.

I am getting rather good at choosing my thoughts.  No matter what condition I find myself in, I have the power to change it.  My state of physical health is simply an indication of the state of my chronic thoughts–I have control of both. [A) what state of wellness do you want to replace them with: I from this point forward choose to see my condition as and know I am__________________________________, ]

My physical body is an amazing thing in the way it began as a glob of fetal cells to become this full-blown human body.  I am impressed with the stability of my human body and the intelligence of my cells that make up my body, as I notice how my body accomplishes so many important functions without my conscious involvement.  [B) I know my body can heal on its own through proper food, love, detoxification and emotional realignment to create _______________________________________.]

I like that it is not my conscious responsibility to move the blood through my veins or the air through my lungs.  I like that my body knows how to do that and does that so well.  My human body is quite an amazing thing: an intelligent, flexible, durable, resilient, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching thing.

My own body serves me very well.  I love my exploration of life through my physical body.  I enjoy my stamina and flexibility.  I love living life in my body.

I am so pleased with my eyes that look out into this world, seeing near and far from where I stand, distinquishing shapes and colors with such vivid perception of depths and distances.  I so enjoy my body’s ability to hear and smell and taste and feel.  I love the tactile, sensual content of this planet and my life in my wonderful body.

I feel appreciation and fascination for my body’s self-patching ability as i watch wounds cover over with new skin and as I discover renewed resiliency when traumas to my body occur. [C) In the same way I see myself heal my current condition and I am ____________________.]

I am so aware of my body’s flexibility, my fingers’ dexterity, and immediate response that my muscles show to any task I attempt.

I like understanding that my body knows how to be well and is always moving toward wellness, and by keeping my thoughts in contentment, praise, joy, and wellness must prevail.

I love understanding the value of my emotions, and i understand that I have the ability to achieve and maintain physical well-being because I have the ability to find and maintain happy thoughts. [D. I choose to constantly and continually refocus my thoughts and emotions whenever I drop down in my emotional tone towards fear  and to reaffirm my highest love thoughts about myself and my healing journey to _____________.]

On any day in this world, even when some things in my body may not be at their best, I am ever aware that far, far, far, far more things are functioning as they should, and that the aspects of well-being of my body are dominant.

And most of all, I love my body’s quick response to my attention and intentions.  I love understanding my mind-body-spirit connections and the powerful productive qualities of my deliberate alignment.

I love living life in my body.

I feel such appreciation for this experience.

I feel good.” (from the Abraham Teachings)

I am so well!

Making it your New Healing Story

To make your new healing story modify the above story to cover your challenges in healing and reaching for wholeness. The lettered sections in the above quote, as an example, are all areas where you can add/change the wording to more accurately reflect the picture of your own healing and wholeness process. Feel free to make changes to any additional parts and when you like it type it up for daily use.

Before trying to come up with your additions and changes it is very important to bring your vibration energy (or your emotional state) as high as possible toward bliss, passion and joy.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

In the clinic we do this with NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique — see article). At home you can use the previous article on tapping (reference it) or write down the current concern and reverse it and use the reversal as an affirmation to change your state over time. The processes at the end of “Ask and It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks are very useful for this (especially focus wheels and rampage of appreciation).

Once you have created your “new healing story” use it daily in the morning to start your day or both morning and evening to stay in your buoyant new creation. Saying the story out loud to activate multiple senses and accelerate your adoption of it by tapping this new story into the computer (your subconscious). Using multiple senses and tapping is a great way to make it stick (see our article on tapping “Managing Emotions”).

Make it a New Habit

Regular practice will make this a habit, many researchers say we must do it at least 30 days continuously preferably 100 days to make it stick. Become aware of the old and choose better thoughts in line with the wellness of your “New Healing Story”!

Dr. Rivene and the team.


Action Take Away – Take immediate action now and make this your own. Personalize the story by answering the four questions highlighted in the standard letter. Once you have answered them you can set it aside to type up at a later time. Tomorrow start your morning with you New Healing Story.

For further help – Check out the other articles on our blog and the free resources .

Copyright Dr. Zaida Rivene, August 2017

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