creating miraclesCreating miracles in your life by letting go! Choose “what you want”; not, “what you do not want.”

Recently a friend of mine told me about a rumor of a planned protest for the weekend and suggested that I avoid town. This friend and I have had a few conversations about negativity and looking for the problems in others work (as project managers we had both been trained to look for problems and plan contingencies to avoid them) and the damage we do to ourselves and how we usually slow down or derail the outcome we wish to receive when we do this. I had cautioned him about focusing on “what is not wanted” even when we are trying to change it and to instead to give thought only to “what is wanted.” A practice I fervently believe in and try to hold myself to and yet find it creeping into my life in many innocuous ways. Here my friend is trying to help me with a warning of potential trouble yet it is actually paying attention to what we don’t want and may not even be true or come to pass. I choose to remind him that this was focusing on what we didn’t want and that I would rather not know about the rumor. I saw that he was not too happy that I didn’t want to join this club of avoiding something that might happen with  a potential but not confirmed rumor. I actually see this as limiting my life and living from fear.

Adopt “Only good comes to me.”

Well the next day was particularly cold and there was no protest in town. I choose to focus on a vibrant safe and full life knowing that “only good comes to me.” I had a good morning in town as I had planned and created in my imagination in my pre-planning for my day that morning. Perhaps I affected the outcome in some mysterious “quantum”way or the Universe just played a trick on the protestors. Either way, I had my great day and didn’t worry about the negative and change my plans for a potential, unconfirmed and unmanifest, negative situation. The more I succeed at keeping my attention on “what I want” and catching and letting go of any thought, idea or news item that come from “what I do not want” the more I find myself creating miracles and the life I want to live and plan.  Esther Hick says: “But as long as you continue to beat the drum of injustice, unfairness, or that which is unwanted, you will hold yourself apart from that improvement.”

Guard what information you choose to hear.

I am very careful about the information that I allow to reach me. I do not watch TV because I do not want to receive the constant negative messages, advertisements that  motivate from fear and news that they broadcast. The same goes for newspapers, internet news and even radio news. If I am listening or watching something and negative news comes up I will generally turn it down and stop listening. In most cases anything that I must know about will reach me and I will learn about it. That said most if not all (probably much more than 90%) is really not necessary and you can’t do anything about it anyways and it just causes you to feel bad.

It’s not that I don’t care or stick my head in the sand, instead I am proactively choosing what I want to put my attention on, creating miracles. What we put our attention on grows – it is a law of nature. I would much rather put my attention on creating a happy, joyful, abundant life of love and fulfillment. I used to put my attention on some things that I did’t like and start to fight against them, tell other people how terrible it is, or warn them about it or join groups that fight it. And occasionally I still get caught up and do this until I realize that I am attracting more of that into my life. Every program to fight drugs, to fight human trafficking has had the opposite effects; drug usage has increased and trafficking has increased. When we invest that much energy and attention to a subject it starts to engulf us and we start to feel bad. Look at the burn-out rates for counselors dealing with these sort of issues or the police that work with youth at risk.

Entertain only creating miracles in your life.

As written in the Foundation for Inner Peace’s A Course in Miracles, If you were to look back upon your life and slow it down to moment-by-moment frames, it would become obvious every decision made was a choice between a “grievance (or “what you don’t want”) and a miracle.” You’ve paid plenty of homage to your grievances (and “what you don’t want”); it’s time to look upon the miracles instead and see what life you can unfold for yourself.

I am learning to ask myself does this observation feel good or bad, is it from love or fear? If it is bad, I immediately stop focusing on it, being aware that this contrast allows me to launch rockets of desire for a better result, and in the present moment I choose the love based action versus the fear based action to create what I want. I identify this better result and start focusing on creating miracles using this result in my life.

Accentuate the positive.

Some steps to more positivity, make it a game to identify what is positive, happy, joyful around you as you drive, shop, sit at home, contemplate life, talk with friends, hear a rumor, or watch a show.  We have asked parents and patients that are particularly negative to provide three positive things about anything they have said a negative thing about.  Some of the classic in these thought processes are James Allen: “As Man Thinketh”, Neville Goddard: “Awakened Imagination”and the Esther Hicks/Abraham materials. A website ( Hapify) offers a number of games that you can play daily or every other day that trains you to improve your positivity and are fun to try if you need help (like when you see only the problems and not the good or positive in a situation).

Remember to focus on “what you want” and live a fantastic life.

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Until then best of health and enjoy creating miracles, Jim

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