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manage negative emotionsManage Negative Emotions, Using Tapping for negative emotions.

How can your patients manage negative emotions by tapping?

The emotional freedom technique (tapping) on specific reflexes is used by the patient at home to manage negative emotions (we covered the Dr’s work with patients in the office with emotional alignment, read,  last month). It is something that you do on your own and that is the beauty of it. And that is why it is called freedom technique. You are totally in charge whenever an issue comes up or you don’t feel good (you need to manage negative emotions). You can tap, look at it or address it and tap these reflexes. And you will enter into the subconscious and record a brand new good feeling.

Why and when would your patients use tapping?

The why is that we are growing evolving human beings. We are constantly on a journey of spirit, body, mind integrity. So we have feelings, we have contrast that comes up in our every day life and we want to consciously manage negative emotions before they cause trouble see last months article (emotional alignment). This is an incredible tool to be able to redirect your power toward emotions or feeling based on love replacing feelings that are fear based. Why because we are growing, because we have got freedom to really explore our own deepest avenues of fear and then dispel them by creating a new track of love and appreciation of ourselves.

And, when do you use it?

Use it anytime, anytime. Anytime you wish to manage negative emotions to remove the charge and replace it with a better feeling emotion.

So what is the difference between using NET in the office and the patient using tapping for themselves?

NET is the neuro-emotional technique by Dr Scott Walker. It is a technique I use with patients to go into a deep seated engramic charge with a specific time, emotion, a specific scenario and it is a way to collapse the charge of that engramic scene and then we go back into it to create a brand new set of affirmations based on love. I call it the sacred contract and I give it to the patient to tap in over the next week. For instance, “I am the center of the Universe, I love, honor and respect myself, I am greater than any experience” and you can tap that in on the reflexes.

So do you tap in the sacred contract or can tapping be used by itself?

Tapping can be used anytime an emotional issue comes up during your day. The NET work is done very specifically to dig up charges embedded in the womb time, at the birthing and other times. From this we make a contract of affirmations that can also be tapped in. So we have both ways to use tapping by the patient at home.

[Editors note: The patient now has a wonderful tool with tapping (emotional freedom technique) to first, further refine and own the restructuring and neuro-emotional technique we do at the office. They do this by tapping in their sacred contract in the morning and/or evening. Secondly, the patient can use tapping to manage negative or fear based emotions that come up in their daily life by tapping out the negative emotion they are experiencing in the moment. The tapping should reduce the intensity of the emotion and with repetition can release it fully so you can move back to positive or love-based emotions and run your day from a joyful and creative place.]

Can you give an example of how to do tapping itself when a fear-based emotion comes up?

First identify the issue and then rate its intensity light, heavy, intense from 0 (least or none) to 10 most intense.  Then make a set-up statement: “Even though I am feeling ___(whatever negative emotion you are feeling)___, I deeply and completely accept myself;” while tapping the karate chop part of your hand, repeat the statement and tap it in 2-3 times. For each reflex point 5-7 taps is adequate and move through the sequence of body reflex points starting from the eyebrows and ending with the top of the head. The reflex points are – Eyebrow, Side of eye, Under the eye, Under the nose, Under lower lip, Collarbone, Under the arm, and the Top of head.  While tapping each reflex point repeat a tap-in statement  with the negative emotion you are feeling (ex: I am angry with the taxes). After tapping all the reflex points, take a deep breath and re-rate the intensity of this feeling. Repeat again until you get it down to zero or you feel that no longer is any negative feeling and you feel good. When you repeat it you can modify the set-up statement to “Even though I still feel some…” and tap-in statements to “ remaining …” until done.

Would you reverse the emotion with a new intention to replace the negative emotion?

Yes I would. Simply take the opposite of the feeling. If you are angry the opposite could be understanding, calm, flexibility, embracing and loving. And then make a state from that [I am calm, flexible, embracing and loving.] Then tap it in to place in the subconscious.

Any final pointers to manage negative emotions?

Do it as often as you want. That is why it is called emotional freedom technique. I love it because you are totally in charge, you can manage negative emotions yourself. You don’t have to sit in front of a psychologist, drive to an office. You can handle it yourself. Where-ever you are and whenever it comes up.

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