The Daily Lifestyle/Eating Plan (Red Roan Ranch Retreats)

by Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Specialist June 2021

Daily Lifestyle/eating plan

Now that you have body type determined, how do we use it at the Ranch and in your home treatment? We have outlined the program in your Ayurvedic exam and the Doctor’s Lifestyle/Eating Plan.

Our Purpose is to Create a Detoxification/Longevity Lifestyle, maintain Life-force, balance Acid/Alkaline and Hydration. Ensure a cyclical rejuvenation lifestyle. Develop tools for your self-care and maintenance of healthy living and longevity on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Creating a lifestyle that focuses on meditation, breath work for release and cleansing, mindfulness, and maintaining your center according to you Ayurvedic body type.

The plan has evolved from forty plus years of experience as Dr. Rivene has offered her patient’s the best of Chiropractic, Naturopathic, and Gerson Therapy practices and the best ancient practices in Chinese Traditional Medicine, 5000 year old Ayurvedic practices and the best practices as Science has caught up with circadian science, neurogenesis, functional medicine and others. Recent discoveries in circadian science have affirmed many of these principles;  including the discovery of the molecular mechanisms that control circadian rhythms and was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology.

Morning Practices for the daily lifestyle/eating plan:

  1. Follow circadian rhythms to stay true to your nature, be energized and at your best. So wake before or at sunrise. This is the Vata time of day where you are most energized and awake and we carry that into our day when we wake early. It is also one of the most powerful hormonal times of the day that creates a flow state, guards against interruption, creates transient hyperfrontality (which turns off rational thinking for a short period encouraging deep relaxation, meditation and wisdom), and releases potent neurotransmitter like dopamine that make you feel joyful. This all leads to superior clarity and allows deeper meditation (brain actually drops down to theta wave state more easily where meditation really happens), and is why most spiritual traditions around the world mediate early in the morning.
  2. Support your Detoxification and hydration by drinking a cup of water with lemon.
  3. Use the toilet (have your first BM – 2/day is good aim).
  4. Appreciation/Gratitude set your tone by finding a few easy things you appreciate (being alive, a beautiful sunrise, etc.) to set your emotional vibration in the direction of love, bliss, and joy.
  5. Pray, converse, connect to something higher (God, Universe, higher self) than yourself; connect to the more powerful support of God, the Universe.
  6. Alignment (see May’s blog) reach for highest vibration you can reach and tap it in.
  7. Breath work to increase energy and simple energy increasing movement (Qi Gong, Yoga) to the level of sweat (but not beyond) is very useful first thing after awakening. See the aside below “the science of early waking and exercise.” Yoga and Qi Gong are good exercises because they down regulate stress effectively by releasing bliss conducive neurotransmitters and with conscious pranayama breath work (like alt. nostril breath and complete ujiya breath) they help change the body which changes the mind when coupled with deep relaxation and contemplative meditation according  to latest research by Dr. Sat Bir Singh.
  8. Meditation, touch that calm, quiet, peaceful pause at the top of your inhalation and the bottom of your exhalation. Expand through long term practice your ability to calm yourself, to observe without reaction no matter what occurs in front of you, develop more clarity, and wisdom.

[Note steps d-h can be done in as short a time as 20 minutes or as long as you want. Alignment, Breath-work, and meditations of 5 minutes each can accomplish much if done daily and consistently month after month.

  1. Optional Detoxification (usually with a coffee enema if instructed by Dr. Rivene) to cleanse and dump toxins from the liver to ameliorate the increased toxins in our foods, environment, and increased stress (which creates toxins and other chemicals in our body) of modern living.
  2. Finish morning toiletry (brush teeth, shower, water snuffing to cleanse sinuses, etc.)

The science behind early waking and exercise, meditation, and sleep.

The early morning part of the daily lifestyle/eating plan is a critical component of the system. When we exercise first thing in the morning we derive some wonderful benefits. When we first wake in the morning cortisol levels (stress hormone) are at their highest for the day. If we exercise to the point of sweating we reduce the cortisol level and move some of the stress out of our body to prepare for a much better day. This exercise also releases BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factors) that repair brain cells damaged by stress and accelerates neural connections promoting neurogenesis growing new brain cells. It also turns our metabolism on and encourages the burning of fat.

Meditation and reflection when we enter the stillness gives us the luxury of deep peace, tranquility, and transformation. Early morning meditation gives us an opportunity to plan our day, make the “ah ha” connections that move our life forward and process our emotions. We must feel our emotions to release them. It is also a great time to journal and contemplate your life.

Sleep is a very important aspect of your lifestyle program. It has been said that early death is often the result of not sleeping enough. Current research indicates that a minimum of 7.5 hours of sleep is needed. Oversleeping of more than 9 hours a night can also be damaging to your health. An evening ritual where the last meal of the day is finished no later than 7PM (preferably earlier), removing yourself from overstimulation, possibly a second meditation, re-creational pursuits, gratitude, and early bed before 10pm produces more beauty, peace, flow, and love.

An important part of the modern sleep ritual is to avoid blue LED light in the evening which has been repeatedly implicated in sleep dysfunction, negative effects on circadian rhythms, and impair sleep. With quality sleep the brain is washed through the glympathic system to keep the brain in optimal condition (which occurs only in deep REM sleep.  Also the human growth hormone (HGH) is primarily released (75%) during quality sleep from the pituitary particularly when we go through 5 complete 90 min cycles of sleep. These increased levels of HGH produce better and higher moods, cognition, energy levels, lean muscle mass and reduce cravings. This expands your creativity, productivity, vitality and longevity.

Daily Lifestyle/Eating Plan with Plant Based Real Alive Foods

Gradually make changes that are sustainable by adding the good foods, making a point of eating them along with your comfort foods. Your tastes will start to alter as you are more nutritionally sustained with the good foods and gradually you will crave the good foods. Add live foods (make a live salad and add your happy meal cut up into it). Jon Gabriel recommends to supplement with the following missing nutrients at every meal: 1) omega three’s (linseeds ground up or whole, or flax seed oil cold not heated); 2) alive foods (nutrient concentrated freshly made living juices, salads, raw foods); and 3) good quality proteins (for us good vegetable sources of protein – avocado, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, etc.).  We suggest eating foods fresh, in season, and locally produced as much as possible.

Become aware of the foods and food characteristics that help balance your dosha from a food perspective.  A Vata needs warm food, good quality proteins, and increased oils. In your Ayurvedic exam you were given a list of foods to favor for your dosha that you should start to follow.  The Pitta needs to eat cooling foods (like fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, grains and opt. dairy) while avoiding spicy and salty foods. The Kapha needs light, dry, warm foods (like green vegetables, berries, and grains); avoiding heavy and oily foods (like nuts, oils, and red meat); cook with more spices; and avoid dairy.

1. Breakfast

Eat a high water content light breakfast to continue the detoxification process and almost obtain the benefits of an intermittent fast (note: if you eat the oatmeal or a smoothie it moves further away from an intermittent fast).  Note: this is the only fruit juice in this plan and we recommend low glycemic fruits (granny smith apple juice, citrus in season, etc.). We have successfully used this with diabetics and people with high sugar issues. The widely published concern about sugar in juices is half the story – most people having trouble with sugar in fruit juice are not following what we recommend which is to use freshly squeezed juice from fresh fruit. The concern  applies rightly to commercial bottled juices that are squeezed days, months ago and are self-digested making them dead and acidic and they are also often laced with preservatives and additional white sugar. These are dead, acidic juices, and are enzyme deprived. Fresh squeezed drank within the first 10-30 minutes of squeezing are living, with enzymes, alkaline producing, and highly concentrated while being easiest to digest.

Fresh real juices are the most important change any of us can make to solve the loss of essential nutrients in our food supply and a major contributor to worldwide obesity. We recommend fresh juices (8-16 oz) three times a day to reduce the nutritional famine we are experiencing across the globe. Only the first should be fruit juice, the second is generally a green juice (for lunch) and the third a carrot juice (for dinner)

2. Lunch

The lunch program is to add fresh juice as mentioned above then alive foods in the form of salads, the Hippocrates soup and baked potato to help restore alkalinity and increase potassium, and a cooked vegetable. The juice is the one given to you on your first visit to the office. This green juice is a nutrient rich vegetable juice of green chlorophyll rich living foods that invigorates and detoxifies the whole body with subtle energy and life force. We make the lunch our biggest meal of the day to correspond with the strongest time of digestion in the body 10am-2pm.Dinner

3. Dinner

The dinner continues as a smaller meal with the same components as the lunch but a carrot juice which is more building and restorative, a different cooked vegetable and the juice, soup, and potato.

4. Water and hydration

Until you restore your intuition, a general guideline is to drink one half of your body weight (lbs) in ounces of pure water or even better living fresh juice. So if you weigh 150 lbs (68 kg – 2.2 kg per lb) you would drink 75 ounces (1 oz = 30 ml; 2.25 liters) or 9 cups of water per day.

Maintaining Alignment

Whenever you become aware that  your emotional vibration has shifted especially below boredom to pessimism or below, stop whatever you are doing, change your focus to something that makes you feel better (move towards joy and happiness). Often move out from details and how to do it to broader generalities and regain you alignment. Reach for better thoughts before returning to the next task.

Daily Lifestyle/Eating Plan for Evening Practices:

  1. Prepare for sleep, wind down at least an hour before bedtime, wash, maybe even soak (Epsom salt detox is very calming if you are stressed), do some light breathing, etc. to prepare for sleep. Avoid LED screens, TV, loud music at night. The blue light from LED sources phones, tablet, computers, TV, etc. interferes with natural sleep chemistry and can lead to insomnia.
  2.  Align Using a shortened review of day (appreciation), reach for best feeling, and manage emotions. And meditate to open the spaciousness of life.
  3. Meditate Meditate to release the experiences of the day, set an intention to sleep and wake refreshed and ready to live in the spaciousness of life.

Daily Lifestyle/Eating Plan for sleep and rest:

A minimum of about 7.5 hours is required to fully recuperate and rejuvenate for the next day. The human body is a magnificent soft technology that is the inspiration for humankind’s creative outputs and hard technology (that are mere weak approximations of what our innate technology does). Our bodies through circadian rhythm processes triggered by light produce a natural flow where without artificial lighting and distractions we naturally sleep within a few hours of darkness and wake near dawn.

This natural pattern activates exciting health, longevity, and rejuvenative programs in the body that keep us healthy, self-regenerating, self-regulating, and thriving. In modern times this 5000 year old Ayurvedic practice has been studied as the Circadian Rhythms and a Noble prize in medicine was awarded to the modern day re-discoverer of this process in 2017. Essentially the first four hours of sleep in a dark or darkened room activates the body’s natural cleansing and cellular regeneration. Old dying cells are re-tired and scrubbed from the body, and through division a healthy cell is grown to replace it. Each night a small but significant number of cells are re-born insuring our performance. In about 7 months a large part of us is entirely new. New discoveries have shown that every cell in the body (including the heart, brain, spinal cells and others we previously thought were set for life) is replaced every 7 years at the most and the vast majority is replaced every 7 months. But this process is interrupted, shortened disrupted if we go to bed too late, most experts suggest going to bed before 10pm to reap this benefit.

The next four hour period before one wakes before or at sunrise is equally important as it deals with maintaining the brain, digested the sensory inputs of the day, filing the information in the brain, removing toxins (about 1.5 kg are drained every night through the brain’s glymphatic system), and re-growing brain cells. This process can also be interfered with if we wake during the night and can’t sleep.

May you live in Love, Joy and Bliss more and more each day – Follow your Daily Lifestyle and eating plan for Alignment and Live Expansively,

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Specialist 071 959 0786

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