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Evolution or Reset

Evolution or Reset

Evolution or Reset

by Jim Montrose, February 2022

A popular topic in the media last year has been the Great Reset. Prince Charles extolled the opportunity and many more. Yet likening the opportunity mankind has at this great moment of awakening as a computer Reset is yet another attempt to paint the miraculous human body and mind as a mere computer or tool, where we are so much more. Consider the widening opportunity we have been given for evolution or reset.

When we reset the computer, we return it to a state of operation prior to the failure that derailed its operation. Provided that the software has not been too damaged it comes back up. Now the pundits of a global Reset are not talking about a return to exactly what we had before, but it is pretty close. Especially in returning power to an extremely profitable and broken industry, like the medical industry.

We are in a global paradigm shift led by an elite that is trying to move the power from Nations to Corporations and yet is being countered by an individual renaissance as more and more of us recognize the option to bring more love in all we do, find work that is more fulfilling, find meaning, and purpose in our life. Some of the shifts I have noticed are in Figure 1.

Figure 1 – The Reset and the Evolutionary Conscious Paradigms – Evolution or Reset

Reset (elite led) Paradigm                                               New (individual led “conscious”) Paradigm

Negative focus (ego mode)                                              Positive focus (create what you want)

Media influences:                                                               Awakenings turning to action:

Social Celebrities Influencers                                             Turning to what we want to create

Status Quo (reset to old norm)                                           Question what should be new norm

Fit in with crowd                                                                    Do what is personally satisfying

Keeping up with the Jones                                                    Find your own path

Material Focus (another billion)                                          Spiritual Satisfaction


Distraction/avoidance                                                                    Importance, fulfillment

External focus                                                                                   Internal focus

Superficial                                                                                          Meaningful

Media portrayal of society:

Gossip (doom)                                                                      Upliftment (light)

Unconscious (unexamined life)                                        examined (deliberate) conscious life

Role of Institutions

Big corporations directing governments                     Restore rights – choice to the people

Control based on fear/threat, ignore rights               Individual knows what’s right for them

Evolution or Reset is our choice.

We stand at a unique choice point for each individual to return to the status quo or to focus on what they want and create a personal heaven on earth by staying focused on what they want.  Evolution or Reset which do you want? If we think our personal heaven only occurs by convincing other to join one right way we are doomed, there is no one right way, not one size for all. Each of us has our own vision that allows us to thrive and each of us has the right to live it. Granted we do have laws that protect us from those who try to do harm to us and they are needed. It’s too bad they haven’t been applied justly to Nations and Corporations that have gone out of line.

Two questions to stay in an aligned value driven place are to ask myself: 1) Is it vital to me (income, pay rent, eat, etc.) and 2) Does it matter (to me personally, to loved ones in way that matters to me?)

Evolution or Reset and the Ego

The great reset as designed by Professor Schwab and his private advisory company to the UN, the World Economic Forum, has many tactics that represent ego responses to gain control over changing circumstances. In particular it has lead to more scarcity or lack, and fear of scarcity. It answers the question how can  my company  regain power and profits in the decline of consumer confidence and increasing government interference.

Our Choice for Evolution

But there is another choice we can choose Evolution which is different for all of us. It involves the courageous stand we must take to tame our ego and stand alone in creating what we know is right for us. It asks us to be a standard bearer of a new evolution consciousness flowering across the globe. This requires we move from how many are creating in their life from will power and ego to conscious manifestation.

To manifest from conscious manifestation we choose what we really want (instead of trendy and status quo) we develop a vision of what we are being called to bring forth and we know it because it is filled with abundance, grounded by a fullness and richness in the present moment. We are asking ourself what is the Universe (God or Source) asking me to bring forth right now?  We surrender our will power and rely on the Universe to assist me and deliver the right person, the right ingredient, the perfect answer to an unsolved problem. We know when we are following our conscious manifestation when we have certainty and are not filled with doubts – we have examined the situation carefully and see what’s needed. As we learn how to consciously manifest, we become vehicles of creative intelligence to be of service. Some steps we use to create more effectively:

  • The power of intention (anything we want starts first as an inner vision).
  • Being an active participant in your life (great rewards come to those who participate actively in the game of life).
  • “Real” prosperity (money is only one of 8 forms of wealth).
  • Letting go of the past self, write a new story that allows you to blossom.
  • Every challenge contains a seed for something new and better, learn to  welcome, learn, and evolve from challenges.

Much Love, stay focus on what pleases you (towards evolutionary consciousness),

Jim Montrose

Living Wholeness and Ayurveda, 071 959 0786

Copyright February 2022

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