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The Call (love or war)

the call

Have you gotten the Call?

by Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic specialist,

March 2022

Today we are more often confronted with challenges, bad news, or contrasts that pull at our heart strings and cause us to desire something new and better or to fight for what we feel is right. Whether it’s the strife in the Ukraine and our hearts go out to the people caught up in the conflict or we want to go and help them or fight against the oppressors (the call). Or the local situation where we receive shortages or people are just taking the food they need out of the supermarket without paying. Or on an individual level we are confronted by masks in our face, our travel is more difficult, and we are being asked to have yet another jab.

I call this getting “the call” where we are asked to choose “Love,” or to choose “Fear, fight or protect,” the automatic ego led response. We are upset and want to create change to what we see as a better state but may only increase our anxiety, others anxiety, and even contribute to war.

I am reminded of the quote often attributed to Gandhi; but probably coming from Arleen Lorrance and popularized by her friend Diane Kennedy Pike and Rev. Ernest Troutner associated with the Love project.

“Be the change you want to see happen, (instead of trying to change everyone else).– Arleen Lorrance (?)

What this implies is our best response to “the call” is to work on ourselves which is made so clear with Gandhi’s actual quote that may have been the seed for the simplified quote above:

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.” – Gandhi

Gandhi emphasizes the importance of the inner reality determining the outer reality we experience. It has become easy to complain in modern society and demand that “they” change or that our governments or corporations force the change.

But Gandhi knew and lived his life by changing what was in his control “himself” and influencing those around him by his clear luminous example, the REAL POWER. What is it that “the call” is asking you to change? Where have you been the aggressor against another sovereign nation? Or more likely against another sovereign individual blaming them for what you feel?

Answer the Call with Peace.

So when I feel the call for a change and desire for more freedom or feel called to war I pray I interrupt my ego call to War and choose to work on myself and create inner peace and freedom responding with love rather than War. If enough of us follow this path we can change the world as Gandhi and others who grew through incarceration (the exile of the Dali Lama, Mandela and many others) to uniquely expand and change the world.

Some steps we can all take to change the negative ego response when we recognize it is start tapping to let go of the turmoil and welcome more peace, freedom, and hope into our lives:

1. Feel and then release what you have noticed that disturbs you. Perhaps you are upset with Putin’s incursion into the Ukraine. Maybe it brings up your anger and the desire to stop him (put him in jail, go to war). Ask where you are on scale of 1(least) – 10 (most) with how angry and aggressive you feel? Then start tapping (new to tapping – read tapping article) to release the upset, gently moving from anger to better less negative emotions (request a emotion chart from Jim). Knowing that we can’t jump from anger to love immediately. Start with tapping “Even though I am angry, I completely love and forgive myself” on karate chop point three times. Then tap the points (3 or more times) as you say the statement and proceed down the rounds:

Third eye – letting go of anger

Side eye – releasing need to guard myself

Under eye – I choose to release anger

Under nose – to choose better feelings

Under lip –   to move to discouragement

Collar bone pt – better than anger

Under arm – to blame (less negative than discouragement

Top of head – I move up in tone

Third eye – cleansing myself of the strong negative emotions

Side eye – I release judgment

Under eye – maybe I can even move to disappointment

Under nose – because I want to feel good

Under lip – I’m not here to police Putin (unless I take that on)

Collar bone pt – so I’m going to spread love

Under arm – I demonstrate compassion

Top of head – I spread love to all I see

Third eye – I accept myself and my reaction

Side eye – I bring myself to having more loving thoughts and feelings.

Under eye – maybe I can move into pessimism with the leaders

Under nose – I take another step to feel better

Under lip –   I choose to move to boredom with politics

Collar bone pt – I allow myself to cool down and turn to more hope

Under arm – I have more positive belief in mankind

Top of head – I release my conflict to feel better and spread a better hope to those I meet

Continue as needed releasing negative emotions (dread, resentment, shame, guilt, etc.) until you reduce your upset to below three to five.

2. Identify the emotional state(s) you wish to replace the discordant one with. This could be a reversal of what has been identified in A. I want to forgive the perpetuator, see them in light, pray for their evolution (as the Dali Lama does for China every day), to bring my heart to peace, to hope for the best in all and to feel my spacious inner freedom (freedom, peace, and love are all inner states not dependent on the external factors even though the ego response in A says otherwise). Karate chop 3 times “even though I don’t approve and I condemn what Putin is doing, I completely love, forgive, and accept myself.” Then tap on the points:

Third eye –  I am forgiving

Side eye –     he’s human

Under eye – I am letting go

Under nose – I forgive myself

Under lip –   I love myself

Collar bone pt – I am going to be a good example

Under arm – I can and do forgive all

Top of head – I wish him well

Third eye –  I see him evolving

Side eye –     I drop my judgment

Under eye – I find where I feel good and radiate it to all I see

Under nose – I take care of me so I can leave others better

Under lip –   I let Putin find his way thank it for reminding me to love

Collar bone pt – to be the best I am

Under arm – I put a big smile on my face and spread smiles

Top of head – I spread love especially to those acting out

Third eye –  I feel peace

Side eye – I send peace out to the world

Under eye – I choose to increase my hope

Under nose – see my world with increased hope

Under lip –   then I know I’m better

Collar bone pt – others will feel it

Under arm – the world will be friendlier

Top of head –and I’ll have a better time

Keep going until you feel better (below 3 to 5). Modify this to meet your own situation.

3. Check in daily on how you feel and tap any emotions you need to release and/or replace until they get lower (at least less than five).

Learn to use the Call to install a new way of Responding.

So you now have seen how a great tool, tapping, can be used to modify your normal ego response once you become aware of it. Like any lifestyle change implementing it in your life requires practice. Start using tapping regular and see the positive impact on your positivity and resilience.

Zaida and I just the other day realized we were attracting something negative into our environment and found the source was 2 years ago about 3 months after lockdown and we were feeling incarcerated unable to move freely. This belief snuck in and starting manifesting as less than ideal with freedom sapping experiences. We tapped it out and restored our positive expectations of great freedom, love and peace. We feel better and from past experience we know when we feel better, the attitude of the world changes in our favor.

Join me in using the Call to choose peace and love over war. Stay tuned, sign up at drzaidarivene.co.za if you don’t get our blogs delivered to your email, for a free class next month: demonstrating how to tap away your upset and restore your emotional balance when “the Call” asks you to choose Love or War.

Regards and much Love (choose more Love always),

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Specialist

Living Wholeness and Ayurveda, 071 959 0786

Copyright March 2022

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