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Words of Healing.


Dr. Zaida Rivene,  March 2019

Interview: Words of Healing.

Jim: Welcome! In the bible John says “In the beginning was the word and the Word was God”; so the implications is our words have the power to create reality (worlds) or at least our consciousness. How does this apply to your focus on words with your patients?

Dr. Rivene: The word has force. Your word has force that means when I use words coming from insufficiency, ineffectiveness or not enough, or opposite of anything that can grow like I can’t, I should, or even I can (puts it as what you really want is like a carrot in front of you that you can never get to) I reduce my energy, my effectiveness, my wellbeing.  So I strive to have patients learn heart language which is a language of usage that opens to all possibilities. A language that is about potentialities, about reality being something you already create in front of you and then you become it. So I am, I am brilliant, I am strong, I am already healed, and I am in momentum of healing myself greater than ever before, I am. So placing what it is that you want to create in the power of right now is using words to have force. There is also another part is that the Universe, the Law of Attraction, isn’t listening to your words it is listening to your vibration, it’s listening to how you feel. so when you use words I can’t, I won’t, I haven’t, and I’m guilty then that vibration of those words is what the universe is adhering to. Then when you use words that I am, I am brilliant, and I am moving ahead that has the vibration of potentiality then every cell in your body vibrates at all is well.

Jim: In magic the magician gains power over something or someone by knowing the name of an object or a person and many tribal communities do not share their names with outsiders to avoid the loss of power. Does this have any bearing on the importance of words with your patients?

Dr. Rivene:  I don’t feel that that has a loss of anything. The more I go in this work I realize there is no such thing as loss. There are words that come together with tremendous force like mantras, and sayings that you can utilize to open potential avenues within yourself. The inward gaze of all possibilities within yourself where God and you reside, open vast potentials. So I think there are only gain, movement and momentum forward.

Jim: Some words break us down and others can build us up or as you mention in your Jan 2017 blog  we can describe a healing reaction as a breakdown (depresses the immune system) or a breakthrough (activates the immune system). So how important are the words we actually use? Are some better than others?

Dr. Rivene: Words arranged in the power of right now are much better. Words giving attention to what you don’t want and the past can be much more disempowering. When I talk to a patient and they tell me what they don’t want, it gives attention to what you don’t want and Law of Attraction delivers that (what you don’t want).  When you stop, breath and change to describing what you do want then that is a whole different vibration or energy and you go in the direction you want.  So watch when you describe your transformation, what you desire that you go towards, what you do want and describe it how you want it to be instead of what you don’t want and repeat the past.

Jim: Does this relate to Candice Pert’s work on neuro-peptides the body’s molecules of emotion and can you explain why it is so important?

Dr. Rivene: Every thought that you have affects the hypothalamus a factory that produces neuro-peptides based on the feeling behind the thoughts. A fear thought produces molecules that are more acidic and creates emotional molecules that connect to every cell (100 trillion cells) in the body and attach to receptors in the cells that affect the cell, its formation, and its function. When we think in a way of love meaning you have hope, you can do it, I am capable, I am loved, etc. the neuro-peptides are more in alkaline form and affect all the cells positively, enhancing the cells. So we have receptors that accept peptides in negative (acid-fear) or positive (alkaline – love) based configurations. When we get a negative fear based neuro-peptide it will decrease the function of the cell by causing the DNA to contract ( every I can’t , I can’t be, I can’t have it, etc.)  It will cause shrinkage of the DNA helixes, nucleus and cell then to whole body eliciting stress and stress hormones. This causes the whole body to battle this stress and activates the flight or fight response which is often happening all the time without any rest and recuperation.

Jim: Impeccable use of words is an important practice that you mention in the spiritual wisdom of the Cheetah in your book on the wisdom of African Animal Spirit. How do we do this and what is it?

Dr. Rivene: Watch your words, take a breath. Practice wording what you desire. Learn a new language of the heart. Place yourself in the” I am …” rather than the “you/we are …” etc. When you talk from you or we you are no longer in the personal and need to get back into the” I experience”, I am, I was there, I saw, etc. Impeccable means without sin, keeping you word impeccable is keeping your word innocent and clear. It is a work in progress, its learning heart language. Also how you talk to another, especially your mate, open with sincere thoughts about the other person rather than blaming.  Then state what you want to change and use gratitude, and thanking them for listening.

Jim: In the spiritual wisdom of the Cheetah you say the word radiates messages and energy –creating a lasting response in every cell of the body. So words don’t just affect our mind but the body, organs and all cells?

Dr. Rivene:  A word from fear or blame or harshness will last 100 years (a century). That’s how powerful your words are. The vibration continues so watch your words. Go for the love place where you embrace, share, intermingle, and look for sincere thought about that person. Get into a higher vibration before talking to children, spouse, or friends.

Jim: You also state that words generate a magnetic power that is multiplied and magnified boundlessly, creating a charge, either negative or positive. What does this do to our state of wellness or disease?  Don Miguel Ruiz, teacher of the four agreements, says impeccable means never harm yourself.

Dr. Rivene: That’s part of stopping all statements that are contrary to who you truly are as a divine, exalted being so look for what you appreciate, start gently and add more and more to find what you truly appreciate about yourself. Stop all wordings against yourself, against who you are truly.  You contain all the knowledge of the Universe within your-self so start appreciating, acknowledging, and build from there.

Jim: Some tips you mention in the wisdom of Cheetah spirit are: Awareness, Speaking consciously, Appreciation, Kindness and Upliftment.  You have said lift your spirit into the heights of celestial possibilities for your own self and for others. Any other tips you have for creating health, well-being and prosperity with your words?

Dr. Rivene: Be gentle with yourself. Just be gentle with yourself and keep practicing it. It takes time to develop a brand new habit from the habits of your upbringing, a very old upbringing. You were taught a behavior that has used words against you and as well you have used  your own words against yourself to describe you in a way that is the lie. That denies the self you are. The truth is you are divine, exalted beyond all belief, an inestimable gem of all possibilities, so be gentle on yourself.

In loving service, Dr. Zaida Rivene


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