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Obstacles and the path back to harmony.

Meditation Moments to Evolve.

By Jim Montrose Ayurvedic Specialist, August 2023.


Obstacles remind us – Choose love versus fear.

What from fear looks like obstacles, a challenge, a disappointment, a mistake, frustration, disappointments, pain, illness, something scary or bad is the illusion. The fear talking.

Love exists in all situations and the apparently bad and challenging situation seen through the eyes of love suggests change that launches better desires for greater evolved life. Love speaks harmoniously.

When we view life and the world from love, we restore our harmony and balance. The fear becomes a reminder to choose what makes us joyous and restores harmony.

In China, last week, I was feeling we would not be able to arrange our trip as we were having trouble using the internet and communicating with my phone apps. As I meditated and choose to love the Chinese practices and apps, I found ‘sogou’ which translated the Chinese sites on the chrome browser, and I started feeling better.

We met a few people who offered to help. Simply by refusing to see these obstacles from a negative perspective and keeping a trust that we would find a way helped me find solutions and new ideas. I need to book rail and find a tour still but with the hope and trust I opened avenues that were different than I imagined. These new ways are getting me closer to the solution and I have great expectations it will all work out (all is well).

A similar experience occurred in walking the Camino (see July’s blog) one night we arrived at the Albergue, and all the beds had been taken. We trusted God instead of panicking, except a short thought – oh no after all this walking, and the desk person called the next Albergue for us and found three beds and called us a cab to take us the four kilometers and all was well (is well).

Steps to Choose more trust.

In my process, I have started using this prayer or mantra to help me focus on what I want to achieve when obstacles appear and as a morning intention:

Oh God (Source, Universe) help me to let go (whatever no longer serves), to let love prevail (choose love), to let good happen (surrender need to do it myself, my way or what I know), to be guided (by a higher power), and to let God Happen.

This process incorporates two of the 9 Powers of the Mind. The first, that we have the power to choose love over fear, and re-choose the love results we want.  And two, that we can forget, let go and let God happen. We see the obstacle, etc. from love and what that would look like and feel like. We forget the “reality” we had seen from fear, let go and dwell on the love vision, and trust the result will come to be from a higher power.

This can also be understood from the manifestation formula we must first be it, do it (aligned with the being) and then we will have it. In our minds eyes we can, first, imagine the life and outcomes we want free of the obstacles, rehearse, and bring it to a state as if it is done, and have the vibration, fully feeling the emotions, of having created it (the being of it). Actions in alignment with this new being will occur (looking for another browser for me in China). Then the results must happen (Sogou translated Chinese websites and I found help).

I have used this for health obstacles myself and our patients often go through a similar process. A healing crisis launches the desire for more health and can lead to improved health. A broken bone can heal stronger than before. Torn muscles usually heal stronger than before when we take the guidance they represent — to rest and let it heal (let go and take time to restore it by resting).

The steps:

  • Accept the guidance from these situations, obstacles and more, as it guides you. The obstacle helps you refine your intentions and get back to a path of manifesting your love-based desires.
  • Consciously chose better thoughts and launch rockets of desire that help you return to love and have your desire fulfilled. The guidance helps you to restore your vision and balance, the love-based harmony you seek.
  • This wake-up call allows you to find and launch desires that elevate you to a higher level of living and consciousness. They fine tune your intentions and practices with better desires to elevate health, life, and consciousness.
  • Mentally rehearse these new love-based desires until they are more real than the previous perceptions from fear.
  • Feel the emotions of having achieved these visions as if done.
  • Invite God, Let Go, and let God handle it. Be patient and open to new possibilities and solutions outside the realm you have thought. Detach from making it happen, but act on aligned thoughts and possibilities that come to you.

When we, often, initiate our shift in focus from obstacles to healing, solving problems, and more we must patiently apply non-interference. We must stop our attempts to force the result through will, what I originally tried in China and created lots of resistance and further dread for myself. Once I let go, it opened new possibilities for Spirit to flow and for me to flow with life. Even when we are trying to assist and help someone else. I might emphasize that it is a requirement for us to detach and let Spirit take over. I find it helpful to set an elevating intention for detachment, and let Spirit, the Universe, God (all the same essence) do it.

Meditate on releasing Obstacles now!

Anytime you notice fear or remember a time you felt fear (obstacles, pain, etc.) meditate.

Take a moment, feel the fear, and let it pass out of your body with each long in breath and out breath. Consciously let go of the fear with each outbreath. Forget, release the obstacles.

Find your focus from love that increases your joy now in this moment. That reinvents yourself into a more loving, joyful being that uses these difficulties as steppingstones to a glorious love filled life. Letting go of any fear-based feelings and choosing love. Forget and forgive.

Spend time contemplating your new vision and releasing the fear-based ones.

As you find your new vision of a more loving, joyful being living a glorious love filled life, realize your mastery, the strength, your power to love and lead from love, accomplishment, contentment, and joy that can’t be dampened by anything.

Trusting that the Universe has your back.

Feel the safety and warm embrace of spirit guiding and speaking through you in action and words to forge a life of freedom, helpfulness, contribution, enthusiasm, mercy, compassion, and light. Be a luminous human being filled with a generous and loving heart.

Detach from all else but God (Source, Spirit, Universe) so that it will cause the pure waters of wisdom and utterance to gush out and flow copiously from your heart.

Spend a few moments to luxuriate in this loving vision and fully feel your safe, vibrant joy and love.

Until next month, enjoy your meditations, release obstacles,  and choose love. Abdul’s-Baha says, “Let the ills of life only touch the surface of your life as the depths remain calm and serene.”

Much love,

Jim Montrose

Ayurvedic Specialist, Living Wholeness Ayurveda, +27 (0)71 959 0786

Living Wholeness Ayurveda

P,S. – For further help – Check out the free resources and articles on wellness based beliefs and purpose and other topics.

P.P.S.  – The Prayer of St Francis is a great guide for spiritual self-improvement and is useful in learning to flow more with life. A parting insight from this classic prayer from St. Francis is to sidestep hatred with love before hatred becomes full blown so that the blossoms of love will prevail.

Copyright Jim Montrose, August 2023

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