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Insights from China and Mongolia.

Lessons and insights from our travels.

By Jim Montrose Ayurvedic Specialist, September 2023.

Our last two trips have delivered amazing insights for me and Mongolia land of the Gobi desert and vast open space is magnificently healing and restful.

A few photos:


We just got back from a glorious trip to Mongolia and China; and it started out feeling less than glorious for me until I learned, or remembered, the lessons and insights presented here. It’s sort of ironic, last month I had written about obstacles being the detour back to the path and guess what, I was immediately confronted with a big obstacle.

We arrived in China, in Beijing, and started our re-creation (renewal) visit. We tried to visit Mao’s tomb and were not able to reserve as we needed the We-chat app which I was unable to install without roaming SMS’s. Our hotel manager tried to reserve for us, but there were no spots before we left for Mongolia. I got worried how were we going to book the trains, even hotels as booking.com had limited options and tours. We left for Mongolia, and I mentioned some of our challenges last month in the August blog.

When we got to Mongolia, most of my apps like what’s app, and goggle search started working. So, I set out to correct the issues as much as I could. I searched for tours while my goggle worked and found sogouw to make google work somewhat in China. I was stuck with no we-chat nor Alipay which is used for payments and more in China. We mentioned this to a couple of New Zealanders on our Mongolia trip who were living in Beijing, and they told us Trip.com (like TripAdvisor but China friendly) helps a lot. I found I could purchase train tickets, had many more hotel options, and could book tours through them. What a relief although I didn’t know for sure until we arrived back in China for the last 10 days of our trip.

So how did I become more resourceful and open to these possibilities from the frantic worried Jim I became in China. I had slipped into old patterns, I worked harder using the same approach but doubling my efforts hoping to break through this obstacle. It didn’t and I was quite worried we may not be able to see any of the sites we wanted to see in China for our last 10 days of our trip. I was probably being a bear doubling down my efforts.

In Mongolia, I regained a little distance from the problem, the land is deeply sacred and healing, and realized I had fallen into my old behaviors of pushing harder against an obstacle, which I know doesn’t really work for me or my clients – insight when I want to push back surrender and meditate instead. I had even started to blame China and wanted to complain why can’t they think like everyone else. Yet in that moment of distance, I saw the issue and realized I don’t like it when others want me to do it their way; so why should I ask China to do it my way? I immediately meditated and prayed for love for China and myself. I asked for assistance in turning back to the path (replacing fear and action with love). Realizing in the moment that I was being asked to be more creative, to find alternative approaches and solutions.

In mediation I got ideas to search for alternatives (where I remembered about sogouw which I had used in the past). I asked for help from spirit and started talking with fellow quests who turned me on to methods to load we-chat, the website trip.com and how having a Chinese phone number (buy a traveler’s sim) can help in purchasing tickets and securing reservations. In doing this I transformed my feelings about China to love, regained my curiosity and saw this exercise from love rather than fear – an exciting new learning experience. And the Universe had my back.

When we returned to China I bought a SIM card, worked with our hotel manager who also reserved Mao’s tomb for us and booked our first train ride. Tried Trip.com and was able to book all our remaining trains, hotels and two great tours.

Great Insights

My epiphany and insights: 1) Patience – the standard approaches weren’t working – time for less doing and more being in inner contemplation; 2) allow some distance to get perspective; 3) Relax and let go – forgive China and send Love; 4) Trust and prayer, “I am loved, guided, and directed. I trust in my surrender to the loving essence of my divine guides and the Universe. I work to love and expect miracles. I am lovingly guided (even when I forget) and expect a solution to appear. Stop interfering with nervous doing (old patterns). I am love and miracles are natural all around me, let the Universe do it for me. I welcome healing of the highest good. I commit to the highest good of all. And am shown exactly what I need. I trust, surrender, feel love and am loving. I commit to the highest good, drop judgment and have faith in the Universe to let God direct me to the highest good. I am open to my divine connection and the oneness of all I see and experience.” Remember to be patient, this process took over 16 days to provide answers and to show me it worked, actually a very short time in the greater scheme of things.

I found that most of my solution involved changing my perception and being in a better state – transform the struggle and fear to love.  I did investigate and try options (‘doing’) to fully solve it, but from love and curiosity (healthier ‘being’) giving up the fear and panic.

What an experience, it seems like the Universe is guiding me especially on these trips to great awakening and reminders to remember. I have a thought this must be what awakening, at least in a small way, is all about. A small step to own, remember, in the path to more consciousness. What a great catalyst for transformation this obstacle proved to be for me! It has fundamentally changed me, maybe next time I’ll remember to go inside for the answer sooner. It also reminds me that no matter how often I get great insights the journey continues and there is often more insight to learn from them, I had just written of the value of obstacles and what I had learned last couple of months, and it came up again. Louise Hay used to say as I get older the challenges still come but they become more manageable until a big one appears to see if I really got it. Reminder to self, stay humble.

Saved, China reservations worked (insight there are many ways)

Our China plans all came true, a few pictures of the wonders we observed:

Next time an obstacle rears its head pause and try these four steps and let me know if it helps.

I am currently reading a nice book called “The way of Integrity” by Martha Beck and she calls what I experienced in China and Mongolia as feeling a “righteous attack”. In having a negative judgment about another outside us, we pass a judgment on them without evidence (in this case China is really making it hard to visit and must not want us there). This divides me from my desire for innate love and peace. I felt justified they should do it the way I am used to it. Until in meditation, I realized I don’t like someone forcing me to do it their way, so why should I want others to do it my way because I must learn to navigate their system? So, in that moment, I stopped the insanity of wanting them to change and switched to flowing with the situation. Frederich Nietzche would approve “Beware that when fighting [imaginary] monsters, you yourself do not become a monster.”

We must pull up our appropriate righteous anger when attacked by a robber or defending the unfairly oppressed. But we can so easily use righteous anger without evidence when we don’t like the effort to understand a new situation or culture.

Live righteously, insight rich lives,  and be compassionate (until next time),

Much love,

Jim Montrose

Ayurvedic Specialist, Living Wholeness Ayurveda, +27 (0)71 959 0786

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