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Part II: your questions answered.

your questions answered

December 2018

Have you wondered – what is the difference between Dr. Rivene’s work and other approaches? Your questions answered continues with understanding the causes versus symptoms, special symptoms and programs, tips for pain, handling my family’s concerns that I should visit a medical doctor.   And much more, tune in as Dr. Rivene tackles your questions answered.

Jim: I know that from this work we are addressing the causes and trying to get rid of what is holding us back, but I feel like I have more symptoms. What is happening?

Zaida: If you feel that you are having more symptoms than you need, know where you are in the work that we are doing. Because with the 19 Steps you start feeling really good as your power is moving high. You have cleaned up your gallbladder. Your kidney stones have been cleaned so you are feeling good. Then we start using that power to go into the reconstructive phase and that is where patients have most symptoms, because we do programs according to how you direct us in your healing. The director of knowing exactly what is best for you is within yourself. It is innate intelligence. It is you that knows exactly what is best for you and you are going to help dictate all of this and guide us. Know that we will have an organ that we will work on and we will start peeling it. And when we do we may use vials. We may use total body modification programs to find out what that organ is doing and how it relates to the rest of the body. This is where you may feel the detoxification. When we use environmental allergies the vials that your body will identify will be very specific environmental toxins and poisons and microorganisms and when you do and we plug that into your computer your power of a 100% life force is very well directed to bring that material up out of the deepest cells. To bring it up from the anatomical level of the cells it must bring it out. This occurs by putting it in your bloodstream and you pee-pee it out and release it.

Jim: Another point when I query patients for your questions answered is how do I know if it is just the detox or if it is a symptom that I should pay attention too?

Zaida: When you come into the office I always ask through applied kinesiology. I will tap in and ask whether this is some kind of breakdown or if this a breakthrough? 99.9999999% of the time, what you are doing is breaking through. Breaking through the resistance of acids, ammonias, crystalline waste, environmental release,  emotional resistance, a biochemical resistance, resistance that you had been holding on to, patterns that you had been holding on to that do not serve you. So your innate intelligence will always tell me exactly what is going on.

Jim: Are there any special things that the programs and treatments, especially after we completed the 19 steps, that would produce unusual results/symptoms/pain?  Sometimes you use the vails to identify viruses in the body. Do they create some special symptom?

Zaida: Well they do and I will give you an idea but basically you are the one that is going to experience whatever comes up and then you share it with me. Imagine activating something that has been in your body in a dormant state causing low grade long term dis-ease. This may be identified as bacteria, a fungus, yeast, a toxin, a poison, a spore or allergen. Once it is identified, it starts coming out of the body because you have the power, the life force to do that. You have an incredible immune system. Once you start vibrating at 100% your immune system is so sharp that you have elements that identify all kinds of conditions in the cells. Because cells live 120 to 150 days of ideal function you are constantly recycling yourself. This is the most incredible aspect of you. You are constantly recycling yourself and when you are vibrating at 100% life-force they recycle to a higher level of expansiveness, longevity, higher level of energy, higher level of vitality and so forth as you do your recycling or cleaning house. You are cleaning these environmental, chemicals and poisons out of your system. So yes, you are going to feel discomfort.

Jim: An important question for your questions answered is My spouse, Family and friends would suggest when I am experiencing pain that I should take an aspirin or go to the Doctor. What do you recommend? Are there more natural remedies like Homeopathy, rescue remedies and other techniques that I should consider using? How do I handle the family concern that I should go see the Doctor?

Zaida: This is a wonderful question. One point is that as you increase your life flow you take that power and you start directing it greater, especially in your emotional wellness and then you will realize what is best for you. Only your opinions are the truest that matters (you must realize this and not be swayed by your family). There is a way of handling groups and other people’s belief systems that are vibrating in a much lower field. You do this through gratitude. You thank them; say “Thank you for caring and I am so well” and then you change the subject. So there are always ways to handle other people’s opinions. Choose not to go into it, defend or confront or argue with them about anything. Just thank them for caring and I am so well and change the subject. It is three steps. First, thank them. Second, make a statement “I am so well”. Third is change the subject and direct them elsewhere. The second part of this is that I recommend homeopathy. I recommend Hot Tubby Baths. I recommend water especially juices and herbal teas. Be gentle with yourself. Know that when you are in a state of detox you need to be quiet and tap into your heart. Know that you are really OK. Know that you are really going through a process of elimination.

Did we miss your question or concern?  Please send your questions to Jim and we will answer them in a future blog.

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Lovingly – Dr. Zaida


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