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your questions answered

October/November 2018

Have you wondered – what is the difference between Dr. Rivene’s work and other approaches?  Why you temporarily may feel bad and have symptoms? Do the symptoms mean I am sick? Why symptoms may arise?  What to do when I am in pain?  How to understand detoxification and what to do for yourself?  How to handle family and friends concerns?  And much more, tune in as Dr. Rivene tackles your questions answered.

Jim: Sometimes patients call and say that they are feeling bad especially after a recent adjustment. What would you offer that patient?

Zaida:  Remember, that when you get an adjustment at our clinic, it has four aspects to it. There is a structural alignment. This means bones, muscles, reflexes and circuitries that gets turned on and aligned. There is a biochemical aspect to it. There are chemicals that release because of the adjustment like acids, ammonias, crystalline waste that was held in your misalignment. The third aspect is environmental factors. This could be air, food, water born pollutants and electromagnetics. These are all factors connected to where you were when you came in and then you get an adjustment. The forth aspect is that there is always an emotional charge. There is always an emotional release to being in a misalignment. So when we place you in alignment and we move parts back into idealness then you are going to feel a release of toxicities physically, chemically, environmentally and emotionally. You are rearranging yourself around the adjustment and you may feel symptoms. These symptoms are an opportunity for you to remind yourself that you are rearranging yourself and releasing resistance and allowing yourself to heal.

Jim: Sometimes the patients want to know what they can do in order to overcome or handle the pain and detoxification when it is coming up.

Zaida: One thing to do is to be gentle with yourself. Stop rushing around. Take a nice hot tubby bath. Be easy on your food. Eat a light meal. Herbal teas are very soothing. Make sure that you are hydrated and that you are doing your juices. Be gentle with yourself and know that you are in a state of rearranging your molecules for greater light, greater energy, greater vitality, greater release of emotional charges and moving into greater love going down steam. So be gentle with yourself

Jim: Often patients call and want to know what their symptoms mean. Are they sick? They are feeling like they have the flu. When they were sick with a serious disease sometimes they think they must be having some severe thing and must go to the hospital. What advice do you give?

Zaida: In treating you I know that you open avenues and release toxicity, which is the resistance that held these channels, reflexes and circuitries. When you allow yourself to open up and let this material go, it is called detoxification. It is not a breakdown it is a breakthrough. So do expect some feelings, symptoms or charge to come up. Expect something to flow out of the body, something that you can feel rearranging itself. This could be a light-headedness, a light fever,… whatever it is.

Jim: In querying patients about your questions answered many ask if there are any typical symptoms or concerns you can warn me about ahead of time?

Zaida: I think that from the beginning that you and I start this journey of greater light , energy and information coming through from you , I tell you many times you will release the resistance and you may feel the symptomology of the release. I share that with you often. Every time we do a program (like a harmonization of a virus) I let you know. Just be gentle with yourself. Take it easy. Get into a hot tubby bath. Eat light meals. Make sure your juices are in your food program daily. The juices are full of nutrients that are easy to absorb. No digestion required. Treat yourself with kindness.

Jim: Is there a difference between the effects I feel when I start the treatment and after I completed the 19 Steps of Nero-organization? Is there a difference between the feelings when I first start vs when we start dong the more advance work after I completed the 19 steps?

Zaida: Your feelings become adjusted in allowing yourself to bring up information and feelings that has been dormant in the subconscious. I think that as you go along in the protocol of alignment you become better at handling it and once you get your 19 steps underway that is when we begin the reconstructive phase of the work together.  This is what is going to take 2.5 years as you are allowing old cells to die and be replaced with healthy vibrant cells.  Three million cells die per day and then replacing those cells with 100% functioning cells. Little batteries of energy that are replaced from old cells that are tired and dis-eased. So I would say that you get better and better as you go along.

Jim: How would you describe or understand the difference between the care I get with you and standard medical care? My Doctor will tell me that when I am feeling pain to take an aspirin and prescribe painkillers. You do not seem to do that. What is the difference?

Zaida: There is a very big difference. The difference is that we strive to come from a place of love. There is a stream of wellbeing that is always in existence. In fact, we flow in one stream of wellbeing with a current of love and it is in one direction. I know that there is this powerful wellness that is your entitlement and every chance that you get you are getting better and better at flowing in this stream of wellness. So I will always encourage you to look for what is good about your experiences. Especially with your body your temple that carries you forward. I will always be in a state of encouragement with you. I look for what is really good about you situation. And I am going to ask you the same thing. Tell me what is good about all of this? Tell me how you benefit? Tell me what you needed to surrender? Tell me how you are growing from this experience? This is an important question and having your questions answered aids your healing so keep them coming.

Tune in to part II next month as your questions answered continues with understanding the causes versus symptoms, special symptoms and programs, tips for pain, handling my family’s concerns that I should visit a medical doctor and more.

Do you have any questions that have not been answered? Please send your questions to Jim and we will answer them in a future blog continuing your questions answered.

Lovingly – Dr. Zaida


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