Recreating your Body

recreating your body

As the science of medicine has started to catch up with the new physics we have found (re-discovered 5000 year old principles) that the body has profound abilities to heal and re-invent itself often without drugs or surgery. As leading edge medical doctors in the 60’s and 70’s started to look at Quantum medicine (medicine based on Quantum physics, Dorsey, Chopra and others) they re-discovered the miraculous connection between body, mind and spirit. Known as the observer effect in quantum physics they found what the patient and the doctor give attention to (and believe) grows and creates the dominant physiology. Dr. Tiller recently developed a theory of consciousness and experiments that explain how using repeated attention (like affirmations) and meditative states we create a structured field space that allows the observer to affect the macro world (like the human body or electronic circuits) and not just the sub-atomic world. You can influence cells and recreate your body.

What we now know is that most of the old assumptions and theories of aging and healing of the body are incorrect (we are not like a machine with parts that wear out – quite the contrary we can re-create body parts). For example:

  • Our bodies are light, energy and information and do totally rejuvenate every cell every 7 years or less.
  • Genes have no control over the body (similar to a blueprint an individual gene pattern can create 30,000 different proteins based on environmental factors alone – the new science of epi-genetics, Lipton and others).
  • We can change our hereditary and genetic disposition to dis-ease.
  • Our thoughts, beliefs, societal expectations/agreements and dominate emotions affect and determine your health far more than genes, bacteria and external factors.
  • We have a body that is meant to function well, joyously and in perfect health for 120 to 140 years.

Recreating your Body: Life is Evolution, ever expanding. Human evolution switched from physical evolution to mostly non-physical (spiritual-mental) evolution over 20,000 years ago.

  • Reinventing the body means changing the whole universe. As a creator of your body, what quantum leap awaits you?
  • Your whole body is holistic, dynamic process in support of being alive. You are in charge of this process.
  • Your brain is fluid and flexible able to create new connections to a very old age, it is an engine of evolution and does not decay unless you stop using it.

Recreating your Body: Every cell in the body, including brain cells, are rejuvenated every seven years or more often. You are becoming a new person every moment.

  • We invented our body [and life] and can re-invent it using the same tools we built it with.
  • To change our world we only need to change our perceptions.
  • Every mood change is conveyed through messenger molecules to every cell changing chemical activity of each cell.
  • Exercise alters skeleton and muscles and growth hormones released keep you young
  • Food alters metabolism, electrolyte balance and fat to muscle ration
  • Stress levels you subject self to raises and lowers your immune system (there is both good stress and bad stress)
  • Every hour of muscular inactivity creates muscle atrophy
  • Your genes tune into thoughts and emotions and somehow are switched on or off
  • Your immune system gets stronger or weaker in response to being in a loving or unloving relationship
  • Using your mind keeps your brain young; not using your brain leads to its decline.


Recreating your Body: Be childlike –

  • Get Excited
  • Use Your Imagination
  • Express Unconditional Love
  • Have Patience
  • Cultivate Confidence
  • Play Play increases your health by raising your heart rate, decreasing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and most importantly, boosting your happiness.
  • Relax
  • Release Worry “Worry is like praying for something you don’t want.” – unknown
  • Release Judgment
  • Nurture All Aspects of Your Personality


Recreating your Body: Allow yourself freedom to –      

                                                         Be Focused

                                                          Be Present

                                                          Be Spontaneous

                                                          To Just Be

Recreating your Body: Keep Yourself Young and Healthy (least to most important) –

  • Diet (eat real foods, avoid processed and junk)
  • Exercise (30 mins/day, cardio, stretch, strength, and balance)
  • Detoxification (Physical and Mental)
  • Mental Habits and Awareness (avoid negative self talk and meditate to expand awareness and awaken)
  • Aligning yourself with your true path and desires (most important**).


Recreating your Body: Nine Steps to slow your aging (your birthright is 120-140 years).

  1.  Don’t buy in to aging; your thoughts, choices, and routines are major influences on aging. Create a deeper awareness of life and your body through relating to yourself and tending daily to keep your relationship to your body and self healthy. Change your perception from the external view and find a personal internal truth that supports your youthfulness in all its glory.
  2.  Personalize your health routine for your body constitution; consider a body type consultation (like Ayurveda that honors your unique makeup and that of your family). Understanding your Dosha and living in alignment with it will set you on a path to effortless wellness – You’ll learn to live in accordance with your true nature.
  3. True health is more than the absence of disease. It is possible to wake up energized and move through your day with focus, optimism, and peace. Seek wholeness with all your heart and experience the unique journey of your own unfolding in its many unlimited ways.
  4. Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself, it can recover from disease, re-build and thrive. Eating at the right times, supporting natural daily detoxification, rest, exercise, relaxation, and proper life style choices support healing and rejuvenation. Recognize you are enough. Any lack is a disconnection from source, feel your way back to healing.
  5. You can improve your physical health by addressing mental health. Stress, anxiety and the state of your relationships can create mental and emotional challenges that contribute to your body’s ability to heal itself. You can learn practices (meditation, forgiveness, breathing, chanting, etc.) for detoxifying your entire body-mind system.
  6. Eating healthy and taking great care of yourself can be pleasurable. Ayurvedic philosophy teaches that living well should feel good. Since emotional and physical health are intertwined, experiences that bring delight, make you laugh, and are otherwise pleasurable should be our priority.
  7. Have a vision (game plan) for your life, without a goal in life we lose motivation and the will to live. Recognizing your life purpose and pursuing it keeps the game exciting and fulfilling and gives it meaning.
  8. Find a like-minded community, making lifestyle changes is easier and more fun with the support of a community.
  9. Yoga really does do a body good. A balanced mind, body, spirit practice will keep you fit, trim and up to challenges and due to its energy generating nature will help you feel renewed and deeply rested after this wonderful

Happy New Year I hope you 2017 was a great and joyous as you wanted and may 2018 be the best year yet and the launch of your best decade to date! Best wishes recreating your body,

Jim Montrose

071 959 0786

P.S. Join us at the ranch on Jan 6th from 9am to about 2 pm) to craft your intentions for 2018 and develop a unique and individualized vision for yourself so you may succeed in  truly recreating your body (read more) or sign up now (send email I want to join intention setting seminar). Learn more about your unique body constitution and balance your life, diet, exercise and lifestyle to stay in natural harmony with your body (take a body constitution evaluation to learn your recommendations – email “constitution analysis” to organize an appointment).

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