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Successful Intention Setting

Successful Intention Setting 2018 Seminar with Dr. Rivene and Jim Montrose

Beyond Goals transforming the Year

Successful Intention Setting inspired Vision Boards remind us of our intentions for 2018!

Last Saturday, January 6th, Red Roan Ranch hosted the successful intention setting workshop for ten innovative intention setters, who  sat down to craft intentions for the upcoming year to make 2018 the best year yet. We had a great time and set intentions for the nine majors areas of our lives.

making vision boardsSuccessful Intention Setting: First Steps

We consciously examined our resistances and raised our vibration with a guided meditation to create high vibrancy intentions (and judging by the fantastic vision boards we saw this year it created a very high quality set of intentions).

Successful Intention Setting: What to do after setting your intention.

after setting intentions

We made it real by creating a visual reminder of what is important to us this year by creating a Vision Board. The vision board has images, words and associations that represent the life we wish to create this year. The boards give us a visual trial run of the intention we have set. In the final step we set habits (100 day Gong) to accomplish our intentions through the organic adoption of the core steps that, followed daily, create the desired outcome of the intention.

Busy on vision boards.

Successful Intention Setting: We ate also.

we ate also

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of Kitcharee (rice and mung bean Indian festival food) and salad. One guest described the food as gentle, comforting and supportive of great expansion in our intention process.

admiring our work and dessert

We ended with stewed fruit with yogurt (yummy) and a review of the great vision boards that were created. I believe there was more artistic and successful visualization in this year’s boards than we have ever seen before. And everyone completed their board (a first – yeah!).

Successful Intention Setting

The Happy Intention Setters (well fed and ready to create a wonderful year).

Successful Intention Setting: Meditation Special Gift

If you would like a copy of the meditation we used to set our intentions this year contact Jim with “Intention Meditation Please” and I’ll send you our special gift for 2018.

Successful Intention Setting: Group Courses

Do you have a group that would be interested in their own intention setting seminar? Contact Jim now for more information and to schedule an event for your group.

Successful Intention Setting: Can we still join a group this year?

Missed the event and would like to join one? Send me your contact details and if we have enough interest we may schedule another seminar. Look for our event next year it will be awesome!

Successful Intention Setting: Take Aways

A few healthy take aways for your own best year in 2018:

  • Our bodies are light, energy and information and do totally rejuvenate every cell every 7 years or less.
  • Genes have no control over the body (similar to a blueprint an individual gene pattern can create 30,000 different proteins based on environmental factors alone – the new science of epi-genetics, Lipton and others).
  • We can change our hereditary and genetic disposition to dis-ease.
  • Our thoughts, beliefs, societal expectations/agreements and dominate emotions affect and determine your health far more than genes, bacteria and external factors.
  • We have a body that is meant to function well, joyously and in perfect health for 120 to 140 years.
  • Your brain is fluid and flexible able to create new connections to a very old age, it is an engine of evolution and does not decay unless you stop using it.
  • To change our world we only need to change our perceptions.
  • Exercise alters skeleton and muscles and growth hormones released keep you young
  • Your immune system gets stronger or weaker in response to being in a loving or unloving relationship.

Delve deeper and create a lasting change in your life. Do a Detoxification weekend, a Harmonious Living weekend, or Dr. Zaida’s Health Tune-up. Contact us now for more information. Investigate the events and happenings at Red Roan Ranch and sign-up for our newsletter at the bottom of this website page (in the green block).

Have your best year yet in 2018,

Lovingly – Dr. Zaida and Jim


083 290 1283

PS – consider recreating yourself this year join-us for one of our weekend courses or treat yourself to the works and create a new life routine at one of our weeklong retreats. Get started now ask us for more information.

For further help – Check out the free resources and articles .

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