Creating Emotional Alignment For Healing

If you have been around us at the farm or the clinic you have probably heard how important alignment is. Dr. Zaida often says: Alignment is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Abraham says: Alignment Trumps Everything!

So how do we do it? This is the practice I teach with full Retreat patients and refer to in your Ayurvedic exam and Doctor’s Lifestyle/Eating Plan.

  • Step 1 When you wake up, take a moment to review what you appreciate in this moment and love about yourself, your life, and this joyous day. Say a prayer or affirm your day. Light stretching is nice before you get out of bed (really helps with a sore back).
  • Step 2 Get out of bed, drink your lemon water, use the toilet, brush your teeth, and scrape your tongue.
  • Step 3 Take some deep complete breaths through your nose (8-10 Ujiyi breaths partially closed glottis, filling belly then chest and exhaling chest then belly). Follow by Alternate nostril breathing to balance right and left brain to relax and set the intention for a calm center. Do Bhastriki breaths, Shitali, etc. depending on your lifestyle/diet program you received during your Ayurvedic consultation with Jim.
  • Step 4) Use the emotional tone scale below to a) find your current state, sense the intensity and rate it from 1-10 (most intense), and then b) reach for better thoughts to work your way to relief (better feeling emotions towards #1 love, joy, and bliss) each and every day. A sample tapping routine to accomplish this alignment is provided below (Release your Current Emotion … ).

Remember if you are knocked into anger you will need to move towards relief over time (perhaps 1-3 steps towards love or bliss in each session – first discouragement, then blame, then worry, maybe take a break and come back again until you finally get to love, bliss – perhaps 2-4 days later or maybe in a day; check at each step by going back to step a) before proceeding to next higher vibration). See the section below to release current emotion, reach for relief and tap in.

During your day, whenever you are feeling less than joyous, if you will stop and say, nothing is more important than that I feel good—I want to find a reason now to feel good, take the time to find an improved thought. Search for and affirm this better feeling thought – tap it in.

Anytime you feel negative emotion, you are in the mode of resisting something that you want, and that resistance takes its toll on you. It takes its toll on your physical body, and it takes its toll on the amount of wonderful things that you are allowing to come into your experience. –Abraham

  • Step 5)  Read your Affirmations (like the one I use below) and the one’s that Dr. Z has given you during your emotional adjustments. Tap these affirmations in to your sub-conscious by immediately tapping and saying the affirmation at eyebrow point through all the points to the top of head (tapping each point three times and proceeding).

An affirmation I like to use is:

I trust in my well-being and the abundance of the Universe, I welcome the magic with my optimism and appreciation of the tiniest of everyday graces that are abundant in my life. I am filled with positive expectation as I thrive, am thrilled and succeed in my every day enterprise. I refine my relationship to life and train myself, continuously, so I focus and live in a wondrous alternate universe filled with joy and bliss. I know that in pessimism and focus on what is not wanted is nothing for me and I practice moving my gaze to change perspective back to the well-being, abundance, joy and thriving. I hold my inner vision of what I desire until it feels familiar and is a positive expectation, a knowing that all is well and I am rewarded as the Universe delivers evidence of the magic that only expands in my life as good, wonder, bliss, and awe comes to me as my predominant experience. I practice changing perspectives, talking with different people, visiting different places and shift through these experiences to find the experiences I want to feel and cause them to be my feeling, the familiar (in expectation, knowing, joy, experience) that only expands.  –With a thankful nod to Robin Sharma, 5AM club

  • Step 6)  Meditate to settle and open to your spaciousness to allow your alignment to expand.
  • Plan and prepare for your day in any other way or as suggested on your daily routine.
  • Move on to your day and if you become aware of negative thoughts, stop reverse and realign.

At night we use an abbreviated form as follows:

  • Shower, sauna, etc. to wash off the dross of the day and get ready for sleep.
  • Avoid computer blue light from computer/TV screens at least two hours before bed.
  • As you turn to sleep, maybe as you lie down in bed, check your current emotional state (tone), reach for a better feeling emotion if not #1, and tap it in as an affirmation. Possibly re-read your affirmations and gently enter sleep by 9-10 pm.

Releasing your Current Emotion and Reaching for Relief with Tapping.

Similar to the neuro-emotional technique Dr. Zaida uses with you in the office we first find the emotion that we are currently experiencing and then release the charge on it by using the tapping or EFT approach. We then determine the opposite of the current emotion, a better emotion/belief [BE], e.g. if we found frustration we find what is the opposite for us perhaps satisfied.  Tap in to install the opposite of the emotional charge to reach for better feelings. This process can then be repeated, that day or over the next few days, until we arrive at the love, joy, an empowerment state (tone state #1 on the emotional tone scale).

Make yourself comfortable, take a deep complete breath (filling the belly then chest, out chest then belly and feel the relaxation response). Scan your body for any sensations you may have, match the pain, strong sensation, or relative calm to the emotion (let’s notate it as [CE]) on the tone scale and the intensity of it (1-10 with 10 being the most intense) that best describes what you feel. Prepare to tap noting your current emotion [CE]. [Ask Dr. Rivene for the Tapping points if you don’t already have it.]

1) Release the current emotion [CE]:

As we tap the karate chop point (side of hand) say:

I intend to feel great even though I feel [CE]–and I completely and fully love and forgive myself.

I intend to feel wonderful even though I feel [CE] and completely love and forgive myself,

I intend to use the Law of Attraction and feel really great today even though I feel [CE] and I deeply and completely accept myself and everyone else I meet today.

Tapping into the emotional points (move through entire sequence continuously) to release:

I release my feeling of [CE] in this moment.                                        {Tap, between eyebrows}

I let go of [CE] here and now.                                                              {Side of eye}

I choose to release any feelings of [CE] I have.                                  {Under eye}

To let go of any remaining [CE]                                                           {Under nose}

Releasing [CE]                                                                                    {Under bottom lip}

Letting go [CE]                                                                                    {Collar bone pts}

I release this old and outdated feeling of [CE].                                   {Under arm}

I choose release and let go any leftover [CE].                                    {Top of head}

2) Install the opposite of the current emotion to create better feeling beliefs:

I intend to move to feeling [BE].                                                           {Tap, between eyebrows}

Feeling [BE] all day long.                                                                     {Side of eye}

I really intend to feel BE] all day long.                                                  {Under eye}

Best way to feel better is to move into [BE].                                         {Under nose}

and center my thoughts on feeling really [BE] or better.                       {Under bottom lip}

I feel and envision myself feeling [BE].                                                 {Collar bone pts}

I focus on what feels great [BE] letting go of any old feelings.              {Under arm}

I choose to let go of all the old feelings and feel really [BE] now.          {Top of head}

Take a moment to go through your tone scale again find your emotional state and see if it shifted, and note its intensity (1-10), and if anything else came up that is blocking this relief in any of the areas of your life, repeat the process above with the new things that came up or if the intensity is still high (above 3-4) and then proceed to the next new better emotions if it shifted (e.g. if you started at a current emotion of frustration or irritation, maybe you went up to contentment – repeat from their and continue until you reach joy and bliss). Repeat until you feel relief, stop if you are out of time and revisit later. If you did not reach tone scale #1 (Joy, bliss, and empowered) tap in a final statement before quitting for the day:

I choose to reduce (eyebrow) and let any remaining feelings go (side eye). No matter what reasons I might have (under eye) whatever it is (under nose) I choose to let it go! (Bottom lip)  In each (collar bone) and every moment (under arm), I choose better feeling thoughts until I reach love and bliss (top of head).

Finish tapping and pause for a moment and observe yourself before you proceed to intentions. What is the intensity of the emotion you are feeling in the moment?  Strive to take the time to release the charge to 3-4 before proceeding on.

Owning the daily alignment.

This is the basics of developing a daily alignment practice. When you succeed at reaching joy and bliss and are able to keep it for days at a time you will be astounded at the things that come into your life, the wonderful relationships you’ll have, the new people you will meet, the miraculous events you will witness, and the splendor of the life you will live. So make alignment your first priority each and every morning.

Continue with this practice for thirty days to really feel the impact and start to own it, continue for 90 days total to install it as your new practice.

May you live in Love, Joy and Bliss more and more each day – Be Aligned and Live Expansively,

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Specialist 071 959 0786

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