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Alignment – Your most important relationship by Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Specialist, November 2020

In the past we have written many articles on alignment and we still find it is the most important vantage point that anyone can take to heal, to reach their health desires, and live a happier life filled with wonder, joy and bliss. We also find it is one of the most critical components of a retreat that requires constant practice to grasp and start to adopt as a new habit.

Primary relationship is Source/God then self, relationship, children, family, work, culture, society.

I acknowledge my most important relationship is with my Source/God/Higher Self. There is no greater relationship to achieve than between me in my physical body right now, right here and my Source/Soul/God from which I came. I tend to it first and then with stable footing I proceed to my other relationships – my own body, with my partner, with money, with home, with my children, with my parents, with my grand children, with the people I work with, with my government, with the world – they will all fall easily into alignment once I tend to my fundamental, primary relationship first.

I align first with my source, and then from inspiration I do whatever suggests itself, and reap great joy and happiness. In alignment lies the keys to my success.

Gently close your eyes and follow your breath in through the nose, down into the lungs and back out again through the nose. Increase the depth of your breath filling the belly and the chest. Continue and pay attention to the short pause at the end of the inhalation before your exhalation and at the end of the exhalation. That moment is when we most fully contact and create alignment with our Supreme self/source and touch the calm, peaceful, silence that gives wisdom. Continue to breathe into this area and expand your visit with the inner self. This is the essence of meditation and with practice you will expand the pause and contact more peace, calm, and wisdom.

A Morning and Evening Practice

In the Doctor’s eating plan and lifestyle program we suggest that you meditate, connect, and reach alignment each morning first thing and each evening just before bed. The initial alignment, the foremost with self/source, can be the short meditation and breath process we gave in the last section. We then suggest you affirm any affirmations you are working with and tap them in (EFT) in order to install them in the subconscious. The affirmations the Doctor gives you in your exams should all be used in this manner as your homework. Finally take a few moments in the morning to visualize what you appreciate right now and the way you want your day to go, any optimizations from the previous day you wish to implement, and ask for what you want to achieve. In the evening you might want to review how the day went and appreciate what you achieved and note what you would like to optimize in the future. An optional step that can be done in the morning, if needed, or whenever you notice you are focusing on something that you don’t want is to change focus and reach for better feeling thoughts that provide relief (see the next sections).

Importance of Happiness

No matter how much you want something, how much you have or don’t have the way you feel right now is based on the thoughts you are thinking right now.  You can have a lot of something and still feel bad because you want more, your focus is the key. Do you see the half-empty glass or the half-full glass? How you feel is a direct indication of the amount of Source/God you are allowing to flow to you right now.  The art of thriving, no matter what is happening outside of you is dependent on your focus if you let the external world, your friends, the news, the mail dictate how you feel you will thrive only when things go well and will feel bad and not have prosperity in downturns. If you can maintain and focus on your internal vision and maintain it you can thrive in downturns as well as upturns. When you are unhappy in your path it is very hard to end the journey in happiness. When you find the happiness (and there always is something that can provide happiness) your journey will be more joyful and success of ending the journey in happiness is much more likely. And alignment makes this easier and more likely. Re-focus and reach for relief, a better feeling thought that opens you to emotions that move you towards loving, joyful, and blissful feelings.

When you see something that is awful you will launch a desire for a better situation. If you focus on the resolution of the situation to a better condition you will feel better and only from this better feeling place will you provide the clarity, intent and vibration that provides a solution. A problem is never solved from the same energy or vibration that created it (in shock, disapproval, fighting it, feeling the persons discomfort, or pitying someone you offer no help). Staying focused on the desire for what is better (without what you see now) is when you become connected to source and from that place you have the power to make a difference. Neville Goddard, “Awakened Imagination” said in essence – As I awaken to the imaginative life, I discover that to imagine a thing is so, makes it so, that my true judgment conforms and makes real the external reality to which it relates.  So I start to live from the solution.

The Quality of my life is not based on quantity of what I have or want but on the amount of dominant joy I am feeling. The more joy I feel the longer I live. I am relaxed and joyful as I make life my play. I reach for thoughts that feel good, I am wide open to joy, happiness, and bliss. The happiness of my life is all happening because of the story that I tell. I focus on joyful, happy, harmonious things that I want and remove my focus from things I do not want and in doing this I create a world of thriving, joy, harmony and happiness (really an alternate universe that is un-accessible from common thought and focus on “what is”).

I actually experience a different world or alternate Universe than when I let the negative (fear based) thoughts in. I know this may not sound real when you have never practiced it, the ego may even says it bunk, only by living it will you start to see it and experience it. Wayne Dyer wrote an interesting book “You will see it when you believe it” instead of the common belief that I will believe it when I see it which keeps you forever in how you have seen the world and doesn’t allow a change in consciousness which is required to create the magic of alignment. Try it for 21 days as an experiment and see if you don’t have a better more happy life (be vigilant and don’t let the negative thoughts creep in).

I change my focus and experience well-being that surrounds me in all I do and is as natural as my joy and bliss. I strive to be as happy as I can be and know that it takes care of all. No matter what happens today, I am going to be happy. I will ignore anybody I have to, I will remove myself from people because I am going to be happy. Even if I have to see that person, I am going to be happy. I resolve I am going to be happy.  I tell my story in an uplifting, magical way that affirms the wonder of my own life and watch my life soar and improve in each and every moment. I see life transform like magic right in front of my eyes as I maintain my focus on what I desire in deliberate alignment with the Laws of the Universe. I open to the alternate Universe of my Vision of a Harmonious Earth. And in alignment the next step(s) appear and from this aligned action come true. The intention, vision, maintenance of connection, and emotional journey give direction and prepare all the components and then usually much smaller action is needed to manifest it. I choose alignment with my magical alternate Universe filled with joy, wonder, and awe.

Connection from/through breath

There is nothing about my physical awareness that connects me more to my eternal nature, the Non-physical aspect of my being, than my breath. Breath is not only about my physical nature – it is much more than an essential process of the physical body to bring in oxygen – it actually is the fundamental connection and flow of spirit into me and through me. (When it ceases, spirit stops flowing through the body and breathing ceases forever).  As I follow my breath gently in a natural perfect rhythm in through the nostril, down into my lungs, and back out through the nose; I will surrender into the allowing of source to flow, aligning and balancing my physical body, and soothing my mind. This is the ideal time, in a relaxed state of allowing, where I tune my vibration and match the frequency of source by gently moving my emotional state step by step to better feeling thoughts. I undertake to over time consciously move my predominant emotional state toward feelings of love, joy and bliss through appreciation for all the wonders of my life and then to gently allow myself to be who I really am. I choose in each and every moment to focus on what I desire that brings joy and happiness as I align with my true desires and the guidance of my source. I rest in the still, calm silence between breaths and become clear what my desire from source is for today. This is a daily alignment where I ensure the connection of the body mind system that everyone should be doing.

Note: that when you breathe in and out the nose you encourage relaxation (activate the sympathetic nervous system). When you breath in or out through the open mouth the parasympathetic response system is activated and stress accumulates (fight or flight response is activated).  One of my mentors, Dr. John Doulliard, has performed studies on athletic performance and found speed, recovery and everything improves when they learn to nose breath while sprinting. The more you can remember to breath in and out through your nose the calmer, wiser and more peaceful you will feel.


I figure out how to make myself feel good when I’m looking at something [conditions] that makes me feel bad and not let myself be dragged down by the conditions. Managing my thoughts and feelings is the action that resolves it and keeps me thriving , feeling good, joyful, and blissful – not the external physical actions I take. And the fastest way to feel better is to look at what I appreciate and focus there. The fastest way I can improve my vibration and rondezvous with my Supreme Self in alignment.

Be very careful of taking score or measuring the results too quick – the very act of looking at the external conditions may knock you off the path of feeling good [in your recovery, in your creating abundance, in losing weight, etc.] and in the allowing yourself to find something not to your liking you start to feel bad [often accompanied by emotional eating, sabotaging your desires for the new creation, giving up] and turn away from what was starting to work but you had not given enough time for its gestation and manifestation – staying engaged in the imagination of your creation and allowing the power of uninterrupted imagination to bring forth fruit is required! Your focus on what you want through imagination regardless of what is in front of you  allows the birth of the change you seek, but you can’t keep uncovering the seed every few days to see if it’s coming and expect it to sprout.

These are the mental and physical (body/mind) practices that help keep us stay connected especially when accompanied by the emotional work that digs out old stuck patterns and learning to replace them with new patterns and beliefs using tapping (EFT) or working with a professional using NET or other emotional erase and reprogramming techniques.

Review and Expand

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A Meditation or Affirmation until Next Time

I trust in my well-being and the abundance of the Universe, I welcome the magic of Life with my optimism and appreciation of the tiniest of everyday graces that are abundant in my life when I start to expect them and watch for them. I am filled with positive expectation as I thrive, am thrilled and succeed in my life every day. I refine my relationship to life and train myself, continuously, so I focus and live in a wondrous alternate universe filled with joy and bliss. I know that in pessimism and focus on what is not wanted is nothing for me and I practice moving my gaze to change perspective back to the well-being, abundance, joy and thriving no matter what the current conditions tell me,. I hold my inner vision of what I desire until it feels familiar and is a positive expectation, a knowing that all is well and I am rewarded as the Universe delivers evidence of the magic that only expands in my life as good, wonder, bliss, and awe comes to me as my predominant experience. I practice changing perspectives, talking with different people, visiting different places and shift through these experiences to find the experiences I want to feel and cause them to be my dominant feeling, the familiar I have trained myself to create through expectation, through knowing, through joy, and through wonderful experiences that only expand.

Until next time, stay connected to your Supreme Self by tuning your gaze inward,

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Specialist

071 959 0786

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