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2020 Questions, answered with Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Specialist. October 2020

Our patients and retreat guests question me about: dealing with airline foods, vaccines, 5G, staying in power, deviating from the diet, cooking slow without water nor oil and salt, and detaching from the fear and anxiety and avoiding “what is” are all answered.

M wrote with the following questions: Now that we may be able to fly and hoping to get away soon, how do you and Zaida deal with airline food? Lana thought you do not eat the airline food.

Things are opening up, stay focused on what’s good – far, far, far more things are going right for all us than wrong (I’m alive, it’s a wonderful spring, restaurants are opening, local travel is open, etc.) We order one of the vegetarian options, they are better than the standard choices usually and some airlines offer different vegetarian options: Chinese, Indian, vegan, fruit platter, etc. We sometimes will bring a takeaway on board with us instead of eating the meal.

M also asked: On a more serious note – I am wondering if Abraham has had anything to say about the proposed vaccine?  I understand that we need to “stay in our power” to keep above all these onerous things, but that is not always possible.

I must say this, getting good food while travelling, is closer to a serious note in my heart than what you are calling serious (the rumours) – yet if we let rumour, mental rumination and news from others affect us it is serious! Abraham has mentioned it a bit in the daily newsletter; don’t remember exactly what they said.

My take is – 1) the most important thing is to feel joyful. Calling it onerous is close to condemnation. Any time we condemn a vaccine or a government for forcing this upon us we split our vibration and become the victim. I think I remember Esther responding to someone that there is good that comes out of medicine even if you don’t agree with all of it, so focus on what you like and ignore the rest.

2) Remember the negatives of a vaccine can be neutralized as long as we don’t whack out our emotional balance by focusing on what we don’t like. When you have to have a vaccine, get it and as soon as possible come in to see Dr. Zaida to remove the charges and neutralizes the effects. Zaida and I had to do this when we visited Zanzibar ten years ago as a yellow fever vaccine is required to get back into SA after visiting a country that has yellow fever – it was no problem, easy to do, and recover from.

3) Always reach for better feeling thoughts and don’t join the upset, angry group, lobbying against whatever. Make your elected official know your viewpoint but don’t make it your lives work [that’s the politician’s job] unless that is important to you and what you want to be (the activist).

M also has questions about many teachers and masters are now bringing out solutions for coping with 5G etc.

Same thing don’t put focus on things you don’t want. Right now lots of the concerns fall into the category of FEAR – false (or assumed) evidence appearing real. Maybe your reading too much internet news, stop it. If they have a solution focus on using their solution if you are concerned, I know I’m bigger than these things and the human body is marvellously self-regulating, self renewing and strong. I avoid if I can, but don’t get overly stressed out.

And final questions, obviously if we can possibly avoid the vaccine that is proposed for Covid 19, that is first prize, but if we are then not allowed freedom of movement, and we are forced to have it physically, are there ways we could perhaps negate or clear it out of our systems quickly?    Yes, don’t worry before we know, the rumour mills and anxiety is running high — wait until clear mandates are made and get ahead of this by living the life you want and focus on what you like. Worry is spending our energy and enthusiasm on things that may not even come true. I would imagine that might be a good solution. I am just looking at all possibilities and considering solutions.  We all must switch into the solution mode and let go of the other side (the fear, anxiety, and concern about what might). Spending time sorting through possible solutions to something that might not even become an issue doesn’t seem like a good use of my time right now. Einstein made it very clear the solution lies in another realm (an alternate universe) that transcends the fear based concerns and worries that most of us focus way to much attention on. We are in a wonderful time to really practice our talk [adopt the talk if we aren’t yet managing our joy] and focus on what we want to create and stop letting the ego (and news and activist) spread and expand the possibilities that might not even materialize (the false evidences appearing real). Instead consider real solutions that work for you that are cleansed from the impure vibrations of fear, worry, and anxiety. Become equanimous, neither pushing against what we don’t like nor wanting more that feels good. Instead just recognize these are transient thoughts and feelings and just are. Let them travel through without holding onto them (physically detached, observing and aware – wait a little while and a new set will come). Good time for all of us to develop our meditation practices and learn to connect to our inner peace and to remain centered in what we want regardless of external conditions.

C & M with the following questions: All good here !!!!   We are still sticking to the new way (for us) of eating etc, though we do deviate occasionally!!!!!    But I do feel we are doing really well, we cope pretty well most of the time. Great to hear you are doing well. We are doing the juicing 3 times a day. I find I still cannot let go of milk and cheese, though I have cut down a lot.  We also have eggs occasionally. I have cut down a LOT on salt and sugar, but a bit creeps in now and again.  I find using your spices and other spices and herbs is working pretty well. All good, remember taking an item or two at a time and owning it with baby steps is a good way to make a sustainable change. Just keep focusing on the diet changes and adopting more of them as time and your body allows. Keep striving for the clean diet and don’t worry about the occasional splurge it’s all fine. Cooking slowly is not easy, as my stove only has one plate that seems to be a bit slower than the rest.  To cook slower on a hot burner, try a heat diffuser on the burner. Alternatively use a bigger pot and more ingredients to sort of slow it down. How do u feel about coconut milk and cream (tinned) in place of some dairy?   I would consider oat milk, simply blend some soaked oats in a blender maybe add a little sweetener and oil then strain it and you have oat milk.  I generally do not used canned goods, including coconut cream or tinned milk. Occasional use isn’t going to throw everything off, but try fresh oat milk and see if you like it.

G with the following questions: I had one question – if your day run’s away with you – like mine did yesterday – and I only managed the coffee enema (detox) at 9pm after dinner and then in the morning again at 6.30 is there a rule of thumb that one should have X amount of time between each coffee enema – or is that not too critical? There is no rule for how long between coffees, just make sure you drink enough liquid (preferably juice – 3 * 250 ml for each coffee enema) so you remain hydrated.

T with the following questions: Why do we want to cook waterless, oil-less and low or no salt? Why is this especially important in the context of the Gerson Therapy?

I generally cook without water, oil, and salt.  Cooking without water at a very low temperature allows the food to cook and retains nutrients and maintains the true flavors of the food. It also reduces the chemical changes and reactions that occur with quick fast cooking. We all know, hopefully by now, that the microwave increases free radicals and causes carcinogenic changes in the food. Steaming while not as bad creates similar changes at a reduced rate. It does avoid the oil which is why we thought it was a healthier cooking technique – but I recommended it only occasionally. For someone following the Gerson Therapy this style of cooking is a must and is part of the medical prescription a Gerson patient follows.

Cooking without oil – avoids the creation of trans-fats and rancidity from the oil which is one of the causes of chronic illnesses. I use oil primarily in its raw state where it is the most beneficial for the body. Add to salads and foods after cooking. Make sure it is cold extracted, fresh, properly stored and extra virgin so you don’t buy rancid and trans-fat high oils. Be careful, the marketing fraternity has changed how they use the term trans-fat to allow a fried chip (crisp) that is actually high in trans-fats to be called trans-fat free.

Cooking without salt or low salt – reduces the over-use of salt by most in our society. If you are eating processed foods, restaurant food, and/or junk food you are getting very high levels of salt. Our chronic illness patients are not allowed salt—as many of the conditions require renormalization of excess sodium levels (restoring sodium potassium balances). Most people can benefit by taking a lighter hand on the salt shaker.

T followed, How do you do it?

I use three main techniques: 1) Thinly slice onion and tomato and layer on the bottom of a stainless steel, glass or ceramic pot/pan with onions then tomatoes to keep food from burning. Cook at a slow heat, the slower the better – it improves taste and avoids chemical transformations and changes to the food that are dangerous (e.g. cancer causing or other reactions) and robs nutrients from the food. 2) For foods that taste good with a little sweetness (like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, squash, etc.) thinly slice and layer green apples (granny smith or other tart, hard apples – avoid red or green delicious) on the bottom of the pan and place food on top of them. Remember to cook with slow heat. 3) Use an iron pot with ceramic coating and a tight fitting lid (as all the pots and pans used for waterless cooking should be). I use this for stove top roasting of potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and other vegetables. I place potatoes on the narrow end and cook without water or anything at the lowest heat available until soft and cooked through (about 1-1.5 hours depending on potato size). Poke potatoes with a knife to determine when they are done. The potatoes come out wonderful – tasty and moist. Join us for a gerson or own your health retreat for more lifestyle instruction. The next Happy Foods cooking class in December and January is a great place to learn a greater variety of preparation techniques to cook healthy balanced food, join us then. Also check out my [Real Food Blogs].

T (R) and I had a conversation recently that brought up the following questions: He jokingly, I hope, accused me of shutting him down and not letting him talk about current reality. He said, you and Zaida are in a bubble here and don’t see the real world in business right now refusing to acknowledge and hear what is going on [what is].

Actually we do see what is going on and are aware that each of us has many options every day to hold our vision (our bubble, I like that) or be knocked off our vision of the life we want by focusing on something we do not want (“what is”). We have chosen to maintain our bubble of “harmonious earth” that we are consciously carving out as our experience of life around us at Red Roan Ranch, see the blog on Harmonious Earth. We do this by consciously choosing our focus in each and every moment and achieving alignment with our Source at all times — we know when we are successful at this by how we feel – we are doing it when we feel joyful, blissful and calm. This means we will never choose “what is” unless it matches what we want and makes us joyous. Holding your vision of what you want is how you bring it to reality (the what is we are creating)! And that is really why we refuse to listen to news, rumor, insinuation, and shut someone down who wants to talk to us about these fear based things. Life is too short to let conditions, news, and assumptions about what has happened or may happen drive me down to feeling bad, be a victim of the conditions, and powerless. So hold your vision as a prime imperative.

Join us next month as we re-visit one of our favorite topics of alignment, check out our old blogs on alignment.

With Trust that you remember you are bigger than these things and much love as you create your alternate universe of joyous being,


Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Counselor

071 959 0786

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