Be the Peace you want.


Be the Peace you want!

by Jim Montrose Ayurvedic Specialist

July 2020

Many patients, I know, seek more peace in their lives and struggle to have this. They tell me they would like to feel and experience more Peace. And I realize this resonates and provides a mirror for my own desires to be more Peace in my own life. During our time of world reset and transformation of the old structures and establishments that no longer work this is a great time to consider how I can be the Peace I want in my life. Gandhi said and walked the path: “Be the change you want to see.” So join me in exploring what this means so we can be the change we want.

I believe this means, for me, that I view everyone and everything that appears in my life as blessed and sacred.

Something that would enrage me, excite me to action (fighting against it) no longer results, most of the time, in rage or fight but rather causes me to respond with something that is a process of moving on and restoring harmony, through blessing whatever I see and those involved; and holding to the vision of being the peace, bliss and equanimity I wish to become. This practices allows me to gradually own a new set of responses and be more Peace.

I like the concept of equanimity and try to embody it. Equanimous literally means not elated nor depressed an evenness of temperament. It is taught in Vipassna meditation as maintaining a state of neither the desire to push something away nor the desire to bring more of something you desire. I keep in mind, ”Don’t let trouble harass you or success enthrall you as they surely will pass”

How do we accomplish Peace?

My frequency of dominant thoughts and feelings of what I believe in and react with must equal (become) the frequency of what I desire (Peace) and wish to act (blissful, peaceful and loving).

I gently develop and continue to develop wisdom, love, well being, power and bliss training myself (through meditation or contemplation) to produce a response of clarity, vitality, enthusiasm, passion, wellbeing, peace as I evolve my emotions and state of being in Peace (regardless of what I see). I strive to catch myself and respond consciously and if I slip — I pick myself up and keep practicing to make this my dominant response. As I continue to practice my response changes and I respond more gently.

I become free in all circumstances then, being the calm in the eye (center) of the storm under all circumstances – releasing all resistance and all judgment (of others and conditions you don’t like) and realigning my focus on what I want – Peace and Calm.

What’s slowly evolving in me around Peace:

Appreciation (wherever I am personally or the people I observe are personally – we are all on a journey of evolution I respect my and their sacredness and am reminded how will we know if we have accomplished it, calmness, without the occasional test).

Awareness (my unconscious responses), catching myself and choosing what I want instead, realigning when I sense negative emotions).

Awe, Kindness, and Love for this world we occupy and people we get to play with.


Meditation allows us to sit in pure consciousness and reset. We learn to let go, to embrace equanimity, non-judgment, release control, experience more love and peace. We start to let go of the ego’s control.  It organically changes us for the better, expanding our responses and choices.

Awareness – mindfulness practice boils down to being more aware, removing charges we carry from our past that create automatic responses and becoming aware we can choose and then choosing more often. I wish I did this consistently but I am in a process getting better all the time.

Release anger, negative emotions, addictions – turning the feelings around (write down the negative emotions you have discovered or the triggers that create the negative emotion, turn it around to create a positive response and cross off old emotion and response), fire ceremony burn old beliefs and triggers, tap them out and replace with more conscious programming, beating pillow, activity, dancing, loving kindness meditations, etc.

What do you do?

Do you have any processes that have worked? Please share your processes and progress.

Remember you are more powerful than you realize – use it to elevate the world,

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Counselor

071 959 0786

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