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Stunning opportunity to make changes and create what brings joy.

stunning opportunity

May 2020

Stunning Opportunity –  Extraordinary Life.

Have you had a fruitful time of Rest, Rejuvenation and Reflection? Have you developed new clarity around your desires and a re-prioritization of your life? What is really important to you? How do you want to go forward, with confidence, with love, with harmony, with bliss, with abundance and great prosperity in all areas of life? What do you want for your family, friends, community, work, and the world?

We now all have a stunning opportunity to make an extraordinary decision,

Are we going to try and return to the status quo or expand towards our infinite potential?

The last month around the world we have seen unprecedented levels of cooperation and unity of action to re-balance our world, and heal many of the rampant energies of decisiveness, greed, materialism, and selfishness. Globally humanity has pulled together in one direction with a thought of removing decisive actions (to avoid the virus) and cooperate together to reduce its effect. This is the power of the soul that takes us beyond ourselves and our ego’s whims to our essential humanity which is a magnetic force that dwells in the heart of the entire universe. The magnetic force in our being is a force that is 100,000 times stronger than our brain’s electrical field; imagine the power of the universe’s field.

Quantum physics says we are all light, energy, and information; the soul in Ayurveda has three basic soul powers (life, light and love) much the same as quantum physics is saying. The power of life connects us to life and our body vehicle that moves and breaths through the current of energy. The power of light is wisdom and understanding, the power of illumination or information that underlies, organizes, and illumines the entire field of creation.  The power of love compels us to love all creatures and to love life itself, it is the most powerful force of light in creation; that brings us together and unites us all.

I pray for the continuing upliftment of mankind at this time. That more of us will hold thoughts of continuing the cooperation; opening to increased unity, harmony and love; while holding loving visions of a spiritualized solution. To avoid the return to fear, greed, struggle, reduction of freedom, isolation, and raising the borders to protect ourselves. This experience has taught us that an action anywhere in the world does affect all of us. We must rise to be responsible world citizens, following our chosen avenues of spirituality and life without causing others harm, and at the same time allowing others to follow their chosen ways of spirituality and life. I see an evolving world where we have a new abundance of freedom to do our life and become our purpose in being here, having plentiful food, housing, water, access to resources, opportunity, travel and more.

This month  has asked us to look (to the stunning opportunity) to our own mending of anything that is out of kilter whether it is physical, spiritual, an addiction, an illness, a fear, an obsession, our focus on “what is”, or anything else. Our first step in healing is to heal the misaligned thinking, to reach our inner consciousness, and to allow our-self to free our power of self-creation. A lack of faith in the Divine is often the starting place due to wrong impressions fueled by religious fanaticism. But lack of faith in the Divine is a lot like lack of faith in life and is behind many diseases and is often the result of a lack of love, in caring for ourselves and one’s physical body.

To take this journey Michael Beckwith suggests we ask ourselves often three questions and actions: 1) Who am I? So we may find and be our authentic self that answers; 2) What am I here to be? So you may discover your true purpose and be it; and 3) Meditate to sensitize your consciousness to Divine guidance, to activate intuition, to attune to your unfoldment, and to receive creative inspiration from source. Then from this place of alignment be motivated to take action. The action that brings you great joy is the aligned action that is your own stunning opportunity arising out of this experience.

May we all birth a new consciousness for the year; as Thich Nat Han says: “When we take steps without anxiety, in peace and joy, then we cause a flower to bloom on Earth with every step.”  May we all become who we are and transform the world with each step we take allowing authenticity, harmony, love, and joy to pre-dominate.

Lovingly make this time your stunning opportunity to continue what brings you joy; blessing be upon you,

Dr. Zaida Rivene, D.C.


083 290 1283

and Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor


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