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2021 –Be the Dreamer: Harmonious Earth Workshop

Saturday, February 13th at Red Roan Ranch – 8:30 am to 2 pm

Our January class was a great success and everyone loved it. H said: “Thank you for the wonderful session last weekend, my vision board is up on my fridge where I see it everyday. ” So we are offering it again in February, nows your chance to join in if you couldn’t make it last weekend.

This year has brought immense change and potential, I feel it is asking us to Awaken to Dream a New Reality. Some have adopted and thrived, while many have lived fearfully and contracted. All of us have had fundamental beliefs and habits we trusted shattered. It is a wake-up call and many have re-organized their lives and priorities to meet the new dimensions of life. For those who are still waiting for a return to the old way it has been a long and frustrating wait that apparently is still not just around the corner.

2021 is still an open book. Awaken to your dream to get out ahead of this and make your life thrive. Hicks-Abraham says the observer, one who lets the conditions dictate their vibration, will feel good when it’s good and bad when it’s bad. The visionary dreamer holds her vision of what she wants no matter the conditions around her. In holding your dream with passionate fervor the dreamer can thrive in good times and in bad times (as mavericks who created new products, industries, and countries do).

Join us onFebruary 16th for a unique intention setting workshop and lunch among fellow travelers on this journey to conscious creation to develop your harmonious earth regardless of what is going on around you. Explore how you respond in the present moment gives meaning to your life and creates the evolution, harmony and consciousness you live in. Jim is preparing a special guided meditation to evoke conscious evolution and visionary dreaming in 2021.

Awareness and Consciousness expanding points to ponder for the New Year:

  • You are powerful when you enlist your inner resources and the consciousness of the Cosmos.
  • Pure conscious is complete and you are pure consciousness.
  • Your highest purpose depends on who you are not what you do.
  • Everyone’s higher purpose is to wake up completely and align with God.
  • Every moment brings you to the threshold of a new discovery.
  • As long as you follow your curiosity you will never grow old. Renewal is the eternal secret of life.
  • To lead a creative life, be fascinated by change.
  • The meaning of life is found in the present moment and how you respond to it.
  • Let go and let consciousness assist you in achieving the life you want (a Harmonious Earth).
  • Work and life give the same joy when you are awake. Being awake is the greatest kind of success. The more aware you are the more fulfillment you will feel. Work and life expand or contract together.
  • You are only as safe as you feel. True self is never under threat. The world reflects your inner safety or inner insecurity. When you are whole you are totally safe. To be safe is to be present here and now.

The process starts, Now! Review your current year and find what was good about it (if we perceive life giving us lemons – make lemonade). Then use this foundation of what you appreciate in this global awakening to become an awakened dreamer in creating your next year. Obtain your end of year process and first steps here by sending us an email with your name.

Re-create your body, life, and spirit as you align with your inner desires (your inner GPS) and true self to set intentions in the 9 areas of your life. Make it tangible with a vision board to remind you of what’s important. Develop a set of habits, a system, to keep the lifestyle of continuing expansion. Enjoy a healthy lunch and snacks and review your creations in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Cost R375 per person. Reserve a place now by sending us a contact message with your name, email and message “I want to join the intention setting seminar, “Dream a New Reality” or call Lana now at 083 290 1283.

Take action Now!Action is the foundational key to all success,” Pablo Picasso.

Don’t wait, reserve a place now by calling Lana 083 290 1283 or Jim (071 959 0786).

Take a look at our resource section to prepare for the New Year.

Happy Holidays, Well-Being, and Joyous Celebration of Life in 2021!

– Dr. Rivene and Jim Montrose

P.S. Don’t miss out on setting your Intentions “Be the Dreamer: Harmonious Earth” with Dr. Zaida and Jim, email us Now!

P.P.S. – Begin the journey now for 2021 and join our new meditation class on “conscious evolution no matter what is going on around me” in February. Also in February is our popular Happy Foods class and in March Ayurvedic Cooking. Keep tuned in for announcements and sign-up.

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