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Self Inquiry – 3 actualizations for Enlightened Living

Self Inquiry

Self-Inquiry gateway to the three levels of self-actualization,

May 2022, By Jim Montrose

In my March Blog “The Call”, I took a look at reducing the conflict and war in life. I recalled Gandhi’s true quote about “being the way” – Which is:

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.” – Gandhi

Gandhi emphasizes the importance of the inner reality determining the outer reality we experience. He knew and lived his life by changing what was in his control “himself” and influencing those around him by his clear luminous example, his REAL POWER.

This is known in Yoga as self-inquiry or in the west as Self-exploration. Often described as answering the perennial questions:  Who am I? What am I here to do? and where do I go? As described in Sri Aurobindo’s work.

Yet self-inquiry is actually our portal to greater self actualization levels. The first level signifying the awareness of your beliefs and thoughts, the second level of embracing your nature and releasing any charges or stuck belief’s, and the third level moving into demonstration of your new found enlightened freedom (without the limits).

As an example let’s explore our nature in welcoming a Great Day and Common responses that keep us stuck.

1. Self Inquiry ‘your Best Day’ – Can you embrace – ‘your best beliefs? ‘

Let’s examine an affirmation to have a great day. Please read the following affirmation and observe your reaction to it.

Affirmation to bring my best out during the day:

** This day I am open to learn more about myself and my gifts. I am joyful to be alive. It is a blessing I honor and savor to have another day. I am fully present right here and right now and make the fullest use of my precious day.

Over the minutes coming today, I choose to lead (not be the victim), to originate (not copy the status quo), and to be a visionary (not following the herd).

I productively manage my positivity to achieve a truly miraculous life that is true to my vision (my path). I choose to be present and aware, free of outside influences, and continually re-focus on my mission and gifts (rather than drift purposely). I change any emotional dips into highly elevated states of contagious bliss to remain free of outside influences that rob my passionate poise.

I choose to be extraordinary (rather than timid), to freely offer my gifts (rather than hide), and to be courageous, a hero, in my own way. **

The first self actualization step is to ask yourself; a. Does it feel good, believable and can you see yourself being it; or does it feel bad, unbelievable, not you (can’t see yourself doing it)? This expands our awareness and makes us aware of limiting beliefs we have.  Using observation and meditation helps us release and determine better actions. If you feel this isn’t really you ask yourself why not? If it violates our moral sense (like not causing harm to others) it is probably best to avoid; otherwise it is a limit you are putting on yourself that may not serve your highest purpose.

Use the steps below to release the limiting beliefs now (level 2: embracing and releasing the limits) and finally demonstrate new behaviors and beliefs in your life (level 3 demonstrating enlightened and freed behavior).

a. If it feel’s good and believable then look in the mirror and use it as a affirmation.

Does it still feel good and believable? If not proceed with b) below. Go to next step can I embrace these beliefs and find them (expect them) in my day. Still good, go to next step c). Feel’s bad or can’t find it in your day then tap to embrace new beliefs.

b. Check each concept to find which have charge or conflicting belief.

Truly live the affirmation to bring the best day out by examining and releasing the energy and beliefs of the states of being and actions mentioned in the affirmation. Start by identifying when and how you have been any of the below:

When am I (am):

  1. Unwilling to have a great day and feel bliss?
  2. Pretending/preferring to be a Victim?
  3. Being a Follower?
  4. Being a Copier?
  5. Making Excuses for subpar performance?
  6. Ignoring my vision?
  7. Letting external opinion or norms rule me?
  8. Afraid to or ignoring giving my gifts to the world?

Then release the limiting beliefs and actions you have found in 1-8. Using the following tapping script (for example say we found behavior 2 being the victim):

Start with tapping “Even though I am a victim, I completely love and forgive myself” on karate chop point (side of hand) three times. Then tap the points (3 or more times) as you say the following statements and proceed down the rounds:

Third eye – letting go of being a victim

Side eye – releasing need to be a victim

Under eye – I choose to release being a victim

Under nose – to choose to be responsible

Under lip –   to move to from victimhood  to taking charge

Collar bone pt – its better to give up victimhood

Under arm – to make new choices to see how I can create what I want

Top of head – to move up in tone, to choose what I want

Third eye – cleansing myself of the strong negative emotions

Side eye – I release judgment on myself

Under eye – maybe I can even move to disappointment (a higher vibration)

Under nose – because I want to feel good

Under lip – I’m not here to be the victim, I choose to move to what I want

Collar bone pt – so I’m going to make a decision what I want and  move towards it

Under arm – I demonstrate choice and instead of retreating to victimhood, I choose action

Top of head – I decide to take control and  move towards what I want

Third eye – I accept myself and my reaction

Side eye – I choose to go after what I want and  take responsibility for making it happen.

Under eye – maybe I can  move into pessimism with myself and use it to say no longer

Under nose – I take another step to feel better

Under lip –   I choose to move to action and feeling empowered.

Collar bone pt – I can take action and I can  lead myself now

Under arm – I have more positive belief in myself

Top of head – I release my victimhood and take action  , lead myself to to achieve what I want ______________________ (fill in the blank with what you want) now

Continue as needed releasing your negative actions (1-8) until you reduce your upset to below four to five, and feel ready to take action, release old beliefs and  know what to do in the moment. Take stock how you feel about the old actions how often is it occurring (1, never, to 10, always) reduce below 4 or 5 before going on to another belief. Clear all of them before moving to step C.

C. How can I demonstrate it today?

Once you have cleared the limiting beliefs choose one each day to be aware if you are doing it. When you find yourself taking on one of these actions: stop, ask how can I do a more positive enlightened response  (instead of victim, how can I be a leader in this moment – perhaps speak up , take the action speak up, review results and add to your awareness). Continue to tap and work on installing a new reaction that becomes a habit.

2. Additional Beliefs that may keep you stuck.

For each belief below notice if this is a common response or feeling you experience:

  1. Blamer
  2. Complainer
  3. Excusing
  4. Being Attacked (covered in The Call)
  5. Stuck in past baggage or memories

Once you have identified the areas to work on, work through them with observation and meditation to increase awareness the beginning of all change. Then proceed to clear away charges and beliefs that you find are limiting you. Use the general tapping protocol outlined above and in the call. See if you can come up with your own script. Finally develop an approach to demonstrate it in your life based on I.c. above.

Did you enjoy this introductory self-inquiry process? Or need more assistance? Look for my Self-Inquiry workbook (in final preparation look for pre-publication special in July) for detailed scripts and help in using tapping to open a more enlightened freedom in your life.

Happy Tapping and Awakened Freedom,

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Specialist

Living Wholeness and Ayurveda, 071 959 0786

PS – For further help – Check out the free resources and articles on wellness based beliefs and purpose and other topics.

Copyright May 2022

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