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Stop Food Confusion Now!

One Diet doesn’t fit all, learn to de-mystify food and thrive!

If you read the articles about which foods are good and which are bad its very confusing. It feels like there is nothing left that you can eat. Are the Doctors wrong? Or can you stop the food confusion and thrive!

Like most things there is some truth to what the experts are saying, its just not the whole story. A particular food may not work for a certain body type and individual, but is fine for others and this is usually the missing or ignored results in all these studies that are reported.

The 5000 year old Science of Living, Ayurveda, recognizes that each individual has a unique body constitution that can create harmony and flow when followed. Learn what your constitution tells you about food and learn to support your bodies needs to stop food confusion with Ayurvedic Cooking on Saturday Oct 19th. Join by October 15th at a discount.

Ayurvedic Cookingwith Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Counselor

Eat the Food that meets your body’s constitution for natural Balance and Vitality.  Ayurvedic cooking is your individualized health blueprint.

Ayurvedic Cooking, Saturday Oct. 19th 9AM to 5 PM

Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, says: “Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food.” Cooking Ayurvedically allows you to tune your food for specific conditions so they are in harmony with your individual constitution (dosha) and therefore returns your good health.

Ayurvedic Cooking, your personalized guide to nutrition and health. In Ayurveda, medicine and diet are seen as a complimentary and vital synergy that creates health or harms health. The diet has a powerful effect on physical health, mental clarity and spiritual progress. It is an integral part of a successful practice.  Food such as grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, beans, herbs, and roots are seen as the vital carriers and balancers of the vital energy (prana) in the body. They believe the power of these foods manifest only when used in proper combinations and in complete conformance with the individual’s unique constitution (dosha). In this experiential seminar you will learn to tailor recipes and menus for your dosha and even learn to cook meals that work for any dosha. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Learn to cook the foods that balance your constitution (dosha)
  • What tastes support your dosha and which imbalance it.
  • Discover how to use spices for flavor and variety
  • How to reduce unbalancing effects of food with herbs
  • Proper food combinations
  • When to eat your biggest meals, align with the season and climate
  • Cook with the seasons and the climate for balance
  • Learn to modify your favorite recipes for your dosha.
  • Digestive tips, and eating rules that assist your balance
  • Make an elegant lunch and dinner with your newfound skills
  • The food is the first step to creating balance and harmony with your dosha
  • Recipes and lectures materials provided for referral at home.
  • Stop Food Confusion, expand your choices and enjoy more!

Discover how to support your natural eating desires for improved digestion, well-being, and health. Read More

Join us at 9AM on Saturday morning to stop food confusion. We will review your dosha, enjoy a dosha specific snack, learn  what Ayurvedic cooking is all about, get recipes and lecture notes to nurture you own experiments and recipe development, help prepare a tridoshic Kitchiri lunch for all doshas and an individualized dinner for Vata, Pitta and Kapha types. We will finish around 5PM with our early light dinner. The cost for food, notes and 8 hours of instruction is R500, register before October 15th and pay R450, couples attend for R800 (1 set of notes). Call Jim now to register 071 959 0786.

Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic Health Counsellor

MSEE, MBA, Ayurvedic Counsellor, Vegetarian Chef, Rebirther, Yoga Therapy and Black Belt Karate.

Director of the Red Roan Ranch retreat programs. Jim trained with the leading US Ayurvedic master, Dr. David Frawley in Ayurvedic self-care and rejuvenation. He has also had coursework and training from Dr. Chopra, Dr. Lad, Mukunda Stiles and other top teachers and Yoga masters. With a strong interest in nutrition and healthy cooking for over forty six years, Jim has written two cookbooks on Healthy Vegetarian cooking and Raw Food Preparation. A master at Gerson Cooking and Real Plant Based Foods and cooking. “I love introducing people to tasty and filling vegetarian foods.”

Have a wonderful time and live your life with love, joy and Bliss,

– Jim Montrose


071 959 07863

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PS Make 2019 the year you evolve and expand to your true self. Join us for Ayurvedic Cooking October 19th and stop food confusion. Don’t forget Balance the Art of Living , October 11-13th to get in Balance with your body’s unique requirements to feel great, to thrive, and live with vibrancy learn how to nurture your dosha with tastes, lifestyle, exercise, and practices. Take action now!, register now send an email with your name and the courses you want to join, we will send you a quote and the banking details (do not put it into the clinic account please).

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