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The Practice: Continuing your Wellbeing at home by Dr. Zaida Rivene and Jim Montrose.


Practices that transform and expand to invite more wellness, joy and bliss into your life.

June 2019

During your treatments with Zaida and self-care practice with Jim (experienced by full retreat patients) you have transformed in many ways including:

Life Attribute When you started Current Ideal
Life Force (power of life) Low (often below 10%) Better 100%
Alkalinity Very low usually sub 10% higher High (usually above 80% to your individual ideal amount)
Biological Age Often older than your chronological age lower Towards your DNA age (usually in twenties or high teens)
Weight Usually above ideal lower Your ideal weight
Self-love and acceptance Perhaps low improving Love and accept yourself fully.
Increase your Prana (breath) low Better full yogic breath High full (3 on Ayurvedic scale)
Peace and calm low Moments of peace Mostly peace and calm
Alignment with true self low Finding true desires and self Aligning daily in never ending expansion
Diet Often acid and life destroying (fear based) Plant based, alkalinizing Life affirming (love based and enjoying)

As you return home and proceed forward in your life we want you to hold onto these improvements and expand towards their ideal destination so that you own your stream of Wellness and Bliss. In other words we wish to create a practice that is conducive to the self-cultivation of excess internal strength and creates peace of mind that can be channeled towards your purpose in life.

The Practice

In the yogic, chi-gung, tai-chi, martial arts and spiritual traditions the concept of a practice is much more developed than in modern society. We tend to think of practice as trying something for a little while and often intersperse it with other methods and move from one form of activity to another if we don’t see immediate results (or less dramatic results than we expect). A true practice is a constant gradual refinement and unfolding on a daily basis that becomes a habit that is as firmly anchored as our unconscious mastering of breathing enough to keep alive or for some the habit of daily tooth brushing. When it becomes firmly entrenched in our lives we find the true essence and benefits creep up on us and change our lives. We are not looking to see if it works (which simultaneously puts out the vibration that we are not where we want to be — creating resistance to improvement), we just do it automatically day in and day out and it becomes life giving.

The takeaway: If you go back to the old behaviors and patterns that created your dis-ease in the first place you will revert back to decreased life-force, increased biological age, increased acidity and other markers of less wellness. To maintain and thrive in high wellness you must adopt healthy “love” based habits until they become a practice as ingrained as taking a breath.

What makes up the new Practice?

  1. Alignment
  2. Knowing and following your desires as they evolve and expand
  3. Living in joy and bliss
  4. Resolving emotions – letting go and enjoying life
  5. Lifestyle choices that support life and rejuvenation


Alignment includes continuing to manage your physical structural alignment, mental alignment, bio-chemical alignment, emotional alignment and spiritual alignment. The process of living “Life” exposes us to experiences, environment, food, emotional harmony and dis-harmony, stress and other energies on a continual basis that disturb or affirm our alignment. And that is OK and what life is about – we are always going to experience events that provide contrast and are opportunities for expansion and growth when we perceive them from love or contraction and loss of life when perceived from fear and anger. It will never end and can provide great opportunities for our advancement when embraced.

Many tools that you have been introduced to in your treatment provide the practice that ensures you keep up with the messages from the universe to expand and evolve. Some of the practices include: regular physical (chiropractic) and mental/emotional (NET, affirmations, and tapping) adjustments, aligning morning/evening with your desires (Hicks/Abraham or similar), food program tailored for you, knowing and living your passions (updated regularly as they evolve), emotional management (tapping, meditation, etc.), choosing to live by love and bliss and correcting when conditions trigger something else. Spiritual alignment and belief in a higher power is extremely important and often a tipping consideration for healing and longevity in the studies and in our own experiences working with patients. Esther Hicks says “Alignment trumps everything”. Healing or anything is much easier and achievable if you start with alignment first.

Completing your treatment plan is very important.  The 19 NOT (neuro-emotional technique) steps are the foundation of the program and when completed you have abundant power flowing through your body for rejuvenation, handled much of the toxins and debris accumulated through life including gall stones, kidney stones, acid crystalline structures and reversed many aging patterns. This opens up the potential for advanced work as your body needs and you desire. Dr. Rivene says this is the time we move into the re-constructive phase of healing where you re-create a younger more vibrant self through recycling and rejuvenating the entire body.

A series of lifestyle choices have been suggested at the retreats and are regularly reviewed and expanded in the monthly blogs. Please check them out at www.drzaidarivene.co.za by signing up for the monthly newsletter and you will get a short summary of the new articles and a link for more information (just click on the link to read the full article). Some of the topics related to alignment include:

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Refining desires as they evolve and expand

At the conclusion of your week with us we have you do a treasure map where you visually capture the ideas that you wish to fulfill in the near future in the various areas of your life (Spiritual, Health, Educational, Home, Family, Career, Recreation, and Finances). The ideas is to bring yourself as close to love, joy and bliss and from this good space look at your desires and actively ask for the life you want from love. We recommend you do this regularly (at least yearly) and often hold intention setting seminars at the New Year to assist you. Staying aware and up with your desires is important to feel and enjoy the juice of life. When we become aware of our true purpose and follow our desires we live in Joy, Bliss and Harmony.

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Living in Joy and Bliss

Knowing and living our purpose in life (as mentioned in the previous section) is a strong foundation that gives us the Joy and Bliss we are meant to experience.  Once we align with our purpose and desires we benefit greatly by the choices and mental patterns we develop around our use of words, what we tell ourselves, what we put our attention on, and the conscious choice for happiness and peace in our own life.

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Resolving emotions

We all know that it is important to detoxify our bodies of the expanding toxins in the environment and our food. However, perhaps the most important toxins to remove are our toxic emotions and thought patterns. While you were at the retreat you benefitted by daily neuro-emotional technique to uncover these thought patterns and stuck engrams (emotional imprints) and we probably introduced you to tapping to reduce and resolve emotions that occur in living life. Continuing to resolve and clear emotions is an important practice to develop through affirmations, tapping and other practices.

Some of the topics related to emotions at our website include (just click on the link to read the full article):

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Lifestyle choices supporting longevity and rejuvenation

The food program and daily patterns you received during your treatment is the basis of our habits of a healthy, long and joyful life. The program is intimately connected with the previous four steps of the practice and yields the most fruitful results when all five areas are practiced.

Seven steps that promote longevity and are a basis of our programs are:

  1. Change your perceptions about body and aging. “Every day in every way, I am increasing my mental and physical capacity and growing a younger, active and vital body.”
  2. Develop a meditation practice to insure a youthful mind and reduce stress.
  3. Get regular restful sleep, recreation and relaxation as an essential key to staying healthy and vital.
  4. Eat real food to renew and revitalize the body and avoid “dead” foods that accelerate aging and entropy. Eliminate processed foods, canned, frozen, microwaved, junk, and convenience foods. Eat a variety of fresh and freshly prepared local and in-season food with the six tastes (sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter, and astringent) in a rainbow of colors to get balanced nutrients.
  5. One of the most important ways to grow younger and live longer is regular movement and exercise.
  6. Stay connected and open to new relationships throughout your life. Love and friendships help counter aging, avoid the impulse to become isolated try volunteering and get involved.
  7. Maintain a Youthful Mind, owning your openness and flexibility. Children play and laugh freely, and find wonder in the smallest things. They are infinitely creative because they haven’t yet built up the layers of conditioning that create limitations and restrictions. Cultivate your sense of fullness, of intrinsic aliveness, of joy in being – like children naturally have. A Vedic saying reminds us, “Infinite flexibility is the secret to immortality.”

Some of the topics related to lifestyle choices that we have covered include (just click on the link to read the full article):

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Live the life you desire with your Practice. Choose the practices that attract you in the five areas outline above and practice them until they are habits and enjoy your new vitality and life.

In Loving Service,

Dr. Zaida Rivene, D.C.


083 290 1283

and Jim Montrose, Ayurvedic counselor


071 959 0786

P.S. Check out the website for other articles and resources on practices, words, inspired living, health, chakra meditation, ayurveda and other topics. Some of the programs we have planned include:

Youth and Young at Heart Empowerment  June / July call now to join

Balance the Art of Living  September 13-15/October 11-13 register now

Ayurvedic/Real Food Cooking October 19 register now

New online course on Balance, Art of Living coming in October, email us to get invitation to join the first group.

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